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Hi, I am Tyler. - Tyler / May

Soo I thought that maybe I should upload this story on some time on the weekend? Idk. I started another story. It's called Once Upon A Never but I call it my writers block book. Starting that helped me figure out a lot of things for this book. I still don't know if this will be a long story or what. But we'll see.

But if you want go check my other book!

xoxo DearMary

Tyler POV

I got her out of the infirmary. Our club house was kind of big. It had 15 bedrooms and all the bedrooms had their own shower. The infirmary was on the bottom floor so it would be easiest to get all the wounded there. Right after the front door was our lounge/bar area where most of the club spend time.

When we got to the bar area I could see May tensing up. Leaning down closer to her ear I whispered "It's okay they are all like my brothers. So you are fine with me." Planting a small kiss underneath her ear feeling her shudder at the touch. Fucking hell I wanted this woman. Badly. I still had no idea what she meant with her cock block comment. By her reaction to me it didn't seem that she would be disgusted.

She did say that I was a Greek God. So what the fuck did she mean?

Rolling her out form the front door and to the terrace I could see that luckily there was no one outside. Time to get some answers. "So little one. Who was the guy the other night? Why did he attack you?" I started with the easiest questions even tho all I really wanted to ask was that could I kiss her again. More specifically could I just please for the love of all just get her under me. But I know I will. Later.

Handing her a smoke while looking at her waiting for a response. Lighting my own cigarette I leaned to the reeling of the terrace. I watch her light her on smoke and take some few deep breaths. God even her smoking looks hot as hell. Fuck I am screwed.

"Well how about I start from the beginning." She said confidentially but still wasn't looking at me. I don't know why but that bothered me. So damn much that all I wanted to do was to take a hold of her chin and make her look me into my eyes.

"The guys name was Bob. I have no idea of his last name and frankly I don't care. My best friend Cindy who I believe that you already know" finally looking at me with a stern look on her face before continuing. "She arranged that blind date for me. So before that night I haven't seen him ever. And for the reason that arrogant dipshit attacked me. First he was about ten minutes late for the date. Then when he came I didn't get to introduce myself before he made some comments about me being 'sexy teacher'. After that I didn't even get to order the food for myself, he did that for me. Sweet right? And then he began talking how great he was doing, how great he was, how fuckable I was and so on. So I tuned out and hoped that the dinner would be over." When she explained all this I was fucking furious. She deserved to be treated like a fucking queen! Before I got to say anything she went on. And at this point I must say I fucking hate when women ramble on and on. But with May. I could listen to her all day long. God I am turning into a pussy.

"So after tuning him out he on some point decided that I was worth of asking something. But I didn't hear it because really at that point I couldn't give two shits for the guy. So he got mad about it. Called me a whore or something. Then I left the restaurant, fell and broke my angle and here we are." Now I am more than fucking clad that I broke the guy. Fuck I should have killed him. Taking another cigarette and handing her one because I didn't want to go inside. I wanted to keep talking to her. Alone.


Lighting my second cigarette I just realized that I just blurted everything out. And boy did he looked pissed off. I better try to change the subject. And fast.

"So how long do I have to stay in this stupid chair. Oh fuck and what day is it? I have to be at work on Monday!" I quickly looked at him panicking. Fuck I don't even have a elevator in my apartment building! How am I supposed to get there? Smoking the cigarette like it would've been my last day on earth. Fuck I smoke like an old man when I'm nervous. Trying to get my focus back together I looked at him. He had that damn smirk on his face again. Fucking hell that looks hot.

"Well thank you. And to answer your questions. Doc said that until he can take off the stitches, you have to stay in the chair so about a week or two and today is Sunday." Oh holy fuck I spoke out loud. AGAIN. Note to myself to by a muzzle from online like today. "But I can't! I mean there is no elevator on my building. Fuck and Cindy is out in somewhere around Europe! Where the hell am I going to go?" Fuck everything is just going NUTS now.

How I just wish that I could go back to my old life riight about now. "You can just stay here." I turned to look at him smirking at me like that was just an ordinary thing to say. WELL IT WAS NOT! I almost chocked to my smoke. Well these things will kill me so. But back to the what the fuck moment!

"I- I...Why? I mean thanks, but I really don't want to be a bother and frankly I don't even know your real name." Looking at him like he's crazy. How could I stay without knowing his real name? I mean he is so god damn good looking man that I would love to have one of those. BUT still. Oh fuck work! "How am I supposed to get to work if I stay?" I just had to ask. Turning my head down so that I could think more clearly. I would love to get to know him. But here? To stay here? With a whole lot of other guys too? WHO ARE IN A FUCKING MOTORCYCLE CLUB! AND THIS IS THE FUCKING CLUBHOUSE! I mean the place is nice. SO nice that you would not know that it's a clubhouse and I for some reason feel safe in here.

Safe with him.

Fuck my life. Still. Again.

Suddenly I felt his fingers on my chin, turning my head to look at him. Holy fuck he's close to me. "First. You and ONLY you can call me Tyler. When we are alone. In front of the guys, I'm still Brick. And for the why? Well we have space and you would be safe with me. I mean with us. All of us. And I can drive you to work." His voice was so low but I did notice the small panic when he said that I'll be safe with him.

"So you see little one. Now you have no choice. And if you are scared, I would just love to hold you when you sleep" He whispered to my ear sending light sparks all over my body. Oh boy.

"O-okay." that's all I got to say before he attacked my lips again. I swear if I die right now. I would be so damn happy.

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