I Couldn't Stop Myself.

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[LGBTQ] [CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT] Jun had never questioned his sexuality. He liked girls, always had. After spending a few years studying abroad on a scholarship, it was time to move back in with his mum and twin sister, Jane. That was when he met him. Ellis. Problem? Ellis was Jane's boyfriend.

Romance / Drama
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I sat at the airport after a long ass flight.

My bags were heavy, I was exhausted, and I just wanted to get to my new home.

"God damnit, Jane!" I grumbled under my breath in annoyance. "Of course she's running late. Probably too busy matching her accessories to her outfit."

After another 30 minutes of waiting, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I looked up and removed my headphones.

"JUUUUUNNNIIIIII!!!!!" My sister screeched dramatically, as she smothered me in a ginormous hug.

"You're late." I stated, rubbing my ears that now hurt from her shrill voice.

She threw out her bottom lip and pouted apologetically. "I'm sooooo sorry my little brother! I couldn't find my favourite earrings for this outfit!"

She tossed her blonde balayage, shoulder length, blunt bob hair to the side, to show off the glittering hoops that hung from her ears.

"Damn, I was spot on.... Jane, you are only two minutes older." I retorted, completely unsurprised.

That was just how Jane was.

Narcissistic, never on time, never her fault, and for some reason, everyone thought the sun shone out of her ass.

Really, she was bitch. But she had her moments when she was actually a decent sister.

We only really looked like twins when we stood next to each other. We had the same soft facial features, full lips, and slender, deep russet eyes, but I was taller with a sharper jawline, and a more masculine brow.

"Every second counts if it makes me superior! I missed you so much Juni!" She exclaimed, as she wrapped her arms around me again.

I chuckled lightly at her enthusiasm, rolling my eyes as I returned her embrace. "Yeah, I missed you a little I guess."

I had missed her, though. As annoying as she was, she and I had been inseparable as kids. We hadn't seen each other since our parents divorced 3 years earlier.

Jane stayed with mum, I went with dad.

While Jane was busy suffocating me in a bear hug, I noticed that Jane hadn't come alone, but she had seemingly forgotten her friend.

"Jane... Are you going to introduce us? Or just leave the poor guy standing there awkwardly?"

"Oh! Baby, I'm so sorry!" She gasped. "Juni, this is my boyfriend, Ellis! Ellis, my baby brother, Juni!"

I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly, extending my other to him for a hand shake. "It's just Jun, actually... Nice to meet you, Ellis."

As I shook his hand, warm tingles radiated from my palm, up to my chest.

What the hell was that?

Must have slept awkwardly on my shoulder on the plane, I guess.

"You too, Jun. When Jane said she wanted me to meet her baby brother, I was expecting you to be a few years younger... So twins then?" He beamed brilliantly at me, his bright, sky blue eyes trapping me in their gaze.

Shit, he could be a model with looks like that.

He was taller than me, with a slim, but muscular build. His ivory skin looked even paler next to Jane and I's honey beige colouring, and his jaw line bore faint stubble that matched his black crew cut. His facial features were rather soft compared to his angular bone structure, with full lips, a soft, but strong button nose, and thick, dark lashes, framing his almond shaped eyes.

"Didn't I mention that?" She asked, knitting her brow in confusion. "Yeah, we are twins, but we are complete opposites."

She wasn't wrong there.

She was all about being famous. She was into expensive makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, mainstream pop, and indie music. She looked like she had just walked off a tumblr post with her hipster style.

Then there was me.

I was a lot less outgoing.

I didn't mind expensive clothes, but I bought clothes because I like them, not because of the brand. There wasn't much I didn't like music wise, except country. There was just something about it that made me want to bash my head against a wall.

I generally opted for simple, stylish outfits, and kept my thick, dark hair off my face with a slicked back undercut.

Compared to all of the other artists I had met, I seemed to be the neatest.

"Can we go now? Please? I'm exhausted. I want to sleep in a bed." I moaned, as my exhaustion caught up to me again after the excitement.

"Ah, let me take your bags. I got a park pretty close, so you won't have to walk far." Ellis smiled at me, as he took my suitcase and backpack.

I couldn't even refuse, because I was too busy staring at his beautiful smile like an idiot.

Damn. I'm not gay, but this guy is gorgeous.

His sweet blue eyes, that brilliant smile that was filled with boyish charm, combined with his tall, rugged demeanour, he probably has girls and guys falling all over him.

Why the hell is he with a girl like Jane?

He loaded my stuff into his car, and we all hopped in. My sister got shotgun of course, but I didn't mind because I was happy to spread out in the back.

"So.. how did you guys meet?" I yawned, as I stretched and made myself comfortable.

"Ellis is in the year above us. Oh! We'll all be going to school together! That's so great!" Jane chirped happily.

I grumbled sarcastically in response, "I'm so excited... Yay school..."

I was pretty average at academics, but I hated the whole structure that came with normal high school.

"You're not a fan of school, then?" Ellis questioned, glancing back at me in the rear view mirror.

"Not particularly. Are there at least decent art facilities?"

His eyebrows rose in curiosity. "Art?"

"Juni loves drawing... And, uh.. Art stuff! Our dad even sent him to some fancy art school. I think I would be really good at art too if I tried it, but I think it's boring." Jane chimed in excitedly.

It didn't surprise me that Jane had managed to take over the conversation, even though Ellis had asked me. That's just how she was. I don't know if it was intentional, but she always had to be the centre of attention.

Ellis shot me an apologetic look in the rear view mirror, as my sister rambled on about how her acting was much better than my art.

We finally arrived at my mum's house after what seemed like forever.

I chose to move in with mum and Jane, because our dad moved in with his new girlfriend and her two prissy daughters.

Jane may be a handful, but I would take my twin over some other lady's bitchy teenagers any day.

"Mum, I got our Juni safe and sound!" Jane hollered as we walked in the front door.

A loud, emotional screech filled the air, as my mum ran from the other end of the house. "Oh my baby boy!!!!"

She ran up to me with tears already streaming down her cheeks. The dramatic personality was quite obviously passed down through the females in our family.

"Hey, mum."

"How are you? Gosh you've gotten tall! Have you eaten? Did you sleep on the plane?" She asked without taking a breath.

"Slow down, mum!" I chuckled. "Where's my room? I'm about to crash. Do you mind if I sleep for a bit?"

She laughed at her own impatience, before taking a deep breath to calm herself. "It's just up the hall, first room on the left. I'll wake you up for dinner okay?"

"Thanks, mum."

I bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead before finding my room.

I had just taken my shirt off, when my door opened.

"Oh, shit! Ah, sorry.... I-I was just bringing your bags in..." Ellis stumbled, seeming a little embarrassed.

He quickly looked me up and down before averting his eyes.

Ooookay... That's not weird at all or anything.... We are both guys, why did he look so awkward...?

"Oh, thanks. I had already forgotten about them honestly." I said sleepily, trying my best not to pass out in front of him.

He went to walk back out the door, but stopped and turned back halfway. "If you need to buy anything, I can take you down to the shops after dinner?"

"Oh, you're staying for dinner, too?"

"Yeah. I actually live a few houses down, but my parents are never home so I come here for dinner most nights." He paused, looking my half naked self up and down once more. "I'll ah.. Let you get some sleep now."

He shifted his eyes side to side awkwardly, before leaving the room, shaking his head while he muttered something to himself under his breath.

I flopped down on the bed face first, and passed out instantly.

I felt a strong hand gently shake my shoulder.

I looked up to see Ellis next to my bed.

"Huh? Is it already dinner time?" I asked groggily, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

He pushed me over onto my back, and climbed up to straddle my hips.

I panicked, my words stumbling out of my mouth in a rush. "W-what are you doing?!"

He put a finger to his lips to hush me as the other hand moved along my chest, then down my abs, and back up again. He gave me a deviously seductive smile as he moved his face closer to mine.

My heart was beating so hard I was sure it would break through my rib cage any second. He pressed his chest on mine, and I could feel that his was racing too. My breath came faster and shorter, as we stared into each others eyes.

He bit his lip, before crashing them into mine passionately.

As if acting on their own, my arms made their way to the back of his head and ran through his soft, thick hair as I deepened the kiss. Our tongues entwined as he began to rub his body against mine, sending sparks of electricity across my entire body. He slid his hand down between us, undoing the button on my jeans....

He slowly pulled the zipper down, sliding his hand beneath the band of my underwear, firmly gripping my-

"-Juni sweetie, wake up! It's time for dinner."

I cracked my eyes to see my mum leaning over me, shaking my shoulder to wake me.

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