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Happy ever after -May

As I thought I am late.. yet again. I think I really need to edit this story someday and add something...I don't know.

But shall we continue this love story? Happy ending is close.

Oh you were thinking this is it? Oh no my dear reader I am not done not just yet.

Or maybe I am.

May the force be with you


Naaah that doesn't work either. Damn.




Just utter silence.

He is still holding on me on his lap, his face full of emotions. The silence feels like it continues forever, but for some reason I just continue smiling to him. Fucking hell May you should be panicking because there he is just staring at us like an idiot. But I'm not. Should I? What he just said to me just made me melt to the ground. Just the mere thought that I made a grown ass man fall to his knees makes my heart jump out of my chest.

Okay maybe I need to say something, because it seems that I broke the big bad wolf.

"Tyler? I'm sor-" and before I could continue he attacked my lips again. I close my eyes to enjoy every moment right now. The kiss before this was raw and full of lust and adrenaline, but this one. I mean fuck me. Our lips moved slowly like trying to tell a story. Pouring all the feeling from these few days, tasting the love and desperation. And booze... Every second sends fireworks in my heart and I don't want this to stop. I don't think I can stop this. Slowly tracing my hands on his jawline taking in every single detail. He is all soft and rough at the same time and I can't have enough of this. I can feel his rough hands trailing on my neck and another one so close to my butt. Every time he moves his hand I feel the need to be closer to him and let him ignite me. Pushing myself to be closer to him so that my breast are glued on his chest.

With every movement I make I can hear him groan and let me tell you my gosh that sound makes me crazy. Taking a hold on the back of his hair and tuck just a little bit, he leans back from me releasing a loud groan.

"I love you little one. More than I ever thought I could." He whispers his voice hoarse with emotion. I could feel his heart beating so fast just like mine. I slowly open my eyes to look at him.

Suddenly I notice that I'm on his lap and right now I was just wearing a t-shirt and panties. Well done May..Well done. I blush immediately and try to squirm out of his lap, but I must say that it is so fucking hard with a busted leg.

"Umm sorry I just.. Oh fucking hell that was just...fuck me.." I mutter not realizing that I said the last part out loud again. Still trying to squirm away when Tyler placed his other hand on my chin making me look at him again. "Mmm I know little one believe me I know. Now could you please stop squirming before you hurt yourself? And after what just happened, I'll tell you that you moving like that is not helping to calm me down"

His voice was so deep and I could just feel my whole body flaming red of his words. Damn that man. Tyler kissed my lips gently, before putting me back down on the bed. Oh man how the fuck can I be this dominant bitch the one second and an awkward little girl the next? Man I'm in great need of some help. Not even kidding right now.

Before I could say anything to him I saw the door open and Doc walking in with a smile on his face.

"So are you horn dogs all done up in here or should I leave again?" He said with a laugh that just made me blush even more. Fucking hell I am going to turn into a tomato soon with this rate.

"Umm..So what's the verdict doc? Another time on that damn chair or?" I tried to change the subject and I could see from the corner of my eye that Tyler was trying to fix his pants. Oh hell that's hot. Shaking my head a little so that my head could stop all those horny ass bitch thoughts. Damn virgin May just stop it.

"Not this time. You do need to use the crutches for a little time and please try to stay out of the infirmary for a little while huh?" Doc said whilst keeping the smirk on his face. Okay I don't know how that's going to work tho. I am clumsy as fuck.

"I'll try. Now ummm...I could really use some pants and a smoke right about now." I tried to keep my voice steady and not blush yet again whilst fiddling with my fingers on my lap.

Doc just laughed while he left the room. I looked at Tyler who was smiling so brightly it almost took my breath away. "Even tho I would love to see you like that all the time, you really do need pants so I wont shoot the others in the club. So wait here while I get you something." His eyes were roaming up and down my body before he left the room. I let out a huge breath I didn't know I was even holding. Damn that Greek God is going to be the death of me.

What felt like forever Tyler came back to the room with some skirt on his hands. Hmmm... interesting choice there.

"What can I say? I love seeing you in one of these and I thought that this would be better so it wont hurt your leg." Tyler said with a smirk. I could see his eyes were dancing with so much emotions I almost forgot that I did speak out loud again.

"Fuck I can't stop doing that can I? But you know big boy you need to help me into that skirt." I smirked looking at him. I slowly shifted my legs so that they were dangling over the edge of the bed. Smoothing down my shirt I slowly glided my hands over my upper body while looking at Tyler. I could see him swallowing hardly when he followed my hands with his eyes.

He slowly took steps closer to me and I could feel the temperature of the room getting up high. Or maybe it's just my body heating up. He came right in front of me and slowly got on his knees. The look that was on his eyes caused my heart to speed up. Fucking hell May you need to calm down. I kept my eyes on his when he started to put the skirt on me. Damn I'm getting a fucking hot deja vu from this.

His hands moved with a light touch. The closer he got the more heated I got. Still looking him in the eyes when he finally got closer up. The light touch of his fingers and the lingering fabric almost drove me nuts. Suddenly he broke the eye contact we had and looked down. His hands were right on the edge of my pantie line when he lowered his head and placed a kiss next to his fingers.

The feeling made me release an involuntary moan from the back of my throat. Fucking hell this man will kill me with this. I could almost feel his breath in there. You know exactly where you horny bastard. I flipped my head back and closed my eyes tightly so I could stop trembling under his touch.

I could feel his breath coming up tracing every line in my body before I could feel his face next to my ear. "Lift that delicious ass of yours for me little one." It was like my body was his puppet and I just did everything he could ask. Damn this. Lifting my butt I could feel him lift the skirt up and holding me from the hips. His face didn't move away from my neck. Oh no he didn't- Instead of moving away he traced his lips and tongue on my neck, making me shiver in pleasure.

"You better stop teasing me little one before I really make you shake under me." His voice was challenging and before I knew it my mouth just vomited the next words.

"Go on. I'm not stopping you."





Now you did it.

And when I looked at him in those deep eyes I knew I was done for.

So again still sorry I was really late but lovely Sunday came and my body decided that it will try to kill me just because.

But here I am now and I try to update again as fast as possible!

Love you all and thank you for everything!

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