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Too light to me - Tyler

Ever since that damn night at the bar all I could think about was her.

Her hair. Her lips. Her smile. All of it. Damn.

I never ever chase a girl. Ever. They all come at me so I can take my pick. But this woman. I mean come on now! She has me pussy whipped and how you may ask. I have no fucking idea. Absolutely none.

All I know is that now I have myself in a fucking situation where I have her phone and because of her friend I know where she teaches. I have been dying to see her again. Brothers at home have taken a toll on that. I should feel sorry but really I don’t give a fuck.

But here I am. Watching that Goddess move her body around and with the sounds of angels.

Her class just ended, or better say she ended it right after seeing me. Nice. Show time babe.

I get up to go closer to her.

I see her almost running at her desc.

Oh May there is no need to run today. I wouldn't let you little one. I walk right behind her and watch her struggle to get her things in her bag. Finally she turns around.

“Well hi there May" I look at her straight in her eyes. Those eyes. So pure and beautiful that it almost stops my heart. If she only knew what she was doing to me.

“H-Hi Bri-Brick. What a-are you doing i-in here?“Those words come out as a quiet whisper. A whisper that send a pleasure shock all the way to my pants. Fuck man get it together.

I let my eyes travel around that perfect body of hers. She just has it all and I can’t wait to make her mine. WAIT! No! Not mine! I don’t do that. I haven’t done that. But to her.. Damn I have to do that.

“I think that I have something that you want” I say to her, trying to hold my mouth from forming a too big of a smirk. Her eyes just widened and immediately those big beautiful eyes of her lowered down to look at my pants. I can see from her chest that she is breathing heavily and she is biting those big sweet lips of hers.

If only I could take a taste. But her sweet quiet voice brings me back to this moment.

“A-and what is that?” She stared at the floor as she asked that.

I moved my fingers under her chin so that I could see her face. I lean in closer to her face, now being just inches away from those lips.

“This.” I whisper to her ear before leaning away and showing her phone that is in my hand. Her face is beautifully red right now. I wonder if she would have the same color on her cheeks after few slaps. Before I can even continue that thought she takes her phone quickly from my hand and as I look down again I can see that she is pushing her thighs together.

Naughty girl you are thinking there? I again take a light hold of her chin to make her look at me.

“Thank you. Brick” She says before quickly turns away leaving me and my hard on alone in this class room. Oh bloody hell that woman is going to be the death of me. I need a cold shower. Like now.

I get out of the class room an get to my bike. I ride to our clubhouse. I’m starting to get pissed off to my body for having these kind of boyish reactions. I’m a crown ass man so why the hell she has this kind of power over me?!

I get off of my bike and start walking towards to the house. I get inside and walk to the bar. Before shower I really need a drink.

“Oiii loverboooy how was the trip? Finally got some good pussy?” I snap at my head towards the voice and see that is Butch. I walk over to him and grab him by his collar.

“You know I care about you brother but one more word and I will shoot you in the fucking leg! Do you hear me?!” I growl at him. “Okay okay brother just trying to look out for you man just chill and take a beer” Butch says just laughing at my face. I let go and sit next to him and order our prospect to give me a drink. Even thought I will never admit it to my brothers, that woman is something and I just can’t take her off my mind.

“Thanks bro but now is time to hit the hay. Tomorrow Church at 10 am!” I say to Butch after downing my drink in one go, very well knowing he will tell everybody. I head upstairs to my own room. I really need that fucking shower now.

After shower I lay down on my bed trying to figure out what is going on. But before I drift off to sleep all I can think is her face.

The bar is crowded at this time. I can see my brothers and the club whores celebrating tonight’s run . I have one clubie on my lap, but that’s not why I’m hard.

Wait a second. Why am I hard? What is this?

I look around and then I see it. Her.

Perfect long hair down running along her back softly landing on those curves. She turns around and sees me. She forms a smile. A fucking blinding smile. The kind of you just can’t look away from. Then she sees the clubie on my lap. I quickly push her away and see May walking towards me.

With every step, her perfect round boobs just pounce a little as her heels hit the ground. She comes and stands before me before sitting on my lap, facing me with one leg on the other side and one on the other.

She leans so close to my face that I can smell her minty breath and a small hint of vanilla. The only drug I need right now.

“Hi Brick. I think you have something that I want.” She whispers to my ear. “And I would really want it right now.”

I’m in shock and start to look around. Wait a second, there is no one in here. What the...

But before I could even finish my thought she smashes her lips on mine. I just lose it and let my hands roam around her body. I let one hand travel on her back side and land on that perfect ass of hers. My other hand is taking a hold of her bra free boob. Fucking hell how good she feels. I can feel her hands roam towards my pants and unzipping my jeans and sliding her hand in.

Fucking hell that feeling! Only her hand and I am about to explode. I quickly rip off her panties and take my hard throbbing shaft and place it near her entrance. I can already feel all her juices just falling along my dick. I start to inch my self inside of her and hear her start to moan.

And then just nothing.

Suddenly I wake up groaning. Holy fuck what a dream. I have to see her. Tomorrow.

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