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Tied up -May

Okay so first again, I’m sorry. It has been forever since I have been posting anything and I don’t have a good reason for that.

I mean I just couldn’t. First I stopped reading all together. I just stopped. Then when that stopped, my writing stopped because I was numbing my imagination with netflix. And I am sorry I truly am. I started a new job month ago and I have been busting my ass lately.

But I’m keeping my promise of making it until the end and I will. It just seems that it will take a lot of time some times....

Deeply sorry about all of the waiting in there but let’s continue!

Oh and psst. Might I add.... I HAVE OVER 3k READERS NOW!!? What how why? I mean...Christ man this is insane I’m telling you that. Dear cucumber this shit is lit.

Ta ta for now....

Okay I’m sorry. But thanks babes

xoxo DearMary

Soon enough I saw a big man walking down the stairs. He looked really old. He was way smaller than Tyler is, but still way bigger than me. Slowly he walked down the stairs and walked right in front of me. Is still didn’t see his face. Who is he?

“Well good morning sun shine. I’m Viking. Nice to finally meet you May.”



And now ladies and gentleman welcome back to the shit that is my life!

I looked at the man in front of me. He had the kind of look on his face that made me want to vomit. I was still feeling weak from what ever drug that was used on me. Looking the man in the eyes I could see that he was on some kind of drugs. His eyes were red and he smelled like old beer.

"How nice of you to finally wake up you sleepy little bitch" Viking said. I could see that dreadful smirk on his face. His voice gave me goosebumps and let me tell you now, they are not the good ones.

I tried to say something but right when I opened my mouth to speak, he punched me to my face his fist connecting with my jaw. I could taste the blood on my mouth. Fucking hell that hurt a lot more than when that little bitch attacked me. Even tho I was afraid I was slowly getting pissed of this guy. Slowly turning my head back so I can see him again, I spat blood right in front of his feet.

"Oh fiesty little bitch. A a do not speak before I say that you can. I would love to shove my dick in to your dirty slut mouth, but sadly I want answers first." He kept his voice low while watching me like a pray. He began taking steps away from me. He stared at me again whilst slowly taking something out of his pocket.

A knife. Fuck my life right now..

He could see the panic in my eyes while I tried to squirm out of the chair that was holding me. The rope burned my wrist as I tried to struggle out of them.

"Ah not so tough anymore are we?" He asked and took steps to get closer to me. The knife shined when the only light from the basement reflected from it. "Now my little playtoy I need some answers so I can take down that little cunt and his club. And because you somehow managed to snuggle in to his heart and mind, you are perfect for me to use."

He circled around me, lightly touching me with his knife. I was trying not to tremble of fear. I can take this. Tyler will find me and save me. Before all of this happened he was so sweet with me. Even when I said that he really can't have all of me. Not ever I think.

I was so lost on my thoughts that I didn't hear what Viking was talking, before he sliced my leg a little bit with the knife.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed while he looked at me so proud of himself. "Now now little bitch you listen to me. I know you might think that he is coming to save you huh? Well I just got some information that maybe I was wrong about you and him. You were just a flavor of the month huh? He talked and before I could ask what the fuck does he mean with that, he showed me a picture from his phone.

"Wh-what?" I stammered like an idiot. I am an idiot. I thought that. That he had feelings for me. I mean.. I loved him. Sounds silly but these last times my feelings were growing and I almost told him that I loved him the day I went back to work.

Oh so that you know I am now looking at a picture of Tyler fucking some club slut. I could feel tears over flowing from my eyes. Fuck I was an idiot to think that he didn't care about the fact that he can't fuck me.

"Oh poor little bitch. You really loved him? Well as you can see that you really were nothing to him. So if you want to him to have what he deserves... Well I can help with that, just tell me everything you know." He glided the blade on my face, keeping his own face close to me.

I moved my head so he couldn't see my tears anymore. After all those words. All those promises. But I still loved him.


He stopped moving the blade on me. Taking a little steps back he straightened his back so he would look more intimidating. "What did you say?!" Raising his voice to me, but I didn't even flinch at that.

I don't care anymore. I doesn't matter what I say. I know I will die here.

"I said no. No matter what you do or what you say I wont tell you shit. It's clear that you are going to kill me and Brick doesn't care about me dying so bring it on you little drugged bitch" I said keeping my voice steady and calm.

Before I could even understand what happens I feel the blade go in my thigh. Trying to keep myself from screaming I bit my lip so hard that I tasted blood.

Opening my eyes again I saw him in front of me. His hand on the knife that blade was still in my leg. Slowly he started to move the knife carving me from inside.

"No no I am not going to kill you yet. Believe me you will talk. They all do" Quickly lifting the knife from my leg he lifted his hand to hit me again.

Suddenly he froze. I think there was a loud bang, but I have no idea where it came from. Looking up at Vikings face I could see how pale he was. Suddenly he just collapsed on the ground.

Behind him first I saw a gun. I tired to see who was behind it but my eyes got all blurry. All I could do was hear a faint voice.

Little one

So this was a little shorter but I want to write another one today so if that is fine with you?

Oh and please keep those comments coming in because that was the reason that I keep doing what I do

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