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The Past -May

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I'm really not good at that am I. Well let's just continue our little story

xoxo DearMary

He rolled me in the kitchen where I could smell all the mouth watering foods. Pancakes, strawberries and other berries, bacon, bread. Ugh it smells so good.

He settled me in front of the table, moving the other chair out of the way. "Thanks, who of the prospects were cooking this time?" I looked around at all of the food. Usually some one of the prospects were cooking the breakfast or Sally or Roxy.

I could see him blushing slightly. What? He rubbed the back of his neck like he was fighting to say something. "Actually little one, I cooked." He looked at me sheepishly. Oh.

"Oh..umm.. Thanks you didn't really have to. Cereal would have been fine." I said quietly feeling my own cheeks now going red. Fuck. Why did he cooked me? Maybe he was just cooking for someone else and these are the leftovers. I reached to grab one pancake to my plate, holding the plate on my wounded hand. Once I dropped the pancake on the plate, a pain shoot through my hand and I dropped the plate shattering it to pieces.

"Oh fuck! I am so so so sorry! It's hand and-" I panicked, fuck he is going to be mad! He cut me off mid sentence with laughing. "It's okay little one. Let me help you okay?" He said while cleaned the broken plate from the table. I saw him take a new plate for me and placing a pancake on it. Then he cut it into tiny little pieces. Oh fuck he must be annoyed. I turned my head down to look at my lap. I am way too embarrassed to look at him right now. I saw a plate appear in front of me.

"Would you like some coffee? I could make you a black iced coffee?" I heard him asking. Wait a second? "How do you know how I like my coffee?" Without thinking I just had to ask. How the hell? I saw him panic for a second before laughing awkwardly. "Well you did want to go to that small coffee shop every day before work." He said to me like it was the most normal thing ever. Fuck I've known Cindy my whole life, but she never remembers how I drink my coffee?! "Oh..umm okay thanks?" That's all I could say before I heard someone coming in the kitchen.

"Well damn that smells good!" Pipe said while basically drooling on the food. Well this might get awkward and soon. I saw Pipe taking a plate before sitting next to me. "So what do remember from yesterday? I heard Doc gave you some damn good pills. And damn I didn't know that clubbie to be that crazy." Asking me while he was eating like a starved man.

"Ummm.. I don't know.. At one moment I was enjoying my smoke and drink. Then I heard dumb and dumber snickering something..The next thing I knew was something pulled me down and the bitches face was in front of me..Then I just blacked out." As I was talking I could see Brick clenching his fist, making his knuckles turn white.

"Damn...You should have seen her after lover- I mean Brick over here found out what she did to you. Damn man that was sick." Pipe began to laugh until Brick smacked him on the head. Ugh ouch. "What? What did you do?" I looked at the two of them. "Why? What?" I can't even say full sentence right now. What did he do? Why? I mean he ignores me and what? I turned my head looking between the both guys trying to understand what happened after I blacked out.

"Well I think Brick would just love to tell you all about it. See ya later man." Pipe said while giving Brick a weird guy side hug thingy? I don't know, I don't have a dick so I can't understand. I turned my head to look at Brick now as he seemed like he was..what? Blushing?! Noooo. That man doesn't blush. I bet that is impossible for him to blush about anything.

"Sooo Brick. Ummm...Want to tell me what happened after I blacked out again?" I was trying to suppress my laugh while talking because damn that man really didn't want me to ask anything! He is rubbing his neck nervously and sifting his weigh from one foot to the other. And seeing a grown ass Greek God who is like a big fucking handsome mountain, doing the same thing that my 20 year old students do when they haven't done the assignment is just hilarious.

"Well before I knew what that bitch did to you I already gave her a warning about disrespect. And after that I found you and the found out who did it I had to make a statement. That's all." He crossed his hand over his chest, trying to cover up the fact that he is still not telling me everything. And I have to know everything. So I kept asking.

"And what did you do to her? And did I wake up at anytime in the infirmary?" Damn he looked so adorable like that gosh dang that man. I had to ask did I really wake up before I got to my own bed because I had the wildest dream ever. Okay not really that wild but let's say that it was embarrassing. Sooo I really hope it was a fucking dream or I'm leaving this house right now.

"Well first you have to know that we made a deal with the club about you. Nothing bad just that as long as you are here, you're treated like you're one of us. So no one can disrespect you or hurt you or anything like that. And everyone knew that. Even the clubbies. So after my first warning when I knew that she hurt you I had to show her that why no one should do that." While he talked he again tried to cover up his nervous behavior, but I still saw him sifting his weight from side to side. Cute. Oh but wait.

"How did you know it was her?" I didn't think that anyone saw us? Did someone? He finally looked me right in my eyes before he sat down in front of me. "Well I saw her coming in the house and no one else went out or came in by the time that I found you. And of course I did ask her that what happened. But to the point. I did to her what she did to you. I didn't hit her like she hit you tho. I let Sally do that part." He what? Why? I mean I get it but I don't I mean what? Looking at him I again saw that look in his eyes. What in earth is that?! Fuck that is making me crazy.

"I'm really sorry May. I promised you would be safe and.. I really am sorry" His voice was almost like..broken. He placed his hand on top of mine, rubbing my palm gently. I could feel my heart racing in my chest before I took my hand and placed it on my lap.

Fucking seriously May?! Stop with these stupid touchy shit. He has no interest in me so I should just stop it and let it go. I was just dreaming yesterday and after this he will just ignore me. Man my heart is just dumb fuck. Listen to me my dear hurt. Even tho no one can literally fuck me doesn't mean you can act like a fucker. Okay?

"I need a smoke.. Thanks for the breakfast Brick. It was...nice." Almost whispering I tried to do a 'quick roll out' BUT because my other hand is somewhat busted and still painful it wasn't that easy. Trying roll myself out of the kitchen I suddenly felt him right behind me.

"You know little one..You really can call me Tyler when we are alone and you did wake up so whatever you remember it wasn't a dream. After church you and I should talk." He whispered placing his lips behind my ear, making me shiver lightly. Then as it would have been the most casual thing in the world, he placed a kiss on my cheek before he rolled me out of the kitchen. WHY DOES THIS MAN CONFUSE ME! Fucking idiot.

Coming in the main area he stepped away from me and looked around for awhile. "Church! Now!" He yelled before walking upstairs with all the guys following him.

I turned my head around to see if anyone was in here I notice Sally and Roxy sitting at the bar. Slowly rolling next to them I could see that they both had the fucking biggest grin on their face. "Okaay. You two look weirdly happy right now? Want to step outside for a smoke and tell me about it?" I asked laughing at the two of them. In this short period of time I got to know them better and they were great. Quickly getting their asses up Sally went behind me an pushed me out the door. Okaay someone is in a hurry.

Once we were outside the girls were almost jumping up and down. What the fuck is everyone on drugs today?! Quickly lighting my cigarette before speaking "Okay okay what is going on with everyone today?!" Laughing I look at the two.

"Soooo how was breakfast?" Sally asked still grinning at me like some idiot. These girls I swear..

"It was okay, but to be honest Ty- I mean Brick was acting weird and he wants to talk to me about something. I don't know it was weird." Turning my head down I tried to think about what he could possibly want to say to me. Oh fuck he wants me out of here?!?! "Fuck fuck fuck! Do you think that he's going to kick me out of here? I still can't go to my place with this damn chair! Oh fuckfuckfuck" I ramble running my other hand through my hair.

I turned to look at the girls who were now laughing their asses off. "What the fuck is funny? I have no place to go you dumbnuts!" I yell at them. "Oh poor Maymay I'm sorry it's just you really are clueless aren't ya? He is not going to kick you out when he clearly has feelings for your dumb ass! Can't you see that he almost follows you like a damn lost puppy!" Roxy said while laughing at me. No.

"That can't be it! I mean look at me?! And AND he has been avoiding me. He only stares at me like he is making sure that I wouldn't do anything wrong!" I mean are those two blind? I..just...UGH.

Does he really have feelings for me?

No. I can't go there. He doesn't know so even if he would have feelings he would run after he finds out.

I don't think I say this enough, but

Fuck me.

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And agaaaain thanks for reading! Love you lots

xoxo DearMary

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