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True words -Tyler

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Tyler POV

I ran to her as fast as I could. I could feel my heart racing so fast that for a moment you would think that it was flying out of my chest. As I got to her I could see that her eye was swollen shut, there was glass shrapnel on her hand and her stab wound had opened again. I picked her up quickly but carefully and ran inside the clubhouse. "DOC IT'S MAY AGAIN GET YOUR ASS IN THE INFIRMARY!" I shouted not looking at anywhere and kept running to the infirmary. Kicking the door open I lay her carefully on the bed when I heard Doc running in.

"What the fuck happened?" He asked while I step back to give him some space to work. What the fuck did happen? I didn't see anyone outside other than her and- Wait the fucking minute. She could not be that stupid. Fuck no. I kept running my hands through my hair feeling the good old feeling of rage running inside of me.

"I think I know" I said to Doc and looked at him taking care of May. How the fuck this shit keeps happening to her. I said she would be safe. I promised she would be safe with me.

Without saying a word to Doc I slowly walked away from the room. I gave her a fair warning. Now I'm done with warnings. I walked slowly down the corridor to the main area. Once I got there I looked around. I can't see her in here. I kept looking around and saw Bear sitting on the bar stool looking at me confused. I walked up to him. Fuck I need to find that bitch.

"Hey man what the fuck was up with that? Is she okay what happened?" Bear asked while furrowed his brows. "I'm not 100% sure but the last one who came in the clubhouse was that fucking clubbie." Fuck I should have gone out earlier. I fucking promised to her and now job fucking well done. We give those clubbies safety and all they have to do is respect us.

"Did you see where she went? Fuck that bitch is dead." I talked to Bear while I kept looking around the room. That's when I saw her grinding on some prospect who clearly had no idea what was happening in here. Fuck what was his name again? "OI Tinkerbell in the corner!" I saw the prospect turn his head towards me. If it would be any other situation I would be laughing my ass off. "Yeah you! Grab the clubbie and come here!" I saw her looking at me with pure fear on her eyes. Well I gotcha now didn't I? I looked at them when the prospect grabbed her hand and started pulling her to me. Good boy for not asking dumb questions.

Staring them down while they got in front of me. The bitch tried to squirm away from the prospects grasp yelling at everybody how I'm crazy and she didn't do anything after my threat for her. I swear I'm using all of my strength just for trying to keep myself calm. Keep calm you've got this. I didn't say a word to that little cunt just so that I wont blow her head right here. I took a step back turning my back to her and looking back to Bear looked like he would love to be in my shoes right about now. I pulled a cigarette out of my back pocket and light it up.

I swear that I once was a nice man. When I was about four year old boy I was nice. Nice and quiet. But nice and quiet makes you a pussy. Nice and quiet gets you killed. So when I turned five I stopped being nice and fucking quiet. And I didn't tend to start now.

Slowly smoking my cigarette I took a beer bottle from the bar table, smashing it into pieces.

"Shut. The. Hell. Up." I said, not screaming because I truly believe that being calm makes the other people piss their pants. Slowly first turning my head slightly over my shoulder I could see and feel everyone looking at me. I continued to turn rest of my body so that I was now again looking at her, with the broken beer bottle on my right hand and the cigarette on my left.

"I will give you now one chance to explain to me fully that what happened out there the moment before you got in here and pissed me off." Not that it would make any fucking difference to my plans. Let's just say that I was curious about why.

I looked at her dead in the eyes before she started again with the fucking squirming around but this time she was laughing. Oh boy she is just dumb. "Ha ha so this is about that nerdy little cunt?What happened that she was ignoring me like she had no clue who I am?! Can you believe that bitch? So I just made her to see me. And I did give her a pretty nice memories so that she wont forget." She talked to me while laughing at my face. I never in my years been so speechless. What did I say earlier about karma being my best friend? That's just because I know how to use it.

"Do you remember my warning to you?" Hearing my words she stopped laughing. I could see that the two nuts on her head were spinning while she tried to think. "Wha-What? I- I haven't disrespected any of the guys or you! Y-you can ask from anybody!" She stuttered and tried to look around her panicking. Oh so she wants to get a second opinion?

Looking around my brothers when they all watched me.

"Oh okay." I said raising my voice a little bit. "What do you say guys? And be honest with me 'cause clearly I need a second opinion in this! Is it disrespectful to beat up someone under our protection? Someone that could not defend themselves? Oi Pipe! I would just love if you could humor us and tell me what I told you at church and after it to everyone the day I decided that May should stay here until she was okay? It's okay man you can tell us. And after that let's put up a small vote." I said loud enough to everyone to hear. Smirking I looked down at the fake in front of me.

"You said, and let me directly quot you on that." Pipe began speaking and looked at me with a smile on his face. "After this moment on, May is under our protection. We will protect her as one of our own. We will protect her with our lives. Anyone who harms her will answer to me. Oh as I mean we all answer to Brick, not me you know?" He laughed at the end. I tried to suppress my own chuckle while everyone else laughed.

"Okay thanks Pipe. Now I DO assume that every single one did hear me that day. SO now we vote. Who in here thinks that what this little rebel clubbie did was disrespectful to me and to the whole club? Please keep you asses down if you think that it wasn't and if you gentleman could stand up if you truly think that this indeed was disrespectful! I say to everyone in here. Still looking at the bitch in front of me who now looked all around to see if someone would be sitting down. I didn't have to look to know that everyone in here was now standing up showing their support to me. If I could have feelings I would cry now. But men don't cry.

"Thank you all for voting. So as you can see clearly that something must be done now." Looking her in her eyes while lifting my right hand still holding the broken beer bottle. "Tinkerbell would you be so kind and hold out her hand to me? I kinda need it for a second." After saying this the bitch kept looking quickly the prospect, then me and the bottle. She started to scream and tried to escape from the prospects touch nearly succeeding may I add. Before I could say anything Bear walked to them mumbling something to the kid. Bear took a vice grip of the girl so that she couldn't move anywhere. Tinkerbell now holds the bitches hand towards to me, holding it steady.

I just nodded to the both of them. "I think that I saw some glass on Mays hand." As I talked I slowly ran the broken bottle up and down her hand. Not yet putting any pressure to it tho. "And because of that there is now blood on my cut. There would be no blood on my cut if you would just behave." As I stopped talking I looked to her eyes and pressed the broken bottle to her hand, making her scream in agony. After few deep lashes to her hand I dropped the bottle on the ground. Now step two. She was still screaming and I didn't want her to interrupt me so I turned my head to Bear so that he would shut her up. Without any words needed Bear put his hand on her mouth. Okay I need to do the rest of this quickly before she blacks out. I lifted the cigarette up waving it in front of her face. "And I do believe seeing burn marks on her chest." I said while I stub out the cigarette on her chest.

"Bear my man can I please borrow Sally for awhile? I got a job for her." It was time to the last step and even if I am a monster I would hate to hit women. Before Bear could say anything I saw Sally standing next to me. "What can I do for you?" She asked placing an innocent smile on her face. "Well you see that this little clubbie was thinking that using one of us as a punching bag would be okay. So if you kindly could remind her of the rules in here, that would be just peachy." I said to her taking a few side steps so she could be in front of her. Quickly I lit up a new cigarette so I could enjoy the last step. Sally looked at me for a permission. I just nodded and looked at her smiling wildly. I needed this to be over quickly over so I could go to May.

I watched as Sally looked at the clubbie for awhile and before anyone could do or say anything she released a heavy punch, making her fist connect with clubbies face. The bitch went limp right away. "Tinkerbell lay her down there I'll go and get Doc too stitch her up and after that she must be gone. She is out." I said to Tinkerbell before walking towards the infirmary as quickly as I could.

Getting in the infirmary I saw that she was awake and talking to Doc who was laughing to something. What the-? "Oooooooo There he is! The all mighty and silently brooding Greek God! Hello tooo youuu handsome. Did you come here just so you could look at me with those sex me eyes and ignore me?" I heard her speaking to me while Doc just kept laughing his ass off.

"What the fuck is happening in here? And Doc one of the clubbies need you to stitch her up." Trying to wrap my head around to what is happening in here and why is she talking like that to me.

Doc walked to me and whispered in my ear so that May couldn't hear him. "She is pumped up in pain killers so she might be a little out today. But truthful tho so watch out. You can take her to her room now." Then he just walked out of the room with a bag. I turned back to look at May who was looking...mad? What the fuck?

"Little one what are you talking about?" I kept my voice steady while I walked closer to her. Damn she had no idea what was happening. "I mean that even tho you are hot as hell and I would just want to kiss you and fuck you, oh but I can't fuck anyone but that is not the point in here mister! Oh no it's nottaly the point! The point is that for some reason you chose to ignore me. I mean I know I'm not as good looking as some of the clubbies and I'm not as thin as they are-" On that point I had to shut her up and the best way to do that was to kiss her. Attacking her lips like they would been made just for me, I could feel my whole body responding to the kiss. But I had to stop before I got carried away.

"Little one. There is no one as beautiful as you. Everything in you is perfect." Talking to her I slowly lifted her up from the bed and kept her close to my chest with her arms around my neck. Damn that feels good. Then I remembered what she said. Oh damn that woman. I started to walk to her room while talking to her. "You have to believe me little one that I would just love to have you under me so that I could fuck you, but not now. You need to heal first." Saying that I had a feeling that she would not remember anything what I say tomorrow. I walked in her room, closing the door with my leg. I slowly placed her on her bed and turned so I could walk away.

"I was raped. When I was young."

Those words made me freeze. WHAT?! I quickly turned around so I could see her face. "After that my down under shut down. So that no one can get in anymore. So if I would be you I would give up the idea, because you would give up eventually like everyone else." Her voice was steady but I could see tears in her eyes. Holy shit what?! I walked back to her and took a hold of her chin to make her look at me. "Little one. I promise that even if I could only hug you, you would make me the happiest man ever." It was true. She was not just a fuck and I will never treat her like that. I know that now.

I don't know how but I think....I think that I love her.


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