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"Honey can you please step out here?" he asks sweetly, my dad never uses his sweet tone with me so immediately I felt this was strange. I look up into my dad's eyes, "Why?" I ask him in confusion, I was clearly very hesitant to do anything he was asking me to do. "Naomi, let me introduce Milo Hawthorne. He just wants to meet you, will you please just step out of the car and stop being so stubborn?" My dad raises his voice at me in his commanding tone, now this was the tone I was used to the most. He holds his hand out for me to grab. "Ugh, fine!" I reply rolling my eyes at my father, ignoring his outstretched hand I exit the vehicle. Standing straight up, I brush off my sweatpants and turn towards this Milo guy who just had to meet me for no apparent reason plastering a huge fake smile on my face. "It's nice to meet you Milo!" I say keeping my voice calm, even though I could feel my entire shaking. I hold my hand out towards him for a shake, trying to be respectful if anything. Ignoring my hand, I watch as he places one of his hands up to his face and stares at me gliding his eyes up and down my entire body as if he were appraising my worth. She was traded to pay a debt owed that wasn't hers in the first place, read her story here...

Romance / Action
Misty Anne Neslen
4.3 11 reviews
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1- Grumpy Beginnings

Sliding into the backseat laughing out loud as my best friend Sutter makes a funny face at me from the other side of the car. I couldn't remember exactly why we were laughing, maybe it was at the dumb joke that Blaze just said out loud. "Where to next?" Sutter asks the boys grabbing Blaze's shoulder and squeezing it in a lovingly kind of way. It spoke 'he's all mine lady's hands off' very loudly. You see, Sutter and Blaze are dating and have been for three years, in fact he just put a beautiful promise ring on her finger. Their love story is one to marvel at, at least for me.

"It's a s-u-r-prise!!!" Jax says with a wink at me. Jax is my boyfriend and Blaze's best friend. Sutter and Blaze introduced us shortly after I moved in to the neighborhood, that was about six months ago and we have been together for four months now. I am actually still getting used to having a boyfriend as my Dad has never allowed me to have one. Jax is my first boyfriend, he's my first everything actually. Since I turned 18 last month I figured I wasn't being too bad by disrespecting his rules of not dating until I graduated. Plus, since Jax is Blaze's we pretty much just hang with Blaze and Sutter so therefore I'm not exactly going against my father's wishes as it could be considered as hanging out with my friends.

"Oh how I wish you wouldn't do that!" I say out loud as I roll my eyes towards the roof. I mean by now Jax should know exactly how much I hate surprises! It always irked me that he thought I was so weird for hating them, so he started planning something and calling it a surprise all the time.

"I know, I know... you hate surprises!" He rolled his eyes at me, turning around toward Blaze he says, "But she's going to like this one, right big boy?"

"Right!" Blaze smirks at me through the rear view mirror, I could feel as the car began to slow down and I glance out the window to notice that we were at the biggest make-out point in the area. It was often referred as make-out ridge, it was a cliff that over looked the city.

"Hey what are we doing here? I thought I was clear on wanting to wait on that?" I demanded from my boyfriend, he knew how much my virginity meant to me. I wanted to wait until marriage, I didn't care that Sutter and Blaze had already messed around with each other. It didn't mean that I had to do the same. I wanted to be me, not get lost in trying to be anything or anybody else. "Wait, what time is it? You guys are going to make me so late to get home and Sutter you know how my Dad gets when I am home late!" I raise my voice at her.

I hear Jaxon clear his throat, "Relax Sweetness, we still have 45 minutes until you have to be home." he smiles at me while he opens the door and jumps out of the car, I watch him step around to my door and opening it he offers me his hand to help me out of the car. As I plant my foot down on the loose gravel he pulls me into his chest wrapping his arms around my body. He lowers his head down to meet his lips to mine in a sweet kiss. "I just want to spend some nice quiet time with you and Blaze wanted to make-out with Sutter! This seemed like a reasonable place to do it."

I smile up into his face, "Oh, okay." I pull his head down for another sweet kiss, I loved the feeling of his lips on mine. I could kiss him all day long if I really wanted too. I lean into him as he pulls me along with him as walks down the winding path to the overlook area of the cliff for our alone time. We settle down on a rock and he cups my chin with his hand and pulls me in for a much deeper kiss. The chilly night air gave me goosebumps along my arms, I had not dressed well for the coldness of the night and I felt a little guilty as he handed over his jacket to me as he broke off the kiss and noticed the goosebumps.

He smiles at me as he stares into my eyes, "Have you thought about Prom some more?" He asks me with hope in his face. I knew that he wanted me to go to the dance with him, but my Dad hasn't allowed me to go to a single one so far and I didn't believe this one would be any different as I am not allowed to date.

I release a long sigh as I look into his eyes. "I want to go Jax, I really do but you know what my Dad said the lat dance I asked him to go. I really don't think that he will change his mind because it's prom, it might be best that you just take someone else." I let my gaze flow downwards to where his hand was laying on top of mine. It felt good to have it there, I realize that I love this boy very much.

"Yeah I know you have told me this, but I keep hoping that you'll ask him and he'll change his mind and let you go and have fun this one dance. I want you to be able to have this one thing of your high school life." he says as he squeezes my hand to reassure me that he meant what he was saying.

I look up into his face, "I know and I will ask him when the time feels right too, but you know he has the rule for a reason. The rule is that none of us girls are allowed to date until we leave for college. I have Lydia and Kendra to worry about, if they see me defying my Dad's rules then they may think that it's okay for them to do the same thing. I can not let them see and be treated the same way, I can not let them see my Dad for who he really is as it would just destroy them. It's just me Jax, I am the only one that can keep them safe and naive. I am the only one that he beats on, and I want it to stay that way. Which is why I need to be home most of the time so I know that he is truly leaving them alone." I spoke softly, trying hard to hold back the sobs threatening to fall down my face.

Releasing a deep breath he stares into my swollen red eyes, "I know and it is Okay if we don't go... I want you to know that sweetness. I will just stay home and talk to you over the phone again, I'll even let you call me Sutter the whole time to cover our tracks." He says wrapping me in his warm arms as he hugged me tightly.

"You know that you can go to the dance Jax, I won't stop you from going to the prom. It wouldn't be fair of me to ask you to stay home, even if I can't go It's a high school tradition, you should go..." I say to him with a forced smile on my face.

"ha ha, I know... but you need to know this Naomi, I am not that kind of boy. If my girl is unable to attend a dance then I won't be going either." He says as he holds my hand, squeezing my fingers tightly together. I lean my head against his shoulder and close my eyes, I wanted to enjoy this time with him as it would be awhile before I get to be with him again. I loved the peace that he brought into my life. He always knew exactly the right kind of things to say to calm me.

"HEY GUYS, ARE YOU COMING IT"S TIME WE GET GOING TO GET HER HOME ON TIME!" I hear Blaze's voice ring out behind us, opening my eyes I pull myself out of my little daydream as I sit up looking back at Jax. He stands up holding his hand out towards me, I place my hand in his and he pulls me gently up to standing. I brush off my shorts and hold Jax's hand as he leads me back to the car, I guess it was time to end the small peace I was having in my life. It was time to get back to the hell I call a home.

The car ride back started out completely silent as they all knew that I hated going back home, my friends all knew the truth about all the darkness in my life. You see my Dad is a very controlling man, he gambles everything away and because he's always losing he is always in a bad mood and he likes to take it all out on me. Most of my life for the past year at least has been spent hiding the bruises and cuts that he's given to me in his temper tantrums. I made sure every single day that he doesn't touch my little sister's, I have to keep him from hurting them too. I never knew what kind of a mood he would be in when I got home and it's always worse if he's been drinking. "How long do we have to get me back to my house, before I am late?" I ask my friends. I could never drive myself anywhere as we only had the one car at home and my Dad always needed the car so I always had to trust them to get me home on time.

My best friend glances back at me from the front seat where she sit's next to her boyfriend, "Naomi please calm down, it is only a 15 minute drive to your hose from here and we currently have 20 minutes to get there. I promise you will not be late, we will get there in enough time." she sends me a understanding smile, they knew I didn't want to report anything to the cops.I had to keep everything quiet about what was going on at home, the only thing I needed to do was find my Mom and get her to take us away from him.

"I'm sorry guys, I know you will get me home in time. I just don't want him to be in a bad mood tonight." I almost whispered out.

Jax pulls me closer to him, "I wish he would just keep his damn hands off of you. It's not right what he does to you Naomi, I want to put a stop to it so bad." he whispers into my ear sending goosebumps down my arms as his hot breath runs down my neck.

"Yeah, Naomi you know he has no right to take his losing out on you." Sutter says with a pout on her face, I knew she wanted me to move in with her and her family but they couldn't take all of us so I haven't done that. I couldn't do that to my sister's.

"Hopefully tonight he is on his best behavior, I think I will hang around tonight for the signal just to make sure that you are safe and okay. I could probably go to bed better if I knew that you were safe." Blaze says eyeing me in the rear-view mirror.

"Awe, thanks guys." I smile at my crew, they knew just how to cheer me up when I was feeling down. Blaze has actually done that many times after our group dates, he waited in his car in view of my bedroom window. I'm supposed to signal to him from my window when I was safely in my room, If I don't he has always promised me he'd call the cops. But he hasn't had to do that yet as I have always been able to send him the signal before getting beat by my Dad.

"SHIT!" I hear the worry in his tone and snap my head up to stare out the windshield, I saw the highway standing still in a parking lot. Shit, this is not the night for this to happen, I was sure going to be late now. I knew that me being late was sure to put my Dad in a super bad mood as he had told me before I went out that I needed to be on time tonight, to serve his company food and drink as he was planning on having some over.

"Jax, we're not going to make it in time!" I raise my voice.

"Yes we will Naomi, Just have some faith in my skills." Blaze says as he keeps his attention on the road in front of him. I knew he was scanning the road, trying to come up with a plan on what to do from here. I narrow my eyes at the back of his head, silently willing him to come up with something before I glance back at my boyfriends face. I close my eyes and send up a silent prayer to the man upstairs, hoping that he'd chosen to actually hear me this time around.

I let out a small sigh as I watch the minutes tick on by, "Guy's I can not be late today, he has some kind of meeting tonight and he told me about it. I need to get home to help him with the meeting like a good little girl." I mutter out.

"Girl I promise you, we will get you home. Just calm down." Sutter says glancing back at me with a small smile on her face.

"Wait, what do you mean like a good little girl?" Blaze growls out, I could tell he wasn't happy with my wording choice.

"Oh you know the usual, I have to have the house looking good, food and drink served." I spoke softly as I was ashamed to admit to it out loud.

I hear the growl roar out of his throat, "You mean like a little slave?" he spoke through gritted teeth, staring at me in shock through the rear view mirror. I glance down ashamed because that's exactly how I was feeling about the whole thing.

"Nao... I am going to get you out of there, just as soon as I figure out a way to get all three of you out of there." he says pulling me into a deep hug, he wasn't going to be releasing me anytime soon.

I let out a small chuckle as I push at him to release the hold a little, "I know Jax... hey get off here, we can go the back roads!" I say hurriedly as I notice the exit come up in view, it was the one before mine and I knew we could still get to my house by taking it.

"That's right, it might actually be faster this time around!" Blaze says as he get's on the off ramp.

"Blaze, why don't you speed up a little bit. I don't want her to get hit because of us!" Sutter begs him, as she flutter's her eyelashes at him. I smile at her, she was so concerned about me and that warmed my heart. Of all the places that I have lived, this one has easily become my favorite because of the friends that I have.

You see my Dad has moved us around, he owes so much money to a lot of Money sharks, don's and gang leaders it is seriously not even funny. When ever he gets to the point that he knows he can not pay he burrows from another and moves us to a new location without any forwarding address. To tell you even more of my past, a year ago my Mom got sick of all of the BS he put us through and walked away from him and unfortunately us girls. I hated her for a matter of a day, because that is when I figured out what she had been putting up with from him, our wonderful amazing father or so I thought he was great. She had been taking all the abuse to save us girls and after she left that is when he turned his fury and rage towards me, his eldest daughter.

"What time is it?" I ask them as the car stops in front of my house, I notice a black car in the driveway that I have never seen before and decided to jump out of the car and decide to head right inside knowing that his visitors are already there and I was sure to be in trouble.

"It is actually 9:05 Nao, maybe he won't notice that your a little late this time?" Sutter suggests.

"Maybe..." I mutter as I close the door, I quickly give my boyfriend a light kiss and head on inside my house.

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