The Full Moon

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Chapter 5: Trust

Matthew’s POV

My mate seemed panicked when I told her she can’t leave. I can’t let her leave, she’s mine.

“I won’t hurt you, you have to trust me”

I really want her to understand that no matter what I won’t hurt her.

She looked up at me and said “r-really?”

When she replied it pained me, she looked like she’s been hurt too many times.
I grab her into my embrace, she let out a gasp.

“I will never ever hurt you, just trust me on this. Please” I begged her

She said “o-okay”

My wolf, Jake, howled in joy.

She wasn’t lying, I could tell when she was lying since our bond was strong.

“Let’s get you something to eat, you haven’t ate all morning”

She nodded

I carried her downstairs and placed her on the stool.

I whipped up some toast with eggs and bacon.
She was drooling. I chuckled at her, she was just too cute.
She heard me and blushed in embarrassment. I went over to kiss her forehead.

I lifted her and took her seat and placed her on my lap.

“I could sit in another seat if you wanted this seat” she whispered

“I want you to sit on my lap” she blushed at what I said.

Jeffery’s POV

I got some information out of that bastard. Apparently his name is Axel Alexopoulos, rumor has it that he’s a complete man whore. Looks like it.

I mind-link telling Matt what I got out of that bastard.

His name is Axel Alexopoulos, step-son of Nathaniel de Alger Obelia. Axel and his mother have been abusing her for the last four years.” I mind-linked

WHAT?!?!? Four years?!? And her father did nothing?!?!” He roared through the mind-link

Apparently, the father doesn’t know since he’s normally overseas and doesn’t come home for a long time.” I have a bad feeling that he’s going to kill both that bastard and his mother, not that it’s a bad thing but that idiot has connections with the government which will make it hard to deal with. I mean Matt has the most influence in the world but it will still cause an uproar with Axel’s partners. Whatever, I’ll leave it up to Matt to fix.

I want you to send guards to the pack house for Anastasia, I’ll be heading over the dungeons now” Matt mind-linked

Well, this guy is screwed. I was being the nice one. Matthew is going to rip this guy up. I let out a sigh, and I don’t want to be the one to clean up the mess.
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