The Full Moon

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Chapter 7: Living with him

Anastasia’s POV

Ill be back soon” as Matthew kissed my forehead

“Okay, be safe” I say back

He smiles at me and leaves.

I didn’t know where he was going, he just had a displeased look on his face as if someone was talking to him. He was saying how he was talking to his beta, Jeffery through a mind-link, apparently it’s like telepathy except you can only do it to those in your pack.
I was confused but its whatever.

Well, I’m just in this house all by myself.
I looked around to see if I could do anything and I walked into a room, there was really nothing in this room besides a button.

I walked up to the button and it needed a finger print recognition. I pressed on it and it worked. I don’t know why it worked but it worked.

The floor panels started flipping so did the walls.

Oh dear god, what the hell did I just do.

Then I look back and see that it turned into a living room.

The hell? I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life and this one has to be the strangest thing.

It was a nice room now that I pressed the button, there was a fridge filled with food and a freezer full of sweets.

A door that led to a bathroom, well okay. This just turned into like a man cave, couldn’t they just build it as it was? I don’t see the point. Whatever, I pressed the button again and everything went back in place.

I walked out of the room to get a glass of water.

As I was pouring, my clumsy self dropped the cup.

Well, am I smart or what? I let out a sigh and picked up the broken pieces and pierced my finger with the glass.


I threw away the pieces in the trash and went to find a band aid.

I went upstairs to the bathroom connected to Matthew’s room and found a band aid in the cabinet.

“Anastasia!” I hear Matthew yell from downstairs

He’s back already? Didn’t he just leave like 15 minutes ago?

“I’m in the bathroom!” I yell back

I hear him walk into the room, “what are you doing in here?” He says as he hugs me

“I was just getting a band aid”

He moved his head and scanned me looking for an injury, “you’re hurt?”

I shook my head, “it’s only a small cut, I dropped a cup earlier. I went to pick up the pieces and got pierced, it’s not a big deal”

He took my finger and put the band aid on it

“Be careful next time”

“I will” he’s really protective, it’s been a while since I experienced this. My dad is never really home and with my mom dead, nobody really cared for me.

Tears start filling my eyes

“Hey hey, what’s wrong baby?” Matthew says as he wipes the tears away.

“Nobody has ever cared for me since my mom died...”
I tried to calm myself down before I actually start crying.

“Hey, I will always be there for you. I will never let you get hurt again”

God, what is this guy doing to me. He makes me feel loved and I just loved him. Wait, did I say love? I love the guy that kidnapped me?

He’s not really a kidnapper but can I really trust him?
He doesn’t look like he will ever hurt me, he actually means what he say.

“Can I actually stay with you?” I asked him

He looked shocked, “of course you can!”

I chuckled, he looked really happy that I asked.

“I wasn’t planning on letting you leave me anyways” he grinned

“Why did I even bother asking” I rolled my eyes at him

He laughed

I really do like him, living here won’t be so bad. It’s better than going back to that house with Axel and Beatrice.

Speaking of which, where is Axel? Matthew’s men took him away last night.

“Where is Axel?” I asked

Matthew flinched and said “he’s with Jeffery, Jeffery is asking him a few questions”

Sounds suspicious, a few questions? The way he flinched made it seem more than just a few questions.

“Uh huh, really? Just a few questions?” I questioned him

He looked worried, “y-yeah, just a few questions” he averted his eyes away from me

I knew it! He was hiding something, “so what are the questions?”

“Uhhhh, just you know. Business related stuff”

“Then why are you not looking me in the eye when you say it?”

“Huh? Was I not looking at you?”
I laughed, he was being so cute.

“Alright alright, I’ll let you off the hook on this one. But I expect next time you tell me” I chuckled

“Ha ha, okay. Whatever you say” he laughed

Oh man was I falling in love with him.

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