The Full Moon

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Chapter 16 Heat Pt 2

Matthew's POV

Mature content below, don't say I didn't warn you.

"Where is she?" I rushed into the the packhouse and asked Jeffery.

"I put her in your room. She was attracting unmated males and fainted due to the tiredness. Remember, shes human. She can't handle the heat like normal female werewolves."
"I know" was the last thing I said before running into our room, almost breaking down the door.
I see my mate squirming in the bed.
Help her you idiot, Jake said
What if she doesn't want to have s*x you smart*ss.
He stayed quiet, uh huh.
I moved towards Ana, trying to wake her up. She moved around a lot and her eyes shot open/
"Help me Matthew" she groaned
"You don't know what you're saying Ana" I groaned as well. I'm turned on as hell, if she doesn’t stop grinding on me I’m going to do something im going to regret.

“I do, just please help me. I won’t regret it later” she begged

Shit, she’s going to be the death of me.

“You asked for it”

I started sucking on her mark, she moaned in pleasure.
She started grinding on me faster.


I slowly took off her clothes.

“Hurry” she moaned

“I know, I will”

I inserted a finger into her p*ssy

“Just put it in, I can’t anymore”

“I can’t just put it in, it will be more painful that way”

I inserted another finger, she groaned. “I don’t care, just do it” in a demanding tone

She’s even turning me on, Jake groaned

Down boy, don’t make me laugh in this situation.

Not my fault she’s being real sexy right now, He said

He’s not wrong, she’s acting sexy as hell right now.

I inserted four fingers into her, she moaned in pain and pleasure.

“I think you’re good now” I said

“Good, hurry up” she pleaded

I thrusted my manhood into her fully.

She moaned loudly

Blood started dripping.

Yippe shes virgin!, Jake added

No dip, I thought you already knew.

I forgot, he replied


Keep f*cking her

I pounded her roughly.

“Y-YES HA-ARDE-ER” she screamed

“F*cking hell, you feel so good”

I kept pounding her, I was close to my climax and I could tell she was too.

“I’m going to c*m” she moaned

“Me too”

I thrusted her a couple more times before we both came.

I dropped besides her, not waiting to continue since her human body can’t handle it.

I turned over to look at her and she’s asleep.

I chuckled and tucked her in the covers and hugged her.

I soon fell into darkness.

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