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It's all fine -Tyler/May

Okay so first I know I'm super late with this damn update and I am so so so sorry about that! I've been so tired and even now it's hard to even be on my laptop...

But let's continue and I hope that I could get a next update maybe on Sunday? Can't promise that tho...

xoxo DearMary


I was so nervous about telling May my story. I didn’t think that it could actually go so well. I mean damn she is one hell of a woman. After our little talk we’ve been spending the few days together. She did have to go back to work on Monday tho even after I tried to talk her out of it.

The club has been getting a bit of trouble again lately because of our rival club, but nothing big has yet happened. I just left May to work at the uni. I did insist that she has a prospect with her all the time so that she could be safe. Being the stubborn ass she is, she did fight me about it but did agree with me.

After three hours of me begging to her of course...

I’ve been having this damn nagging feeling inside of me for the whole damn day and it’s only 1 pm right now! I mean fucking hell.

Sitting at my office trying to figure out how the fuck the Devils know about our runs lately. They been busting us on two runs already. First I thought that it was the fucking clubbie who I threw out of here, but she was found dead in some dark alley. I mean what she did was crazy, but I never wanted her dead. If I would have wanted her to die, I would’ve been the one to put a bullet between those crazy eyes. Believe me I would.

But about our club business. We own a big part of this town, I mean coffee shops, tattoo parlors and a few nightclubs. It’s been so good that we have been able to also give a little something to the towns healthcare systems and so on. And no we don’t do drugs anymore. Me and old man Thor made sure of it awhile back. Some people left after that, but we got our numbers back in time.

Now everything has been smooth sailing, mostly I mean. For some reason there’s been more trouble now ,but we always get through these. I'm going through our money flow and making sure everything is in order at this time.

Suddenly Bear runs in to my office like his ass would be on fire. "Fuck pres those fucker burned down the east nest! Everything is in ashes!The prospects took a hit and Rex too!" He yells at me. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Getting up quickly I ran out of the office, knowing that Bear will follow me. Running down stairs I notice Doc coming with supplies and Pipe getting his gun ready.

"Let's go boys! You too Tinkerbell and the other you take the van we'll ride with Pipe and Bear!" I roared and kept running outside to my bike. Kicking it to life we took off. Fuck they are going to pay.

After we got some the shit sorted ant the wounded were on their way to clubhouse I decided to stay for awhile with Pipe and Bear. Talking about who might be the rat or what else might have done this shit. I knew that somehow this has Devils all over it.

I felt my phone start to ring in my pocket. Not checking the ID I answered. "What now?!" I roared on the phone. "I--She....She just wanted more clothes...She....She's gone pres." No.... "Where the fuck are you right now?!" I couldn't keep myself from shouting to the phone. "At her pla-" I hung up before he could continue.

Not fucking again. Not her.

"Fuck let's go boys somebody fucking kidnapped her!" I yelled to Pipe and Bear before running to my bike. Quickly starting it back to life I begin to speed up, not giving a single fuck about police on the way. How in earth can things be so fucked up? And who the fuck took her? And why? How?

We got to her house quickly and I saw the prospect walk around in circle calling someone. Parking my bike I run up to him. "What the fuck happened? Why was she alone? What the fuck were you even thinking?!?" I took a hold of his cut and lifted him up so his feet wouldn't touch the ground. I am fucking livid right now.

"She just wanted more clothes and some stuff. I said I wont do it and leave her alone but...but...she.." He stuttered like a fucking idiot he clearly is. "Come on boy spit it out!" I lifted him even higher up at that point.

"She threatened me whit you! She...She said that you would kick my ass if I didn't get her any clothes! She said that it was okay whit you!" He yelled with a clear panic in his voice. Fucking hell that woman is a piece of work!

I dropped the prospect down on the ground. Fuck I need Big Mac to find her asap! Before I could say anything the boy started talking again. "I already called Big Mac and he is trying to trace her phone right now. I told him to call to you when he knows something. I was too late to see anyone."

I'm clad the boy at least has some kind of brain function in that tiny useless head of his. Fucking hell.

"Get the van. We ride to the club house NOW!" I roared before going back to my bike. I need to find her. I need to find her now!


Not again..

How is it that almost every damn week for now I wake up after blacking out for some damn reason?! God dang man this is getting fucked up.

I slowly begin to open up my eyes. The last thing I remember is some guys taking me out of the van and using some drug to knock me out. Once I finally got my eyes opened I looked around. Okaaay.

This seems to be some kind of basement or what not. It smelled like dust and mold and blood. Shivering I tried to move my hands only to see that they are tied up behind my back. Where am I? What is this? I didn't do anything! The room is dark and so damn cold. At least I had all of my clothes on so that's something.

Fuck I was so damn stupid. If I would've been so damn selfish I would not be in here now! Damn I hope that Sam is okay! Fuck Ty is going to kill him when he finds out! Oh fuck..

Interrupting my thinking process I heard a door opening. There was a staircase leading up to somewhere and I could see light shining down from there.

Soon enough I saw a big man walking down the stairs. He looked really old. He was way smaller than Tyler is, but still way bigger than me. Slowly he walked down the stairs and walked right in front of me. Is still didn't see his face. Who is he?

"Well good morning sun shine. I'm Viking. Nice to finally meet you May."



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