My Irreplaceable love

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One year ago everything was normal for Lilly Stone but then she comes across the Xavier Knight. Tall and handsome she is drawn towards him and his ways. Fast forward a year , Lilly is now a freshman in college and regrets meeting Xavier. What will she do when Xavier comes knocking at her door? Will she allow him to have her heart or will her judgement be clouded by their encounter a year ago.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

a/n: the first chapter is not up to the standards but I promise you it will get better:)

“Lilly wake up!!! Your going to be late again!!”
“Oh shit! Couldn’t you have woken me up before Keith?”
“Trust me I tried Lilly but you just wouldn’t budge.Now hurry up and get ready!”
Groaning I wake up from my bed to start another fresh day at college.
Showering and grabbing some breakfast I hopped on my motorcycle and drove to school. I love my motorcycle it’s amazing. Keith always left before me since he had work,so I got this baby.

Reaching college I was surrounded by my friends immediately. I had three best friends, Sophie,Aria and Scarlett.
We met in middle School and hit off.

“Hey Lil you know Xavier is coming to our town!!!! Can you believe it!!! OMG I can’t wait .”Scar squealed in my ear.

"gosh Scar calm down, the whole floor is looking at us" said Soph and dragged Scar away with her to class after saying a quick bye. There are a lot of famous Xavier's right? It can't be him. I calmed myself down as I removed my books from my shelf.

" we should get going.” Aria Said and I followed wordlessly.

As usual classes were boring and dragged on for three long hours. When the bell for lunch break rang I was the first one to run out.

Grabbing a plate full of food I made my way towards my friends.
“Hey guys!” I said enthusiastically ” You people seem to be in a good mood”
“Ya we were just talking about Xavier”
“Tell me about it these two have been blabbering about him every second” Aria said with no interest.
“Sad Aria You’ve got all your classes with them” I said mockingly.
“Pure luck”she said Taking a bite of her food.

The bell rang signalling the end of the break. We all groaned and walked to our classes. The thought of studying math me me nauseous, so I decided to skip it. One day won’t matter.
I sat a few minutes admiring the beautiful surrounding when I saw someone searching for something. I couldn’t make out who it was since their back was towards me. I brushed it of as a new kid. I ran back to attend one of my favorite class.


Finally the day was over! Ah! What a pleasure!! I immediately rushed home with Aria . Today she was tutoring me for maths since it’s not in a good condition.
“Hey Lilly how’s your brother doing ?”
Aria asked me with a slight blush on her face .
“He’s out know it won’t kill you to talk to him ”
“Oh stop it Lilly it’s nothing like that ”
" Whatever you say ” I said with a knowing smirk. I am so going to set up in future. The wheels in my head are tur

After a few hours of maths Aria left saying she had homeworks to do. As I came down to make myself coffee ,I saw my brother by the stairs .

“Hey Lilly , We are gonna have another roommate since we cant afford this whole place by ourselves ”

“oh ok cool . found any?” I asked.

“Ya I did , he’ll be here in a few minutes...“;

Just then the bell rang!

“Oh it must be him” Keith said and went to open the door.

As the door opened ,it was like I was stuck in a nightmare.There he was Mr.Xavier Knight, the one and only.Those deep blue eyes, black smooth hair,prefect jaw.It was 6ft worth of reasons to not forget.

“Hey buddy!“Xavier exclaimed.

“Hey man”

I hope he hadnt noticed me.I started to sneak out slowly slowly...“Meet my sister Lilly”.

F*ck my life!

“Hi bye got to go..“I ran as fast as I could and locked myself in my bedroom.

my heart was beating erratically against my chest. I cant believe it was him,after one whole year.

My life just went down a shithole.

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