The Full Moon

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Chapter 11: Running away

Anastasia’s POV

“I know you’re awake, little mate” he said huskily

I don’t know how he knew I was awake, I kept pretending I was sleeping. I know I’m stubborn but there was just no way he knows I’m awake.

He started kissing my neck, I didn’t move.
He started kissing down to my collarbone,

“You’re still going to be pretend?”

How in the world, no no, he must be guessing.

He placed his lips on mine and I moaned, the sparks felt so good.

“Still pretending? Fine by me, I like this game” he whispered in my ear

We both know I’m awake, I’m just being stubborn.

I opened my eyes and he looked down at me.

“How did you know I was awake” I uttered

He chuckled at me, “I’m a werewolf remember? I can hear your heartbeat” he kissed my cheek

“Oh” is all I say

“Hey Matt-“ I stopped when I noticed that his eyes changed, they seemed foggy

I shake him, “Matthew?” I say

He snapped his head at me real quick, “Are you alright Matt?” I asked

“Huh? Yeah I’m fine, Jeffery mind-linked me”

“O”, I guess his eyes turn foggy when he mind-links

“You stay here, don’t leave. I’ll be right back” he said sternly

“Okay...”, seemed serious. I’ll ask him about it later.

~Time Skip~

It’s been about an 30 minutes since Matthew left, I decided to go downstairs because I couldn’t stand being in this room and do nothing.

As I’m walking down I hear Matthew talking to someone, I guess he has a guest.

I peek through the hallway and see him kissing a blonde girl.

He couldn’t be...

He said he loved me......

He- he-, tears are threatening to fall down, I can’t be here any longer.

I walked back up the stairs as tears start falling down my face.

I opened the window, I jump onto the bush that was down below.

“Owwww” I said lowly so that nobody can hear me

It was like a 10 foot drop, it wasn’t that bad. I fell down the stairs once and ended up in a coma. This wasn’t that bad compared to it.

I started dashing into the woods.

I kept running and running, there was no roads. I’ve been running for 5 minutes without stopping.

I stopped to take a break, is there no way out of this forest?

I hear rustling, I turned around and see big wolves.

They were walking towards me slowly.

I screamed loudly and ran the opposite directly, they chased me down.

They were way faster than me, they knocked me down clawed me in the stomach.

This is how I’m going to die, ha, what a joke. Dying at 16? I guess god is giving me a break with all the struggle he is finally letting me die. Ha.

“ANASTASIA” I hear someone scream, I can’t tell who it is, I’m starting to lose conscious.

“No no no, baby stay with me. Don’t close your eyes, please!” Is that Matthew? I don’t know anymore

My mind slowly drifts into darkness.

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