The Full Moon

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Chapter 9: The Fall Of Alexopoulos

Jeffery’s POV

I can’t stop laughing about Anastasia, she outsmarted us. Full of talents I say, she’s a perfect fit for this heartless Alpha.

We were driving to the pack dungeons since this fella over here wants to torture the wannabe brother, I guess I’m going to have to work overtime again.

He kept checking his phone,”whats so interesting on your phone Matt?” Probably Anastasia.

He glared over at me, “Why do you want to know”.

“Probably because your dumb*ss has been checking it every 5 seconds since we left the pack house”

He hasn’t stopped looking at his phone, I bet he’s waiting for Anastasia to text him... Wait, does she even have a phone?

“Matt” I say

“What?” He growled

“Does Anastasia have a phone?” I asked

He stiffened and turn over to look at me, he dropped his phone, “shit, I forgot she doesn’t have a phone”

That answers my question, no, so we left a weak, harmless girl all by herself in a house and no one knows she’s his mate. I let out a sigh, “did you atleast mark her, you could mind-link her if anything”

He flinched, “so you didn’t get her a phone nor mark her, wonderful” This guy is really an idiot at times like this. He really lost all sense when it came to his mate.

“Could you get her the latest phone later?” He said

“Sure, I don’t want her to end up kidnapped later without anyway to track her.” I glared at him

Seriously, this dude. He should’ve atleast mark her so that we can contact her. Sigh, it is what it is.

We soon reached the dungeons, I don’t really like going here. I always end up working longer than I’m suppose to whenever we go.

Are there guards at the pack house?” He mind-linked

Are you an idiot? There’s always guards at the house, I’m just concerned that she might run into some pack members and they do something since they don’t know that she’s YOUR mate” I swear Matt is an idiot when it comes to Anastasia, but I guess he should worry since she’s alone in a house that the pack goes in and out of.

Matt stayed quiet until we reach the cell that held Axel.
Matt already looked like he wanted to kill him, I stopped him and said, “I’ll deal with him, you just sit back and relax” he nodded

Axel jumped up and ran to the bars when he saw us, “am I getting released now?” He said with ALOT of enthusiasm

Poor guy doesn’t know he’s going to die, either today or soon. But I want to know one thing before he does get killed off, how does he know about werewolves? He’s human alright, there is no wolf smell to him.

Only one way to find out, “First, how do you know about werewolves?”

“U-uh, u-ummmmm”

“Just spit it out!” Matt snarled

I don’t blame Matt, he was taking too long.

“A few of my clients are werewolves, like the guy from the restaurant” he muttered

Ah, no wonder. “So, you happen to sell humans and drugs?”

“I-I don’t r-really sell drugs” he stuttered, he doesn’t really sell drugs?

“What do you mean?” I question him

He looked right and left, “Drugs is just a cover for me selling people off. That’s how I make a living”

He’s been in business for a while, how many humans have this guy sold? “How many have you sold?”

“I-I don’t know the amount but if business is doing good then about 100 in a week” he replied

100 in a week? That’s a lot, where does he get these people from? I mind-link Matthew, “How do you want to deal with him? I got everything I need off of him.”

You can go, go back to the pack house to protect Anastasia and get her the phone with my number and yours on it. I’ll deal with this bastard”

I nodded and left

“WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!???” I hear Axel yell

I just kept walking, ignoring him.

Matthew’s POV

“WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!???” He yells at Jeffery

Jeffery ignored him and kept walking.

He turned over to look at me,”please let me go, PLEASE!!!”


“Just shut up” his yelling is starting to irritate me.
I open up the cell door and close it. I grab his neck and pulled him into the air.

“S-Stop, p-p-l-leas-e” he begged, begging will get him no where.

“This is what happens when you mess with my mate”
This is revenge for how he treated Anastasia. He will die tonight.

“This will be the last time you can breathe on this Earth” I snarled

After about a minute, I dropped him and left.
“Clean this up” I tell one of the guards.

“Yes Alpha” he replied, I left the scene. I couldn’t stand being in there any longer.

This is the end for the Alexopoulos’s.

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