The Full Moon

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Chapter 4: Learning more

Matthew’s POV

I saw her sprint into the forest, she was a quick one.

I jumped out the window and chased her. In a matter of seconds, I caught her

“I caught you”

She looked scared and frightened. I lifted her up in bridal style and walked back towards the pack house.

She screamed “LET ME DOWN!!!” She threw punches at me.
I dodged them and chuckled, she was cute. But there was no way in hell im letting her down, she’ll run again.

“Sorry baby, I can’t let you down. You will run away again” I said

“I promise I won’t run again, just let me down” she pouted

Nuh-uh, I would’ve let her down if only I didn’t know she was going to run. Her face was just so cute.

“No can do, you’ll run the second you get the chance.”

She looked shocked and stayed quiet. I guess I got it right. I’ll explain to her when I settle her down a bit.

Anastasia’s POV

He brought me back into the room and sat me down on the bed.

“What would you like to know?” He spoke

I have a million questions in my head but I guess I’ll keep it simple for now.

“Who are you?” I say

“I’m Matthew Calix Nephus” he chuckled

Wait, did he say Matthew Calix Nephus? THE Matthew Calix Nephus?!?!?! As in the billionaire!?!?! There’s no way.

He seemed to notice my panick and said “Yes, the Matthew Calix Nephus”.

I stood there frozen, I got myself involved with the most dangerous person in the world. How the hell am I going to escape now.

“What’s your name?” He said

“I-I’m Anastasia” I stuttered

“Anastasia, what a beautiful name”

The way he rolled my name off his tongue made me blush.
He chuckled at my response.

“Why am I here” I mustered

“Cause you’re my mate” he stated

Mate? What’s that?

“What’s a mate?”

He laughed and said “A mate is like a soulmate, like a boyfriend and girlfriend expect you’re destined to be together”.

“So I’m you’re mate?”

“Yes you are, my one and only” he chuckled

“But how do you know” how could he know that I’m destined to be his.

“I just know, you feel the sparks when I touch you right?”

I know what he’s talking about, whenever I touch him I feel these incredible sparks.


“But wait, who are you exactly? I know you’re Matthew but you growl like a wolf”

He laughed loudly at what I said, I tilt my head and looked at him.

“I’m a werewolf hun”

A what? A werewolf? I thought that was all myths.

“Yes, werewolves are real. So are vampires, witches and fairies” he said

Did he just read my mind? No, that’s not I should be worried about. I need to know how to leave this place, I can’t stay here knowing that I could be killed by a werewolf.

“C-can I leave?” I say

“Why?” He stiffened

“I need to let my d-dad know I’m f-fine”

“I’ll let him know, all you have to do is stay here with me”

I flinched at his statement, stay here? Meaning I can’t leave? Oh god, I’m going to get killed!
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