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Single and ready to mingle!? Yes and hell to the fucking no. Welcome to follow my oh so boring life. Clean, kind, no troubles and definitely no men. I’m just a simple teacher at University of Smocks. Life that suits me. That dulls me. When I know nothing surprising happens. “How many times I have to say this? I want you more than I want to breathe and now the only scent I want to breathe is yours.” MC STORY! Be aware that this contains a lot of raw material. Abuse, rape, depression, violence Also if you spot grammar errors, please say 'cause English is not my native.

Romance / Erotica
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Simple living

Ugh... why me?” I think to myself as I wake up to that god awful sound of alarm clock. I really hate to wake up so damn early. I look at my clock. 5.30 am.. “Fuck me..” But I have to earn the money so a girls got to do and so on.

I get up and put on my clothes. Hey I like to sleep naked thank you. After I found some semi descent clothes I do my makeup so that I would not look so dead. I decide to wear a basic black crop top and white high jeans with black heels. I look myself from the mirror. All I could see is failed attempt to look descent. Well fuck that, it’s coffee time.

If there is one love in my life, that’s coffee. Nothing and no one comes between me and my love.

Thank to the lord it’s Friday already!

I walk to my car and drive to my favorite coffee shop. Inside I’m hit by a thick wall of aromas. I inhale deeply and smile. This is always the best moment in the morning. Smelling different coffees and desserts. I go to the counter to order my usual. The best way to have your coffee ever in this whole world. Big cup of black iced coffee. Ugh the taste of it could give me an orgasm. I mean if I could have one, this would do it.

I thank the cashier and walk back to my car and drive to work.

The day goes on as usual. Nothing exiting ever happens in here, not to me at least.

After my workday is done, I drive to home and start to wonder what to wear tonight to my best friends bachelor party. I am so exited about this! She gets to be married to her high school love. Lucky bitch.

All I know about this is that it is leather themed party. Oh how fun..not. I might have nice clothes but leather is not really a look for me. Ugh I love Cindy like my sister, but sometimes I think she is trying to kill me and my awkward nerves.

After an hour of cursing and drinking my nerves away with my another love Jack, I found something.

A short mid-thigh and high waist leather dress and a black lace top that shoved a lot more skin that I am usually comfortable with. Well good for me I have my beloved Jack.

I text to Cindy asking what club we are going. After a while she texted back the address. Oh fuck I hope it's not one of those screaming loud bimbo clubs. Even though I might look the part right now, but I prefer a quiet bar over a crowded club.

It’s 6 pm right now and I need to be there at 7. I take few more shots of whiskey and down them feeling the warming sensation in my throat.

The clock is 6.30 pm right now so I go out and get myself a taxi. I give the driver the address and she looks at me like I would be some cheap meat. Wtf is this guys problem? Do I really look like a slut that much? Well even if I do it's not her problem...but I have a feeling that it will be mine.

I arrive at the bar and outside I notice immediately ten or more motorcycles. Oh fuck to the effing no please. I am getting a little scared but maybe right now I’m more curious than scared. I walk in to the bar and immediately smell old booze and some whiff of weed too.I start looking for Cindy. I can’t see her anywhere. Nor anyone else I know for that matter. Fuck. I walk to the bar so I could order something to calm my nerves.

“Well hello beauty what can I get you?”the bartender asked. He was tall, dark and quite nice looking man with a leather jacket. “Jack and coke double, please.” I answered trying to steady my voice. “You got it beauty.” He said and winked at me.Ugh men... I started to text Cindy.


Me: “Babe... Where are you?”

Cindy: “I’m sorry but we are running little late, I had to redo my makeup three fucking times!”

Me: “Please come fast.”

Cindy: “Relax doll, I’ll be there so we can get drunk okay?

Okay. I can do this. I’ll just sit here and drink and wait. I lift my head up and was going to pay the drink before the bartender stopped me. “No no sugar, it’s already paid.” he said.First of all.. SUGAR?! Umm okaay buddie calm your titties and second.. what? “Uhmm I... What?!” I tried to look calm and not reveal the panic that took place in my body. He then pointed to a dark corner of the bar and I turned to look at that direction.


Immediately I froze when my eyes land on him. In my life I have seen some good looking men but this. Him. Sex on legs with a look that is ready to kill you on spot. I could sense his lust and confidence from here. Wait wait wait Marypary! Lust?! No no that's just my own desire. I let my eyes scan all over his body. Fuck me... His light blue eyes pierced my soul and all I could do is stare. He had light blond hair not so short but not too long, and a beard that I would just love to feel in different places of my body. I could already feel my panties screaming how useless they are. And after a few seconds of just boldly drooling all over the man I saw him smirking at me. Oh fuck fuck fuck.

I turn away as quickly as possible. “Another one please.” I said to the bartender and handed him cash so I could pay right away. “Oh sugar you don’t really..” he started to say before I stopped him in the middle. “No no I am paying you my own drink and you will accept my money!” I say trying to sound strong.But kind of failing. I see him staring behind me and before we could argue more I heard a familiar sound behind me.

“DOLL!! WE ARE HERE!” Cindy yelled behind me. I downed my shot and turned to give her a hug. “Babe I was getting a little worried in here already! Ready to drink?” I asked. “Like there is no tomorrow!!” She screamed. Gosh I love this woman. I saw all our other friends behind her and forgot all about that Greek god. For a while.

“6 tequila shots, 5 gin&tonics and one beer please” I shouted to the bartender. “Well would you look at that” he said staring at Cindys bride-to-be crown. “Congratulations cutie pie!Drinks coming right away!” I saw Cindy smiling from ear to ear. I’m happy that she is happy. And I will always be no matter what happens to me. If she is happy then that’s all I need. I paid for the drinks and we all downed our shots. After taking shots I drank my beer in one go and started walking towards bathrooms. I went in and looked myself from the mirror. Damn. I really look like a slut in this but somehow I kind of feel more powerful than before. Maybe it's just Jack talking.

I peed and got out of the bathroom and headed strait back to the bar. I sat down and watched while Cindy and other girls were dancing their asses off next to a jukebox . Wait a second there is an actual jukebox in here?! Fuck that's cool!v I was so confused and happy looking at them so that I didn’t see the stranger behind me.

“So am I still not allowed to buy you a drink?”

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