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I Couldn't Stop Myself.

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Barely conscious, I didn't move off of my stomach, fully aware of the discomfort in my pants.

"Juuuunnniiii?" Mum called quietly, shaking me gently.

I opened my eyes, pretending to be startled by her, to hide how flustered I was from my dream. "H-huh? Oh, yeah, dinner.... I'll uh... Grab a quick shower first?"

"Of course sweetie. I'm just about to set the table, so you have a few minutes." She smiled sweetly, before heading out of my room.

I waited until she was out of site to sit up.

Holy fucking shit! Why am I so hard!? Ughh this is so embarrassing..

I grabbed fresh clothes, and headed for the bathroom as fast as I could. I stripped off and jumped in the shower, making sure it was STONE FUCKING COLD.

I had to cool myself down before I could face everyone at dinner.

Jane had her stupid girly pop music blasting from her bedroom right next to the bathroom. It was so loud, I could barely hear myself think.


The sound of Ellis yelling cut through the music like a knife, and startled me so much that I almost slid in the shower. I steadied myself on the metal frame of the clear glass shower wall.

Curse my mum for being a clean freak! This glass is so clean, it may as well not even be there!

Ellis stood there in shock, very obviously staring at my semi hard-on.

I turned my body away so he had a view of my ass instead. Still not desirable, but at least he couldn't see that I was getting hard again.

"E-Ellis.... D-do you mind? Kinda showering here...." My face burned with embarrassment as I stuttered.

He finally averted his gaze to the ceiling, and I could just make out a faint blush across his cheeks.

"S-sorry... I didn't mean to stare... Uhm... I couldn't hear the shower over your sister's music..." He croaked awkwardly. "Right.. I'll let you, uh.... Finish.."

He smirked as he said that last word, quite obviously referring to my dick.

After he left the bathroom, I softly hit my head against the wall in frustration.

Now I really did have to finish...

At dinner, I couldn't look at him.

I spent the entire time staring at my food, while my mum and sister babbled about anything and everything, Ellis chiming in every now and then.

"So Jun, Your sister mentioned you went to a fancy art school?" Ellis directed at me curiously.

I snapped my head up, realizing that for the first time since we had sat down to eat, my presence had been acknowledged.

We made eye contact, and I froze.

Fuck!.... Speak, idiot! Everyone's staring! "Ah.. Yeah... Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris."

I had spent the last two years studying art in Paris, which mum knew, but by the look on her face, Jane did not.

"YOU WERE IN PARIS!?" She screeched demonically.

Fuck. "Uh.. Yeah?"

Ellis looked thoroughly impressed, his eyes growing wide with awe. "Wow! That's pretty impressive, I hear it's hard to get in there. I would like to see some of your work sometime if you don't-"

"-PARIS!!??!!??!!" Jane continued, rudely cutting him off as if he hadn't even been speaking.

She looked like she was on the verge of throwing a tantrum.

"Jane sweetie, calm down, let's discuss this civilly." Mum said softly, her face pinched with worry.

Jane turned to face her aggressively, her entire being burning with rage. "YOU KNEW HE WAS IN PARIS, DIDN'T YOU?!"

Ellis leaned back in his chair to watch the carnage, a grimace taking over his face.

Here we go, it's time for the Jane show...

Damn, even Ellis knows shit's about to go down...

Hmm, he looks cute when he's worried- NO JUN! STOP IT! BAD JUN!

"Well yes, your father notified me via email that Jun had been accepted to an art school in Paris on scholarship for 2 years..." My mum admitted shakily, her voice not much more than a whisper.

"So why didn't you send me to Paris too!? If Jun gets to go, then I should too!!! It's not fair!!!"

I shit you not, she stomped her feet and hit her fists on the table like a 3 year old.

"It was a scholarship, sweetie... We couldn't afford to send Jun to Paris, let alone the both of you..." Mum pleaded with her.

This is ridiculous. "Mum, you don't need to explain. Jane, cut it out. I was at school, not on some fantastic holiday."

"But PARIS! I want to go to Paris too! MUM! SEND. ME. TO. PARIS!" Jane cried dramatically, waving her arms around.

"Jesus fucking Christ. Maybe I should've just gone with dad." I grumbled under my breath, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration.

Ellis looked at me, and gestured his head to the front door. I nodded, and followed after him.

"That was.... Intense...." He exhaled deeply as we stepped out into the cool night air.

"Has she not done that in front of you before?"

He grimaced again sheepishly. "Not to that extent..."

"You've been lucky then." I stated dryly.

We sat in his car, and I remembered why I had been trying to avoid him earlier. I blushed furiously, thankful that the street lights were dull enough that it wasn't visible.

"So... Do you speak French, then?" He asked, as we clipped our seatbelts.

"Oui, Je parles très bien français. (Yes, I speak French very well.)"

His lips quirked up into a sexy, half smirk. "...Damn...."

My cheeks burned even more, so I turned to look out the window in an effort to hide my face.


I need to stop blushing! This is ridiculous! Why does this guy have so much of an effect of me?

I like girls, God damnit!

We pulled up at the shops and went in, a heavy awkward silence hanging in the air. I wove through the aisles making sure I had everything, and stopped in the condom section. Ellis had wandered off the snack aisle, which meant I could grab some without feeling as embarrassed.

As I stood there looking at all the different types, a hand reached out and grabbed a box in front of me, holding it in front of my face.

"Extra large, ultra thins?" I read from the box, my voice rising into a question rather than a statement.

"I find these feel the closest to not wearing one..... And I reckon they should fit you...." The velvety voice chuckled.

I turned around to find none other than Ellis, waggling his eyebrows, while he glanced at my junk.

I playfully shoved him, struggling to hide how severely embarrassed, and strangely turned on I was, hearing him talk about how big my dick was.

I should not be this embarrassed right now... Guy's talk about their dicks all the time... CHILL, JUN!

I paid for my things and we headed back to my house, where we could hear Jane wailing from outside.

"Is... Is that Jane... Crying?" Ellis stuttered, obviously shocked that she was still going.

"Yup...." I nodded solemnly. "You haven't witnessed the 'Jane Hollywood tears pity party' yet?"

He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Can't say I have.... I, uh.. Think I might head home... I don't do crying girls well.."

"I don't blame you, I don't either... Plus, my sister is on another level.... How long have you guys been together?"

He thought for a second before answering. "Four months..."

"Ah, still kind of fresh, then. You can go, If they ask, I'll make up some excuse for you."

"Thanks Jun." He said warmly, a bright smile lighting up his face. "Y'know, I was kind of expecting some bratty little brother, especially with Jane's personality... But you're actually really cool."

He put his hand on my upper back, lingering a little longer than was necessary. He must have noticed, because he quickly dropped his hand and looked away, accidentally grazing my ass with his fingers as he did.

My body almost exploded with electricity at that slight touch.

We both briskly walked in opposite directions without another word.

I got into my room and collapsed on my bed.

I buried my face in my pillow, grumbling into it. "Fuck.... I think I might really be in trouble here...."

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