The Full Moon

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Chapter 15: Heat

Matthew’s POV

Me and Jake are overjoyed that Anastasia let us mark her.

I was really worried that she wouldn’t let me mark her. I know Jeffery had something to do with it, he was telling me how that she's going to let me mark her although she was looking really nervous and looking reluctant.
But hey, i'm not complaining. I've been wanting to claim her since I saw her. But I wanted to respect her and wait for her consent.
I don't need my own mate running away from me because I marked her without her consent and thinking of me as a ruthless monster.
Okay I may be a little bit of a ruthless monster but i'm not that bad, right?
You're horrible, shall i remind you of all the people you tortured and killed? , My wolf, Jake, said.
Oh shut it, you were the one that encouraged it. Shall I remind you all the times you took control and started acting like a mad man?
He stayed quiet
That's what I thought.
"Alpha, we have a problem", Jeffery linked me
"And that would be?"
"Luna's in heat", that's all it took for me to run towards the pack house.

Anastasia's POV

He did it, he marked me.
Hurt like a b*tch at first but it was pleasurable afterwards.
Matthew had to patrol so i'm left with... Jeffery
Jeffery is one of the reasons why I let Matthew mark me. His words did kind of get into my head although i told him it wouldn't work but it did work a little bit. Here I am sitting on the sofa with this loser.
I'm just waiting for Matt to come home. I look outside the window hoping to see him but I notice its a full moon.
"Hey Jeff, its a full moon tonight"
He stiffened and turned to look at me, "What did you just say?"
Why does he look so shocked? I'm starting to feel kind of hot actually.
"Its a full moon?", okay I don't know whats going on but i'm not feeling so well. Is it just me or did the temperature rise to 1000?
"Are you okay? You feeling anything" he asked me
"uh, I feel a little unwell but its nothing too bad, why?" okay, I was lying. I feel like i'm going to die from heat.
"You may or may not be in heat" what the f*ck is he on about.
"What's heat?"
"Heat is what females go through after being marked. It usually takes a week or so but its a full moon so its happening right now instead."
"Okay but that doesn't explain what heat is"
"Heat encourages sex and to produce offsprings..."
I looked at him in shock, sex? Kids?
I don't think i'm mentally ready for that.
I tried to stand up but fell back down, my legs are giving up on me.
"You'll be alright Luna, I linked the Alpha. He should be here soon"
People started to come through the door.
"Shit" Jeff muttered
Whats wrong? I turn to look and their eyes had lust in them.
"GET OUT" Jeff commanded them
They looked shocked, but they didn't seem that willing to leave.
"Whats wrong Jeffery?" I asked him
"You're in heat, your scent attracts unmated males"
I sure as hell didn't expect that.
"Leave, shes your Luna" Jeffery told him
They all flinched and backed away.
I slowly lose conscious
"No no no, you have to stay awake Luna."
I was too tired. I closed my eyes and fell into the darkness
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