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So, where am I? -May

Okay okay don’t hate me too much for that.

Poor May I bet her ovaries are going to blow up some day.

But let’s continue, maybe something nice could happen?

xoxo DearMary

Breaking the connection we had with Brick, we quickly turned around to look at the door. My emotions were still all over the place and I bet my face showed that clearly. There was a huge man. I mean not as huge as Brick but close enough. He had black hair and the kind of rugged style. I couldn’t help but to notice that he was also wearing a leather jacket with some kind of patches on it. Who was this man? Feeling a little scared I slowly lifted my blanket higher even though I know a effing blanket won’t do shit if these men decide to do something.

“Oh shit! Sorry man didn’t mean to cock block you there!” The man said while laughing at us. Gosh this is awkward. I looked down to hide my now so read face. But oh if he would only knew. Don’t need a cock block when I am already one. Almost chuckling out loud I realized that the mystery man had stopped laughing. “What did you say littl- May?” I heard Brick asking. Oh fuck fuck fuck I said that? Out loud? Fuck I need a muzzle.

Lifting my head up to see the two guys looking at me like I’m nuts. Well it seems that I am but they don’t need to know that. Maybe I should just play dumb? Realizing that they waited for my answer I blushed...again. “Umm no absolutely nothing. Umm where exactly am I? I mean what is this place? House I mean?” Quickly trying to keep my voice steady enough. I really don’t like looking weak. “And who are you?” I asked looking at the mystery man at the door who looked at me with a grin on his face.

He took steps forward to my direction slowly before he was right next to Brick on my side. Lifting his hand as wanting to shake hands I lifted my hand to shake his, but clearly he had other ideas when he lifted my hand on his lips. “Well hello beautiful, my name is Pipe.” Looking at me in my eyes while answering. What the heck? Feeling embarrassed as fuck I took my hand placing it back to my lap. “What is it with these names? Brick? Pipe? What next, Knife?” Asking this both of the man started laughing together. Idiots.

I looked at Brick who was trying to stop laughing. After a while they both stopped. These two are weird. I mean hot but just utterly weird. Well so am I but again we are not going there just now. Bricks voice interrupted my thinking process. “Well May you are at our club house right now. And those are our club names. Everyone has one.” He looked at me like I was about to explode or something tilting his head, waiting for my reaction. “Ookaay now I really need a cigarette” Tired and in pain I just wanted to have a smoke and go home to sleep. “Okay let me help you down there, I’ll take you out.” Light chuckle escaped his lips while he talked. Damn that sound is hot. WAIT! Clothes! I HAVE NO FUCKING PANTS! “WAIT! ummm... I..I need pants..” Again feeling as red as a fucking tomato. Both of them stared at me with wide eyes, before Pipe started to grin at Brick. “I really don’t mind about that.” He said trying not to laugh, looking at Brick with a look that I guess meant something I didn’t know.

So quickly that I almost didn’t see, Brick turned to look at Pipe with a death glare. “Get out man.” Demanding with and low and angry voice. With that look and that voice any normal guy would piss their pants. But not Pipe. He kept the same grin on his face while started to walk away. Turning away he walked out of the door and shook his head.

Okaay so now there is just me and Brick in the room. And I still have no pants. Feeling awkward I turned to look at him, fiddling the hem of my blanket. After a few silent moments, Brick turned around at the table where the clothes were. I thought he would just throw the pants to me but nope. Slowly walking to me with the pants on his hand, he lifted my blanket away with his other hand. Feeling extremely exposed, I tried to lower the hem of this huge shirt so that my panties would not flash.

Clearly he saw my effort and smirked at me. Leaning closer to my face. Oh holy moly I don’t know how much I can take of this man being so close to me. “Nothing that I haven’t already seen little one.” Whispering to me with that low husky voice. At this point I was scared. Not of him. Put about leaving a freaking wet stain on the bed. He touched my knee and I shivered under his touch. How can he have so much influence on my body. He turned me so that my legs were tangling off the bed. Feeling his hands on my hips I looked down. I still couldn’t look him in the eyes. And I don’t want him to see my face because I must look like a mess. I could feel and see his hands going lower towards my ankles. I should feel embarrassed. I’m a grown god damn woman and some stranger is helping me get my pants on. Put instead the movement of his hands makes my panties flood like never before. I will definitely leave a stain on this bed. Fuck

As he gets higher to my hips, I use my hands to lift my butt off the bed so he could lift the pants on. Once he is finished I mutter a low thank you and make a huge mistake. I look in to those eyes again. Holy motherfu- I take a quick sharp breath and feel the heat rise up in the room. The look in his eyes could set anyone on fire. And he is so close that I can’t even think properly! Keeping his hands on my hips, his eyes roamed around my face and down on my lips.

Feeling that my mouth was dry as the desert, I slowly licked my lips. Without any hesitation he attacked my lips.




Smoothly our lips were moving in sync and I felt him grab the back of my neck with other hand while the other hand traveled on my rips just under my meh-okay-boobs. I have never ever felt this way when someone has kissed me. And I mean never. My heart was trying to fly out of my chest so badly that I could freaking hear my heart beat. Brick slides his tongue along my lower lip. Asking permission to devour my mouth. And boy was I happy to give him that. When his tongue touched mine at the same time that his hand touched my breast, man I couldn't help but moan into his mouth.

Ironically my own moan broth me back to earth. May you don't know anything about this man and clearly he just wants to get in my pants. And when he can't he will be mad as the other ones have been. With that in my mind I pushed my hands on his chest with my hands breaking our oh so sweeeeet connection. Damn.

"Brick...I don't even know you. And I'm not just a fuck and chuck woman. That side is physically impossible for me." Trying to talk while steadying my breathing. I looked into his eyes and all I could see was confusion, lust and something else that I couldn't really recognize.

Taking deep breaths before suddenly lifting me up. A squeal left my mouth when he lift me up, before lowering me on to a wheelchair. Looking up to him, just trying to understand what goes on his mind.

"Oh little one, you are so much more than just one night fuck." He mumbled under breath. Looking down at me eyes filled with that one emotion I just didn't know. "Come on I'll take you outside." He said before starting to wheel me out of the room.

Well that was hot. But what does Tyler really think about May?

We know, or do we really? Does he know?

And now I have to ask what would you prefer?

One really really long (like longer than this) kind of chapters twice a week


This long chapters or shorters but updates could be 3 or 4 times a week?


xoxo DearMary

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