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What would we do with a drunken sailor? May / Tyler

Okay so first I want to thank all of you guys reading this and have added my book to your reading list! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU . I do try to thank all of you on your walls but there is just so many of you and I hate if I missed someone and urgh so please accept my thanks from here.

And fuck you I am crying my eyes out because people are actually fucking reading this. So that is why I thought to give you some goodgood now and I hope you enjoy it because I was up at freaking 4 am thinking how am I going to continue.

xoxo DearMary

It's been six days of me living in the clubhouse and I never in a million year would have thought that it could be fun! I have met most of the guys and they are all so nice and funny. The old ladys are all so nice to me and I spend most of my time with Sally and Roxy.

Oh yeah I almost forgot! So Sally is Bears old lady. Bear is the clubs enforcer. I am still not sure what it means but I don't care. Roxy is Welders old lady. Welder is the clubs treasurer.

I still think that all these names are hilarious. I mean Bear? Brick? Rex? I know some of the stories for their names but I still don't know what Bricks story is. I tried asking him the first day, but he lashed out and since then he hasn't said a word. I mean what is up with that?

First he can't keep his hands to himself and NOW it's like I don't even exist? Fuck him. But the weird shit doesn't stop there! Oh no they don't! Every single morning he still takes me to work. Without saying a word of course AND every time I wake up it's like I can smell him in my room. Thank god it's Friday because I need a damn drink!

I know I can't leave for a real bar but some of the guys hang out in the clubhouse "bar" and I know that Sally and Roxy are going to be here. I just got from work and I'm trying to wiggle may way to shower. I mean I can't really take a real shower so I just use a sponge to clean myself. And that takes a lot of time.

After my "shower" I roll in the room trying to decide what to wear. I really hate trying to put on pants because of my leg so I'll just go with a skirt. I found a black short ruffle skirt and matched it with a white sleeveless crop top. I mean it gets hot as hell in the clubhouse. I still don't get it how the guys can wear their jeans and cuts all the fucking time! OH yeah I got to know that those leather jackets were actually called cuts.

It was now 6 pm and I was at the front terrace enjoying my Jack and smoke. I placed myself to the corner of the terrace when I saw dumb and dumber walking out the door. Fucking great. I quickly turned to watch the front yard like it would been the most interesting thing in the world. Slowly sipping my Jack while enjoying my smoke I tried to ignore the clubbies behind me. Oh yeah they call the club whores clubbies. Don't ask me why.

Suddenly I felt someone grabbing my wheelchair flipping it so that I fell to the ground. Everything was a quick blur and all I felt was the massive pain in my leg, stinging on my stomach, the cigarette burn my chest and the glass piercing through my hand. I hit my head on the floor and my ears were ringing. I tired to scream but someone was holding my mouth. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!? Turning my head I saw Lyla clubbie nro 1 looking at me while holding her hand on my mouth. I saw her speak something but I couldn't hear it. Before I could even try to move I saw a fist coming to my face and I blacked out. Again.

Tyler POV

It's been almost a week since she came in here. After she asked about my name and what is the story behind it I freaked out. I didn't want her to think that I am a monster. Even tho I am.

So I decided to avoid her. But I couldn't fully. Every night when I knew she was sleeping I snug in to her room just to watch her sleep.

I know creep alert.

But I just couldn't let go. She had a hold of me and I have no idea how? I mean I am still convinced that it's just because she is hot as hell and her body is from heaven... and her hair flows smoothly around her... and her smell is something I want on me all the time and her voice...My god that voice is like pure angels singing or sirens luring you.

Oh fuck I need to get laid. But somehow junior has decided that I don't because I tried to get it on with a clubbie but noooo dear junior here said fuck you and turned in to a floppy Joe. I have never and I mean ever had this kind of problem!

But every single time I am near her or think about her I act like a school boy and the pole is up quicker than ever. I've been keeping myself busy with club business and tried to stay away from her. Pipe and Rex have been bugging me about her from the first damn day! Trying to tell that I have feelings for her.

Well I don't fucking think so! I am a grown ass man and a president of this damn club! I don't get feelings! All I ever once loved and cared for was my mother. Fuck even thinking about this shit makes me pissed. She needs to be gone and fast! Taking a huge sip of my beer I try to swallow down the feeling that comes with that idea of her not being here.

"God damn Brick just talk to the girl or at least fuck her! Fucking hell just stop the moping around shit." I heard Pipes voice, pulling me out of my own thoughts. See?! This is what I mean! They have all lost their goddamn minds. "Fuck off I'm fine! The quicker she is gone the better!" I turn to look at Pipe with a scowl on my face. Fuck him with that all knowing smirk. "Oh so that's why you made people follow her in the first place? Just so you could..what? Forget her? Fuck I know you man, you could be good for that woman. Forget the asshole he is gone. Make you ma happy and move on." Pipe said looking at me with those concerned eyes with one hand on my shoulder. "She just... I mean... Fuck I'm going for smoke." Quickly grabbing my beer I turned to go outside before a clubbie ran into me. What the-?

"Oh hi there Brick! I've missed you since last time." She said with that pretend sickening voice of hers running her hand on my chest. Ugh that just makes me sick. Fucking clubbies. Taking a hold of her hand yanking it away from me I look at her with the most bored face ever.

"Fuck off Linyl." I said before turning to go out. I need space and I fucking need it know or someone is going to get it. Turning my back to the bitch I felt her grab my cut. No she fucking didn't. Every clubbie here knows that you don't touch someones cut like that if you don't want to fight. Feeling the anger rise in me I turn as slowly as possible. Straightening my back so I'm now on my full height. I look down to her to see her shaking in fear. Uuuh that is good bitch. I could see the regret on her eyes. But it's too late now. I wont let anyone get away with that. Women or not.

I take a hold of her throat and lift her slightly. Looking straight in her watering eyes while she tries to grab my hand so I would let her go. Oh no way bitch. Lowering my voice but keeping it hard enough that I knew people around could hear me. "Do you really want to die today? Because I sure as hell don't mind taking your life." I could see her shaking her head as a no. Everyone around us was watching. "This is your first and last warning. You do anything else disrespecting to me or my brothers and you are dead." I slightly tighten my hold of her neck. Just so that the message is clear enough for her. Lifting her up a little bit I abruptly let go and watch her land on her ass. Looking around for everyone I see they have already gone back to their shit. Good. Now I can finally get my smoke.

Opening the door and lighting my cigarette I take a deep breath and hold it in for awhile closing my eyes so I could calm down. Breathing out I open my eyes slowly. It's not so dark out here so I could still see everything clearly. I turned my head to left only to see her on the ground.




Okay I'm sorryyyyyy! But I had to cut it there! I mean ugh the next chapter is something that I think you would love me and hate me for it

But I know inkitt says that about 1000-1500 words is great for a chapter so I have been doing just that BUT I love your support so IF you want me to write longer chapter please let me know!
And oooof what do you think? Should the bitch die or should we spare her life? And damn May has the worst luck ever.
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