The Full Moon

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Chapter 2: Fate?

Anastasia’s POV

I took a seat, Axel sat across from me. He called the waiter to order food. I looked around, scanning the area and I locked eyes with silver like eyes. He looked at me intently, I looked away.

Just as I was about to ask Axel why he brought me here, I hear someone saying hello.

“Hello Mr.Alexopoulos, and is she your sister?”

“Good Evening Mr.Finburg, yes indeed she’s my sister” Axel replied to the strange man.

Axel snapped his head towards mine “Ana, greet Mr.Finburg”

Sister? Ana? I don’t know what Axel is up too but I don’t like it one bit. But I obeyed his command and greeted this “Mr.Finburg”

“Hello Mr.Finburg” I snarled

This old man smiled creepily and said some strange words, “how much Mr.Alexopoulos?”

Axel replied “five million” five million? What is he talking about?

“Deal” Mr.Finburg clapped his hand and this body guard came in and handed Axel a suitcase.

These two other body guards came in and grabbed me. “ What is this about? Axel?” I was scared, these guards had a grip on me.

“Oh my, you didn’t know dear? Your brother is selling you” raising his corner lip

Selling me? What right did Axel have to sell me. “Axel? You’re selling me to this fat pig?” I couldn’t believe he was going to sell me.

“My dear sister, mother and I have been planning this. We want your fathers fortune, we can’t get it if you’re in the way. I’ll just tell father that you’re being rebellious and ran away.” Axel grinned in the most evilest way.

“You can’t possibly do that! I’m his legitimate daughter, he’ll look for me! You’ll be kicked out once he finds out what you and you’re mother are doing!!!” I shout at him.

He laughs at me like I’m a fool. “He’ll never find out, he’s naive. Like you and your mother. Oh I forgot to mention that me and my mother killed your mother”

I stood there, staring at him. I couldn’t believe what he said, he killed my mom? I started crying, I stomped on the guards foot and started dashing for the door.

“COME BACK HERE YOU SLUT” Axel was screaming for me to come back, I kept running until I hit something hard. I look up and it was the man with the silver eyes, he looked at me with caring eyes. “Mine” he said. “Mine?” I looked at him with a confused look, just what in the world is he talking about.

Matthew’s POV

“Oh my, you didn’t know dear? Your brother is selling you”. I didn’t like how he called her dear and I most definitely didn’t like the selling part. How dare he sell my mate? Who does he think he is?

“Why do you keep staring at them? It’s there own family business” Jeffery was eating his alfredo chicken, I slapped it out of his hand and I growled at him “she’s my mate” I glared at him for being an idiot.

“Oh-, then you better help her”. Wow, Jeffery couldn’t be any more obvious. I shook my head at him and called him an idiot for stating such an obvious point.

“COME BACK HERE YOU SLUT” that supposedly brother of my mate yelled, I turned around to look for my mate and I see her running towards my direction, to the exit. She bumps into me, I felt these wonderful sensation from her touch, I wrap my arms around her waist pulling her into my embrace.

“Mine” I let out a growled. She gave me the most innocent look as she said “Mine?” I nodded and gave her a smile

Her “brother” ran up and said “Hey, thanks for stopping her. Hand her over to me” panting,
Did he really think I was going to let him have my mate like that?

“Please, please help me” she whimpered and tears started foaming in her eyes, I felt so angry that they made her cry. She looked so helpless

“No” I snarled at her brother.

“What? She’s my sister!” he roared

“Really? Are you sure she’s your sister? A brother that sells his sister for five million?” I growled, he’s getting annoying. Brother or not, if he utters another word I might just punch him.

“It’s family business, none of your concern” he snapped back
How could it be none of my business?! She’s my mate, she is mine.

I growled at him and signaled my men to drag them away.

I wish he would just shut up.

My mate was laughing but it wasn’t humorous at all, “brother? When was I your sister? YOU KILLED MY MOM?!! Am I suppose to just overlook that and not do anything?!!?!” She started crying at the mention of her mother.

“Leave him be my dear, let’s go” I picked her up

I brought her to my car, I placed her in the front seat. She didn’t say a single word. I thought she might’ve been shocked from everything until I heard her snore.

She was sleeping.
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