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The Talk -May

Okay I am still a bit bamboozled over here butbut I'll try to get over it and write some new shit today.

Also there might not be any updates this weekend because my mans mom is coming by so I have to focus on that! If I don't get to update on the weekend I try to put out two updates on Monday. Sound good enough?

Good. Now let's see where we left of earlier.

xoxo DearMary

We've been sitting at the bar for 3 hours now and all of the guys were still talking about club business. The girls were still trying to make me see that Tyler would have some sort of feelings for me, but I'm still not that convinced about that one. They know about my little down town problem and they said I should talk to him about it. Well I think not. I'm not sure how much was real from what I remember from yesterday and what was a dream. I do remember telling him about it...But the way he answered to me I am sure that I was dreaming.

"I'm serious May! You should really talk to him about that! The way he looks at you is real and you know it!" Roxy was still pestering me about this shit. I was trying to answer but someone cut me to it. "I'm with Roxy about this. You really should tell me about it." I heard his sweet rumbling voice next to my ear.

"Fuck Ty you scared the living shit out of me!" I yelled turning to look at him, trying to keep my face serious. But with him so near me, who fucking could do that? I heard the girls giggling and again they were looking like they could explode.

"Don't even try with that look little one. Come on we are going for a walk." He was now again behind me and began to push me out of the door. As soon when we got out I reached for my smokes and tried to light up one. But right now I'm so damn nervous that my hands are shaking like crazy. For a while he just pushes me around the path in silence before he starts to talk again.

"You know on the day that you got asked about my club name." He starts slowly. I just hum silently because I feel that I don't want to interrupt this moment by talking.

"Well you see I was born to the club. My father Eagle was the president of the club and his best friend Viking was the vice president and his other best friend Thor who actually is Pipes father was the club enforcer at that time . My mother had been with my father about 10 years at that point when I was born. Sometime after I was born, my father began drinking and using drugs. I mean a lot of both. Viking had suggested to him that the club could also sell drugs. First my father was against it and so was Thor but Viking quickly changed the old mans mind. So quickly everything changed. Eagle started to hit my mom. He cheated on her many times, what I heard later. So from what I can remember when I was four, I promised every night that I will protect my mom. Then before I could even turn five, the old man killed her using a brick. Right in front of my eyes. I was so young back then. So when I was five I had a little boys hopeful and vengeful plan. I should kill my father. Of course I didn't know how I could, but one night he was drugged out of his mind. I was mad at him but I was also hungry. So I tried to wake him up, but he didn't. That's when my little mind thought that I should try to kill him then and there." He stopped walking when we reached a lake of some sorts. I could hear him pacing around behind me so I slowly tried to turn myself around so I could see him.

"For some reason that fucking idiot had kept the brick in his room. The same brick he used to kill my mom with. He was so out of it that the first time I hit him with the brick he didn't even move. So I go a little more brave and took a chair next to his bed. I lined myself that I was high above his head. And with all the force that I had, all the rage that I had I smashed the brick to his face. Again and again and again. That's what the name was for. All I hoped that I could done that sooner." He was pacing around so far away from me and all I wanted to do was to touch his face. To calm him and tell him it's okay. I rolled myself closer and slightly got to touch his cut while he was pacing. He froze immediately on the spot and turned to look at me. He looked me for awhile, like trying to understand was I real.

Slightly touching his hand he snapped out of his thoughts. He crouched in front of me slowly, placing one hand on my thigh and other one on my cheek. "I promised her May. And I broke that promise. I promised you and you were still attacked. I would really want you to stay away from me, but I can't let you go. I don't want to let you go and that makes me the most selfish man in the world. For some reason I need you. I..May...I lo-" before he got to say anything else I smashed my lips against his. Feeling the surprise for a second he didn't respond, but after that he moved both of his hands behind my head and pored everything in the kiss. He held on so tight, like he was afraid I might let go.

Of course after awhile I had to so I could breathe. He hold his forehead on mine while we both tried to steady our breaths. " mean...really?" This time I looked him in his eyes. Wow. "I really mean it." He said and pecked the top of my head. For a moment I was beyond happy. But reality sunk in. "But Ty I need you to know something..." I turned my head to look up to him, but before I got to continue he was again down and right in front of me. "Little one.. I wasn't kidding about yesterday. You were not dreaming and you did say it out loud. And for all honesty all I care about is how can I kill the guy who hurt you, but really if all I could ever have from you is a kiss then I'll take it and be the happiest man in the world. The most selfish and happy man ever." After that he leaves a gentle kiss on my lips. Damn this man is not real .

"Oh little one I am 100% real and you know it." He said whit an wink. "Okay this is all your fault! I think I need a muzzle around you so I wont blurt out anything stupid like that." I smacked his chest and oooooh what a firm chest it was. Damn virgin May calm your tits and concentrate! Ty just chuckled about my pathetic hit. "Oh but I really enjoy that mouth of yours, so don't even try to cover it up around me little one" He said before again going behind me so that we could go back to the house. Damn his words make me blush like a damn child! I mean shit it feels like I'm on fire.

"Oh ummm...Sorry if I ask and you really really don't have to answer. I mean I do tend to ask dumb personal questions and ugh I'm rambling here. I just mean to ask that what happened after everything?" I turned my head slightly over my shoulder so I could look at him. Fuck I hope he doesn't get mad for asking.

"Well that my little one is a story for another time, now you and I both need something to eat." With that he just placed a kiss on the top of my head and kept walking towards the house.

Maybe my life isn't that bad?

Definitely not boring anymore, that much I know.


Sooo that was it for todaay and I will maybe see you tomorrow, no promises tho!

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