The Full Moon

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Chapter 12: Running away; Matt’s POV

Matthew’s POV

I walked downstairs after telling Anastasia to stay in our room.

Jeffery mind-linked me saying that Tracy arrived, I hated her.

She’s annoying, she keeps throwing herself at me.

Me and Jeffery both know she’s aiming to be Luna, which will never happen.

Only Anastasia deserves that spot.

I walked into the kitchen and there sits the slutty bitch.

She walked towards me, “Hey Matthew, I missed you” she said seductively.

Disgusting, Jake, my wolf, said


“Let’s sit down” I lead her to the seat

She flung herself on me and started kissing me.

Jeffery walked into the kitchen and gave his most disgusted look.

Just hurry and snap her neck” I link him

He nodded and slowly walked up to her without making a sound.

I held her in place, Jeffery quickly grabbed her head and snapped it.

She didn’t even see it coming.

“Finally” I let out a breath of relief

Her kiss was disgusting, I miss Anastasia’s touch.

“We finally got rid of her” Jeffery said

“Yeah”, she kept bothering me and Jeffery. I had to get rid of her before Anastasia sees her.

“I’m going to go check on Anastasia”, Jeffery nodded

I walked up the stairs and into the bedroom.

She’s no where, “Anastasia?” No response

“ANASTASIA?!?!?” Still nothing.

I check the bathroom, closet, everything, everywhere.

She’s no where, I see the window opened.

No no no, she couldn’t have.

Jeffery, Anastasia is missing.” I linked Jeffery

There has been a report that there’s rogue” he linked back

No no no, there’s no way. Please don’t let her run into them.

Me and Jeffery run towards where the rogues are and we hear a loud scream

Oh my god

Run faster NOW, Jake yelled

I ran

I see the rogues and my eyes fall down to my mates body on the ground next to them.

Those bastards, Jake said

“ANASTASIA” I yelled, I ran towards them and snapped their heads off.
I run towards Anastasia.

No no no, “No no no, baby stay with me. Don’t close your eyes, please!”, I cried desperately

She slowly closed her eyes, NOOOO

I hold her and ran towards the pack house, “get the pack doctor, NOW!” I yelled in the mind-link

I lay my mates lifeless body on the bed.

She’ll be fine.

She has to be fine.

The pack doctor came rushing into the room, “Alpha, you have to leave” he said


Is he crazy? My mate is dying in front of me and he wants me to leave?

Jake was howling in the back on my mind.

“If you want her to live then leave, please. I want to save Luna as much as you want to save her” the pack doctor pleading me.

“He’s right, let him do his job” Jeffery interfered

I nodded my head and left, I didn’t like how he said that if I want her to live then leave. Was there a chance of her dying? No no no, there’s no way. She’s stronger than that.

But why did she leave?

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