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I love you - Tyler

So just quickly I try to make this as long as the other one or even longer but just know that I love you because I should be sleeping already!

xoxo DearMary

Holy fuck.

I found her.

I put the gun back in my pants and ran to her as fast as I could. Quickly opening the ropes from her hands I picked her up from the chair.

"Please please little one. Stay awake for me. Don't you leave me yet you hear me?" I talked to her. Everything else was automatic. Walking to the car I didn't hear anything else. I didn't see anything else. All there was is her. My little one. My love.

Everything from the point to the club house was a blur. I only woke up back to the present time when the guys dragged me away from the infirmary.

I saw Pipe and Rex holding me up and placing me at the bar stool.

Moping and drinking I had no idea how long was I sitting at the bar. "I should have protected her better. I should have known. I'm no good for her. She needs to stay away from me" I muttered out loud.

Someone smacked me at the back of my head. Fucking hell who the fuck? I turned my head to see who it was. Fucking Sally. Where the hell she came in here?

"So now you care about her huh? Well done Brick. You just had to think with your dick now? That woman loved you and almost died for you and you just decided to fuck some clubbie?! Fucking idiot" Sally screamed at me.

What the fuck is she talking about?

" What the fuck Sal what do you mean? I fucking love that woman and I would love her even if that meant for me to give up my dick all together! I haven't fucked any clubbie in 6 months!" I scream at her. What the fuck is she saying?! I would fucking never!

I could see Sallys face going pale. "Wh-what? You haven't? But..." She stammered.

"But what? Who the fuck said that to you huh?!" I continue screaming at her, seeing her shrink a little because of my voice. I was fucking furious.

"May t-told that she saw a picture of you fucking some red head clubbie...Viking showed her that picture..She is broken and wont stop crying..I didn't...You have to fix this Brick" Her voice was quiet.

Viking had some old picture of me. But why.

Wait a second.

"SHE IS AWAKE AND NO ONE TOLD ME?!" I yelled from the top of my lungs before getting up from the stool. I ran to her as fast as I could and ripped the door open with all the force I could muster.

"G-go away Brick. Fuck off" Her voice was so fragile all I wanted to do is pick her up in my arms. "Little one, you need to believe me that picture was at least 6 months old. I never had anyone after I first time saw you." I slowly took a few steps closer to her before falling to my knees. I was done being tough. I wanted her to know that I love her with all my heart.

"The first time I saw you, you took my breathe away. I have never in my life seen anyone so beautiful and sassy. My god little one you are just perfect. Then after that fucker attacked you and I got to hold you in my arms it was like you were made for me. And the way you sometimes say out loud what you are thinking. Dear lord I love that. Please little one I'm sorry that I didn't protect you and I understand if you want to stay away from me..I know I'm not good enough for you." I kept looking at the ground before I felt her delicate on my jaw tilting my head up.

Next thing I knew was her lips on mine. Somehow she tasted a little salty. I moved my hand on her cheek to feel her tears. So I just poured every feeling in the kiss. Every moment that I wanted to say that I loved her. Every lonely night I wanted to hold her next to me.

Feeling her taking a hold of my hair on the nape of my neck holding so tightly that I could feel the fireworks flowing through my body. Fucking hell she was killing me with just a kiss. I wanted to taste her properly so I slide my tongue along her bottom lip, asking for access. I felt her moaning in response and believe me when I say that it took all my will power not to pick her up and take her up to my bedroom.

Fuck I need to stop this before a cold shower is not enough.

Stopping to catch my breath I held our foreheads together. "Shit little one you are killing me right now. I'm so sorry for everything" I whispered while wiping her tears away from her face.

I carefully take her on my lap trying not to move her leg too much. I just held her tightly against my chest, her head resting on my shoulder. After a moment of silence I could feel her breathe even closer to my ear. Fucking hell that feels amazing.

Before I could say anything she whisper in my ear with her angelic voice.

"I love you Tyler."

I froze. What?

I leaned back a little bit just so I could see her face. When I saw her I could clearly see the black eye she got, the busted lip. But what I saw was bigger than anything. She was glowing. Smiling at me.

"Little one? What did you say to me?" I whispered just because I was afraid to break the moment.

I could feel her hand on my cheek. Feeling me slightly. Running her thumb across my lips before she leaned in and whispered those three beautiful words to me.

"I love you."

Okay if I could cry anymore I would. I mean fuck that was just....Whoah....

Okay so next update might be only on Sunday next time.... I know but my job is killing me and I would have to study also..
Somebody just shoot me right?
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