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Learning new shit -Tyler

So the last chapter was crazy long sorry about that one. I just couldn't stop writing.

And also about the Mays down under thingy. I don't know if that is an actual thing that can happen SO don't murder me when I just wing it with the cure and shit. Okay?

Also I wanted to give you two chapters because tomorrow and the next day I have job interviews because sadly writing doesn't pay my bills.

But let's continue where we left our loverboy at last chapter.

Tyler POV

I left Mays room after she felled asleep. I almost said that I love her out loud to her. I need to make things right when she wakes up. But first I really need a smoke and a drink.

I walked towards our bar and told the prospect to give me a whiskey. Lighting up my cigarette I turned around to look for Doc. Maybe he has some information about how could I help May. Because I'm almost 100% sure that she wont tell me that.

Before coming here Doc was at the local hospital working but after many talks he decided to come here to our help. Doc is somewhat similar person as Pipe. He's always joking and trying to get laid with anything that moves. Maybe I shouldn't ask him. I bet he wont stop teasing about it. Doc and Pipe are maybe the most annoying fuckers in the club. Well more annoying than the others, but lately they've all been on my back because of May. I've seen her talking to the guys and she fits right in.

Maybe I just have to trust Google in this shit. I don't want the guys to breathe down on my neck about this shit. Most importantly they can't know how I really feel about May.

I haven't loved anyone in a long ass time. Last time that I loved someone, I couldn't protect her. When I tried it was too late. Now I have promised to protect May and I have failed her TWICE! What kind of man am I if I can't keep her safe? If I can't keep my promise?

Fuck I should just leave her alone. But I can't. Not anymore. Somehow I need her and the feeling of her not being in here just breaks me. From tomorrow on I'm going to start to show her that she needs me too.

Fuck I need to hold a church tomorrow. We need to talk about that clubbie whore and our next run. Also I haven't heard any reports from Raven for a long time. And that is never a good thing.

Taking a bottle of Jack behind the bar and heading up to my office. I have to start searching ways I could help May. I already know that her body reacts to my touch, but I have to have her. All of her. God that woman is something else.

And before anyone judges me, I didn't lie. If a hug or a kiss would be the only thing I could ever get, then I would die a happy man. Walking in my office I sit down behind my desk an open my laptop. Okay now to work.

After two hours and a half a bottle of whisky later I have my answers. First step is to make her trust me.

I take my bottle of whiskey and head back down towards her room. I have to make sure that she is safe. And I love looking at her when she sleeps. God I sound like a creep. AGAIN.

But this time I wont leave the room before she wakes up. Time to make her see how I feel. And no I don't mean touching or anything. Even tho I would love to roam my hands all over her body, but for now I just have to do the hard part. Talk.



I got to her room and sit down next to the big window so I could smoke at the same time.


Again I woke up to feeling pain. Fuck can't one person get a break already?! I let out a groan while I try to stretch my limbs, only to feel huge pain on my leg and hand. Oh the fall. That fucking bitch.

Slowly opening my eyes, the bright light of sun hits my eyes. Oh fuck I feel like I would be blind. I notice that I can't properly open my left eye. Fuck it hurts. I only got open my right eye and thats when I saw him. Holy mother- "Morning little one. Don't try to move. Does it hurt? I have painkillers for you before breakfast." He says looking at me with a look I quite can't understand. Fuck his voice is so smooth. Wait a second. I looked down. Of course he changed my clothes. I look back to him. If I could wake up every morning seeing him I would be happier than ever.

No May. He doesn't really care about you. Stop. After this he is going to ignore you again and then I have to go back to my home and never see him again. So what ever your heart says, just stop.

"Umm.. Morning?" Fuck my voice is hoarse. Damn. I try to clear my throat so I could keep my voice steady. "My head hurts. And leg and hand." Oh fuck why my hand hurts? I turn my head to llok at my hand and I see stitches in there. Oh damn.

"Here take these and I'll get your wheelchair and we can go and get breakfast." I could feel his breathe near my face. Turning my head up I see that he is now closer to me than before. Handing me painkillers and water I took them and drank the whole glass of water quickly. Damn that did good. I was about to thank him but he already was walking out of the room.

Like I said. Back to the ignore me part. I took of the blanket on me, showing my bare legs. I had again just a huge t-shirt on me that ended on my mid thigh. Fuck he has seen me like this. Actually, he has seen be almost butt naked. Holy shit.

Somehow that thought turns me on a little bit. Stop it May it's never happening so fucking stop.

Suddenly I heard the door open and saw Brick with my chair. When he sees me in these clothes he freezes just for a second, before continuing walking towards me. He sets the chair a little too far away from me when he again turns his back to me. What the fuck? I can't reach that far you motherfucker! I try to think how I could reach my chair when I saw Brick standing in front of me with something on his hands.

"We need breakfast but I don't want anyone else seeing you without pants." Was all he said before crouching in front of me. For a second I was confused. I know I don't have the prettiest legs but come on! Then I realized that he was slowly and carefully putting on the pants for me.

Not a word. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. All I could think about was his hands touching and slowly torturing me. I parted my lips as I could feel my throat going dry. Looking him in the eyes I felt like exploding. He now had his hands on my thighs when he looked at me. Oh dear lord forgive me for my sins.

"Lay down." He said voice filled with so many emotions I couldn't say anything. I obeyed slowly and laid my back on the bed. With one hand he lifted my butt just enough so that he could get the pants on me right. But every single touch just made me go insane. How can he have this kind of affect on me. It took me everything to not to moan right there.

After he got the pants on me he moved closer to me. That's it I'm going to fucking blackout any moment now. He put one hand behind my back and I automatically lifted my only good hand around his neck. Then he placed the other hand behind my legs and lifted me up. Carefully like I would have been made out of porcelain he put me down sitting on the chair.

"Okay little one breakfast time." He said and placed a slow and warm kiss on my forehead before going behind me and rolling me out of the room.

Something has changed and I can't tell what it is. But he is different now.

How do you think the breakfast talk is going to go?

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