The Full Moon

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Chapter 3: Our Mate


Matthew’s POV

I drove into my parking lot. I got out of the car, opened her door and picked her up. She was letting out low snores.

I walked into the house, I carried her up the stairs into my bedroom.

I gently placed her on my bed.

I went to go take a shower, “We finally found our mate, We finally found our mate” Jake was chanting it in my head, over and over again.

I put a towel on, I walked out of the bathroom and I see my beautiful mate sitting up. She glanced over to me, I let out a smile.

Her cheeks became very blushed, she was so cute.

“Where am I?” She whispered

“My house”

“Oh, sorry for the intrusion. I’ll be leaving now” she got up and walked towards the door.

I ran in the speed of light and grabbed her arm.

“You’re not going anywhere” I growled

She looked at me in shock

“Why can’t I leave? If I stay here I’ll only be a burden and I have to go back to my dad”

“She can’t leave us!” Jake roared

“Sorry sweetheart, but I can’t let you leave. You’ll be safe here, I’ll protect you”

“B-But” she whimpered

“No buts, now go back on the bed and sleep” I said

She slowly walked towards the bed and let out a sigh, “can I sleep in another room?”

“Why? You’re safe when you’re next to me, I’ll protect you” I can’t let her sleep in another room.

Her touch, her eyes, her hair, everything is perfect about her.

I was worried that she didn’t reply but she was sleeping soundly next to me. My face lit up, she was just so perfect, “of course she is” Jake stated with great enthusiasm.

Jeffery’s POV

Matthew drove off, he carried a girl to his car. Matthew has never been the romantic type, maybe the mate bond was too strong that it even got the heartless, cold Alpha.

I went into my car and drove to the dungeon, apparently Matt wanted me to get info off of him but he seemed the stubborn type so I wonder where this is going to get me.

After 15 minutes, I get off my car and walk into the dungeons. I walked up to the cell that held Luna’s “Brother”, he looked beaten and angry.

He saw me and yelled “LET ME OUT, YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME”

I just wanted to eat and relax, I have to deal with this annoying bastard now. I let out a sigh and looked at him.

“What’s your name?” I let out

“None of your business, LET ME OUT!” He roared

I knew he was the stubborn type, I mind-linked one of the guards to tell them to bring out the weapons.
I was always a fan of torture, this guy has no idea what’s coming his way.

Anastasia’s POV

I woke up to lights shinning on my eyes, I look up at the ceiling realizing that I’m in an unknown place. I try to move and someone is pulling my back.

I look behind me and I see the man from last night, he was stunning. His body was muscular, he had a defined jawline, he was just beautiful. I take his hand and move, he groaned.

After 5 minutes, I successfully got him off of me. I walk towards the door trying not to make any sounds. As I was opening the door, the door slammed shut immediately and I felt breathing behind my back.

Well shit, this wasn’t good.

“Where do you think you’re going beautiful?” The man said in a husky voice
Which only made him sound sexy. No, what was I thinking.

“I-I w-was going t-to go to the b-bathroom” I stuttered, which was obviously a lie.

“The bathroom is over there sweetie” he pointed to the right

Well shit, there was a bathroom connected to this room.

“O-oh, I d-didn’t know” I managed to say

I look up to see him smirking at me.

“Now tell me where you were actually going to go?”

Shit, so he caught onto my lie. I can’t just say I was going to escape cause by the looks of it, he is NOT going to let me leave.

“I-I was really going to g-go to the b-bathroom” I lied

“Mmmhmmm, then go” he said

I ran to bathroom and locked the door.
What am I going to do, I look for a way out and I see a window on the top. I open it and look down.

Oh hell no, I’m on the third floor. I might break some bones. Whelp, it’s worth a shot.

As I’m about to jump I hear the man say
“Are you done in there?”

I jump off and landed on my feet.

“Ow” I groaned

I hear the bathroom door being kicked open, the man looked down and said “shit, get back up here now” he demanded.

I sprinted into the woods without looking back, I can hear the man growl, wait did I say growl? What kind of human growls.

I keep running and running until I’m lifted off my feet

“I caught you”

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