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Just my luck - May

Hello dear readers! So I just wanted to warn you that the language in these chapters is going to be rough and there will be violence.

Next thing is; if the headline says May, that obviously means that the part is from her POV and so on. If you have any comments just say I would love to know what you think!

ANDANDAND IF you think I'm copying someones story I will assure you I am not! If there is author there that feels like that then please please please say it to me right away! I do NOT want to offend or copy! And for other people... Don't copy others work. Please.


What did I just do?!?

Holy fuck that was intense and hot as hell! I just said that. Me. The fucking virgin May. OUT LOUD TO A FUCKING GREEK GOD! I need to get out of here and fast before I change my damn mind and let him take me right there and then.

I hurried to next to Cindy and lied that I didn't feel so good that I had to go home.

"Cindy babe I'm so sorry but I feel like I could puke years amount of food right now!" I said to her loud enough to her to hear but not to yell. "I love you doll, get home safely!" Cindy said and hugged me.

I left the bar and started to order an Uber but my damn phone just didn't work. "Fuck fuck come on just work already please baby I need you now!" I started to mutter out loud to myself. Suddenly I heard foot steps behind me and I was ready to punch the person behind me. Hey even tough my life has been... well pure. I still know self defense. I heard the steps getting closer and closer. When I felt the hand on my hips I jabbed the stranger to the gut with my elbow.


I don't turn back to see who it was but start running as fast as I can at the same time dropping my phone on the ground. Fuck fuck fuck! I can't turn back now. I keep running until I see a taxi driving my way and hail him to stop. The taxi stops and I climb in. Wow that was intense. My hands are shaking like crazy.

I get home and as quickly as possible I shut my door and make sure it's locked. Well that was some night there.

I take off my clothes and go to shower to clear my mind but it's useless. I still can feel his touch on my skin and hear his voice.

But before all that I need to know your name. And just that you could scream my name when I fuck you, I'm Brick

I can imagine how his lips would feel on my lips, on my neck sucking and biting, traveling to my breast and erected nipples while his soft strong hands would work their magic at the same rhythm with my body. I let my own hands wonder all over my body and with that thought in my head I squeeze my thighs together as I feel the pressure grow in my core. Sadly I know I can't really get the big finish here not by myself. I groan out loud and hope that one day I could release that pressure from there.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a virgin.Or I kind of am. I mean. Ugh...Hang on kids this is not a nice story. And now I'm talking to no one in my mind. Nice. Anyways I was drugged when I was young. At high school party. I know how cliche of me. I don't remember anything else than waking up with my blood on a strangers bed and I never told anyone. After that my down under kind of...well shut down so to speak. It hurts so much if I try to put even my own finger in there so anyone who has ever tried.. Well you know what the definition of insanity is. So every one gave up. So did I. But no one even has got me to the point that I could be wet. But right now I knew at the bar...I was fucking soaking wet.

I stop day dreaming and get out of the shower. Okay time to sleep this drunk fucking lust away.


I wake up and the sun is shining through the blinds. I stretch on my bed feeling slight banging in my head. Okay that's not good but not terrible. I reach my hand on my side to grab my phone where I usually keep it. It's not there. Fuck fuck fuck. I get up quickly and look at the table. Then it hits me like baseball player hits the ball.


Holy shit shit shit I dropped it last night! Oh fuck. I quickly take my laptop and open Facebook.

I pray that my dear social media addict is on her Facebook. Please Cindy don't let me down now.



Cindy: Calm down doll!! Give me 15 minutes and I'll get you so we can go ask if someone took it back inside the bar!

Me: You are an angel from heaven babe!

Cindy: And don't you ever forget it doll ;)

Me: Okay calm your tits and come to pick me up!

Cindy: See ya in a bit!

Before I close my laptop and check my work bag that my work phone is there. Pheff at least I have this. It's just a damn shame that all the good photos were in my own phone. I really hope that it's in that bar still.

I quickly put on my favorite lazy day outfit. White big sweatpants and a white cropped hoodie.

After about 15 minutes I go out and see Cindy waiting there for me. I swear this girl looks like a model even in hungover. Bitch. But she is my bitch.

"Thanks babe again for this!" I say to her and I see her smiling wildly. "Waaait. What happened?" I lift my eyebrow knowing very well that she is not telling me something now. "it was a damn shame that you left early" She says smirking me. "And why is that exactly?" I ask and try to hold my laugh. "Oh just no reason. Maybe just some extra hot biker came asking how he could reach you and maybe or maybe not I did gave him your number" she said smiling like a lunatic. Crazy ass. "He...he asked about me?" I asked. "Well daaah doll he did you are drop dead gorgeous so of course!" Holy shit. I felt my cheeks firing up like a fucking fire truck. Damn that man.

We arrived at the bar but with no luck my phone wasn't there.




After that Cindy and I went to get some breakfast and after that she dropped me home. I decided that on Monday I would go on and by a new phone. I just could survive without it but I need to be able to call Cindy.

The weekend went slowly. I worked out most of Sunday and went to the bed early. I need to get a good night sleep before work so that I won't kill every one at that university.



This is not the time to be awake. I've been working at the university for over a year now but still I haven't got use to these damn morning wake ups. Well a girls got to do and so on.

I got up from my bed and got ready to work. I put on my favorite work outfit that is black skinny jeans, a flower crop top, dark jean jacket and black pumps. After that I put on some make up and got my purse before walking out of my flat.

After getting ready I took my keys and left to work. I decided to walk because it's only a 20 minute walk and I have to stop to get my every morning fix of caffeine.

Still coffee is fucking life.


Well it's almost time for my last class today. I've had a fucking long day already. Want to know why? Oh please you know why. Ding ding that's right! It's because that fucking Greek god wont leave my head! I try my best to not think about him but for nothing. All I can think about is him and those damn eyes. Fuck me right?

I sit at my desk when I can hear students coming in. This is my biggest class of today so I need to focus. I watch as people walk in and take their seats. I get up and get ready to begin.

The class goes on well. Well I mean I think it is. But because that bearded sex on legs creature I can't be sure. Somehow I felt his presence the whole fucking day and it's bothering me. I keep looking to the mass of students at the same time I'm explaining the last few things they would need to learn. Usually I'm cool with all these students staring me. But right now it felt different.

And at this point I need to say that the class room is big so that I have room to move around. I like to move while I explain things and teach people. So at my usual style I start to walk around close to the front row. Then I see him. Oh shit.

Right there. Right. Fucking. There.

Our eyes meet and I could swear that my heart just dropped.

Fuck. Me.

I stood still for what seems like forever when I realize that there would still be 5 minutes left to the class. Move May MOVE!

I walk back to the board and quickly write the homework on there.

"Okay that's about it today. Read chapter 5-9 and make an essay about that. Now leave." I try to say that with a steady voice but I can't. Everything is about to come to the surface. Every damn feeling. At once. Fuck. I need to get out of here. Why is he even here?

I almost ran to my table and start to get my stuff but clearly I wasn't fast enough. I turn around and there he is. Right in front of me. Not even on the other side of the desk. I mean RIGHT in front of me.

"Well hi there May" He said with that deep low voice of his.

That's it.

Good bye brains and panties. The Greek god is here to take you now.


Please tell me what you think! More comments means that I have a reason to continue writing this! And again if you see some grammar error please please please say!


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