The Full Moon

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Anastasia de Alger Obelia was an average sixteen year old. She goes to school, work, then home. Sounds easy and normal, right? Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, she was abused by her step-brother Axel Alexopoulos. Anastasia’s dad remarried when her mom passed away, Anastasia’s dad, Nathaniel, married Beatrice Alexopoulos, she was a cruel woman. Whenever Anastasia’s dad went overseas or to work, she and her son would beat Anastasia up and curse at her. Anastasia has dealt with this for the last 4 years, could she handle anymore? Just as she was about to break, she crossed paths with Matthew Calix Nephus, a billionaire who happens to be a werewolf. How will there fate end?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Suspicions

Anastasia’s POV

I woke up to a sharp pain in my stomach. I slowly opened my eyes, it was my stepmother, Beatrice Alexopoulos, she had kicked me in the stomach. “Wake up whore”, she said. “Yes ma’am” I replied,

Beatrice didn’t like disobedience, it was a better choice to just obey instead of defying. She soon left my room, I disliked my step-mom. She and her son, Axel Alexopoulos, Axel was just as bad as Beatrice. Axel would beat me harder than Beatrice, no reason for me to like him.

I heard Axel yell from downstairs, “BITCH, HURRY UP I DONT HAVE ALL DAY FOR YOU!”

I quickly got out of my bed, changed into a white shirt, black mid-waisted skinny jeans, white Air Force 1, and took a quick look in the mirror.

I walked downstairs, I saw Axel sitting on the couch using his phone. He sensed my presence and looked up.

“About time you came down” he said

“Sorry” I replied

Axel took my arm, dragged me outside and shoved me into the back seat of his car. Axel never took me anywhere, why would he drive me somewhere?

Axel made a sudden stop, he opened my door and grabbed my arm. I looked around my surroundings, we were in the middle of a parking lot. Very few cars but they were all expensive cars, a Bugatti Chiron, Lykan HyperSport, Ferrari’s.

“Where are we?” I asked

Axel glared at me, “stay quiet, just follow me”

I nodded, I followed Axel into a restaurant, “La Shiri Seki”. The walls were gold colored, chandeliers dangling, with diamonds on them. It looks like a high-class restaurant. There was no way that Axel would take me to a restaurant to eat.

The waiter came up to us and said “Good evening Mr.Alexopulos, your table is this way”. Axel nodded.

Looks like he made a reservation, this is all too suspicious. Although I look thin, I’m not a weakling. My father was worried that I would be kidnapped so he made me take boxing,taekwondo, judo, and all that type of classes. Of course I thought he was being overprotective but it did come in handy when it did. This would be one of the cases.

Matthew’s POV

“It’s about time you came”, I glared at Jeffery, he had made me come to this restaurant. “La Shiri Seki”, I walked in with Jeffery.

The staff shifted quickly once we walked in.

“Good Evening Mr.Nephus, Good Evening Mr.Drakos” They said in unison.

The manager led us to our table.

I smelled something wonderful, lavender like with a mix of honey. My wolf Jake screamed in my head “MATE MATE” I looked around to find my mate, my eyes set eyes on the most beautiful person in the world.

“THATS OUR MATE” Jake continued to yell. Our mate had jet black hair that flowed to her hips, crystal blue eyes, she had pale skin. She was small, she could fit right into my arms.

What I see next wasn’t to my liking

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