My lesson

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Greek God

I am so not in the mood for this bullshit today.

I’m tired and pissed off and these club whores are not helping my case. Me, Pipe and Rex are at our own bar killing time and drink our asses off before we hit the road tomorrow. Pipe and Rex seemed to have a good time as always.

“Babe please don’t frown, I can make you feel happy again” One of the hookers came right at my face and sits on my lap. I pushed her off my lap and glared at her with a killing look. The terrified look on that dumnuts face just made me smirk. Yes yes, you might think I’m sick or crazy not wanting an easy lay, but honestly I love my dick too much and don’t want it to fall off because of some used bitch. Now you must be thinking that I don’t fuck them. I do. I just hate that they don’t back off after one time. I never fuck them twice. That would be a rookie mistake.

“Brick whats up? You look pissed off man everything okay?” Pipe punched me in the arm while asking. Pipe has been my best friend from the age 3 so can’t hide anything from that guy. “Yeah yeah I’m just not in the mood of sloppy pussy that wants to marry me.” I said loud enough to few of the girls to hear. I just continue to smirk at them. Stupid bitches.

“Oi! Lock! Get me a bottle of whiskey would ya?” I yelled from my booth. No point on standing up when I knew he could hear me laud and clear. “Coming right up Brick!” Finally.

I am way too sober to be here.

Don't get me wrong. I love the place and the club owns it, but still sometimes I needed to be drunk off my ass to enjoy this shit.

We talked and drank with the boys for awhile when I saw her.

Shit shit shit shit.

I’m 30 years old and still immediately when I saw her my dick twitched. She had the perfect round and bouncy ass. You know the kind of ass that haunts you in your dreams, and all you want too do is bury yourself between those cheeks. Her frame was tiny and I just wanted to lift her up and push her against the wall so that I could fuck her so much that she couldn’t feel her legs anymore. Fuck me. I didn't see her face yet, but I knew it must be a face of a goddess with that body.

“Well would you look at that perky fuck me ass that walked in” I heard Pipe say and saw his eyes traveling up and down her body. I growled instantly feeling the urge to punch my best mate “Back off you fuck head that’s mine.”

Why the fuck I just said that?! I look at her and see her ordering something. I look at Lock who sees me and we just nod. It's good to own the bar and to no the people. They make the women walk right at you. There is no need for words to Lock to understand what I want. And that is her. On top off me. So I could just touch those brown beautiful hair of hers and feel her silky smooth skin.

Wait. Hold up. No.

I just want to fuck her hard and forget and move on. Yeap. That's it. Then she can be another mans whore. Shit... why that thought riles me up? She's not mine. Yet.

I look at what she ordered. Well I be damned, a beautiful woman who drinks whiskey! I watch as she tries to pay and knowingly look at her just to wait her see me. Begging in my mind to her to turn around so I could see her face.

Fuck me I’m in trouble.

I can feel my heart stop and my pants getting tighter. I was right. That woman right there is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Her chocolate brown hair, and those deep brown eyes that I could drown in. Just looking at her gets me turned on and happy beyond explanation. She is blushing. Hard if I may add. God dang that's cute as fuck.

Now all I have to do is wait for her to walk here. Anytime now. Just a second.

But no.

She turns around and downs her shot. Even from here I can see those lips. So round and just ugh I want to feel her mouth on my dick. I want to taste her like there is no tomorrow.

I hear her argue with Lock. Damn even her sound almost makes me burst. But why the fuck is she mad? She is paying?! I can now hear her yelling at Lock about money. Damn girl that was mistake number one. I’ll show her that no one refuses my offers. Ever.

I’m just about to get up when I hear the loudest crowd of people walking in, one of them is wearing a fucking tiara?!?! What the fuck man?!

I sit back and decided to watch the scene in front of me. This is the most interesting shit that has happened the whole day. I watch as the girls order and again I can see that she is paying. Oh little one just wait for it.

“Brother I swear if you stare at her anymore you’ll burn a hole in her!” I snapped out of my dreams of fucking her right at that bar desc and turn to look at Rex. “Ha ha ha funny aren’t ya?”

I still can’t shake the feeling that I have to talk to her. Like NOW. But when I turn to look back she is gone. Fuck fuck fuck where is she?!

I can see her friends found the jukebox in the corner and started dancing. Still I can’t see her. Fuck me. What is this fucking desperate shit?

I keep looking at her friends for a while just to notice that she is now alone at the bar. YES! Now is my change.

Let’s see how fast your panties drop so I can get you out of my head.

“So am I still not allowed to buy you a drink?” I whisper in her ear.

Immediately I can feel her tense up. Yes! That is the reaction I was looking for. But I'm clad that she is oblivious to the reaction she does to me.

She turns to look at me.

“umm.. Hi?” I could see her face turning red. “I..just that you...god..I mean” She was clearly struggeling. I show her my panty dropping smirk.

“Go on doll, tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours.” I looked straight in to her eyes as I sat down closely next to her. I'm so close that I can smell her. That intoxicating smell of vanilla and some sweet berry. I wonder does she taste like that.

“That if you try to get in my pants just by paying my drinks then you’re the dumbest Greek god I have ever seen” She blurted out and I could see she started to panic right after she said that. Greek god ha? “Well this Greek god just happens to know that before the end of this talk, you want to drop your pants for me.” I smirked and slowly slide my hand over her thigh before I continued talking lovering my voice. “But before all that I need to know your name little one. And just that you could scream my name when I fuck you, I’m Brick”

I saw a sudden change on her behavior before she slightly opened her legs and leaned in close to my ear. “Name is May and just so you know that this soaking wet pussy of mine...” She said whilst leading my hand near closer to between her legs “is not for a touch-and-go boys”

After she finished her sentence she slapped my hand off her thigh and quickly downed her shot of whiskey before walking away towards her friend.




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