The Full Moon

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Chapter 19: Epilogue

Anastasia’s POV

It’s been 7 years since I gave birth to Jaxon and Jason.
They look identical, the only difference is that Jaxon has a darker shade of hair color. They look exactly like their father, silver eyes and all.

After 3 years of giving birth to them, I got pregnant again. I couldn’t keep my promise of not having sex with Matthew, he spent a week seducing me and I fell for it.


It was painful to give birth, but Atleast I have a 3 year old daughter, Roselyn. She takes after me.

I’m greatful for that, I wanted atleast one of my children to look like me.

I’m grateful for this though.

It’s been 8 years since my step-brother, Axel, almost sold me off. My father found out, thanks to my handsome hunk of a mate. He immediately got my step-mother put into prison and apologized for not being there for me.

I forgave him since it wasn’t really his fault, he thought we got along. He just wanted someone to take care and look after me since he’s always gone. Didn’t really work out did it?

He’s still as busy as ever, but whenever he’s free he visits the kids.

Oh, and Matthew? He’s still Alpha, obviously.

He said when the twins are 16, he’ll let them take over. I’m concerned though, twins have a lower chance of finding their mates since they share one.

But they don’t show enough concern, THATS what concerns me.

No excitement, no interest. They don’t even want a mate they said. I was livid at them for a short period of time. But hey, it’s just a phase, right?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

Roselyn on the other hand, well, she doesn’t really know much since she’s only 3. I feel bad for her mate. With 2 protective older brothers, I don’t think her mate stands a chance. For 7 year olds, they act way too mature.

I’m just getting old at this point, yes yes, I’m 23 but with 3 kids. Having kids make you age way faster physically atleast.

But atleast I got one big happy family.

The End
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