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Losing my effing mind -May

It’s been 3 weeks since I saw him in my class room. He was so close to me that I could melt right then and there. I remember him hovering over me. 6′5 high body and built with muscles and I just can’t stop thinking about him! WHY?! Maybe for the lack of sex? I really need to google that shit out.

I don’t know if I am going crazy. Maybe I am. Definitely am. It feels like I can see him around every corner. Every day for three weeks. But some days it’s not him it’s someone else with the same kind of leather jacket as him. Anyone see the crazy zone now?

I haven’t said anything to any one about this. Not even Cindy, even though she can sense that there is something wrong. Fuck that! I need to push that Greek god out of my mind! And I really need to stop calling him that or the next time I might say that and not his name. Wait no there is no way there ever could be a next time. Right? Little backup for crazy lady?

I actually have a date today. Yes even though my lady parts don’t work, but try to say no to Cindy. I will buy you a fucking house if you can do that. That woman is something else.

I hate blind dates.

All I know about him is that he is some kind of accountant and his name is Bob.

I know. It’s all hilarious and a great big cliche. But this will make Cindy happy and who knows maybe he is nice and handsome?

I decide on my red long dress that has a little slit on the side. I put on a little bit of make up and curl my hair. It’s 7.45 and I should be at the restaurant at 8. Better get going then.

I grab my little purse and check that there is everything inside. I order an Uber and head outside.

It’s not a long trip to the restaurant but with this dress and these heels walking is not an option.

I arrive at the restaurant and after telling my name the waitress takes me to an empty table. I check the time. Nice it’s 7.55 and the guy is not here. I wait for another five minutes. No show. I decide to wait a little more. The guy has to be a real catch to me to accept this. Around 8.10 I can see a guy walking towards my table.

Okay that must be him. Dark brown hair, glasses and from how the suit fits, I guess he has a decent body. Not bad. Maybe this could work.

“Hi there! You must be the beautiful May that Cindy told me about!“He came close to me as I got up from my seat and he hugged me. Awkwardly I must say. But I have to give him a chance.I was about to answer him but before I got to say even hello, he continued. “My lord you really are a hot piece of ass.” He said while letting his eyes travel along my body. I step back and sit down. “Excuse me?” I can’t be more shocked. The nerve of this guy!

“Yeah sorry I just had to say that. Cindy did talk so much good about you, but I’m happy to notice that you are one of those sexy ass teachers.” he continued while all I could do is stare. I only stopped because the waitress came to take our order and again before I got to say anything, he even ordered for me! I really don’t know what to say now. I really really don’t. No one gets to decide my food. And a effin salad? Do I look like a fucking bunny to you huh?

He came late, all he talks about is how good looking I am and how great he is in his line of work. This could not go any worse than this....

The waitress came with our food and wine. FUCK YES! WINE! Before the waitress could leave I asked if she could just leave the bottle on the table. I’m going to need this shit. Badly.

I down my first glass of wine and pour another one. I see that Bobs lips are moving but I just don’t care anymore what comes out of there. I just want to eat my food as fast as possible and get the hell out.

“May?!” He almost yelled and brought me back to surface. “Oh what you said?” I lift my head and try to smile and look like I even give a shit. “Well that was rude for you not to listen. What kind of teacher are you? Maybe I was wrong and you are just a dumb sex doll.” He said with anger in his voice.

Ohhh the nerve on this fucking asshole. Come to mama and die idiot. “Well I’m sorry that this didn’t work but I have to ask. What do you know about me?” I look at him with no expression on my face. “Well?” Suddenly his face started to get red. Not blushing red. Rage red. “I should have known that you are one of those selfish bitches that is all about me me me me me! Fucking slut I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU! You are just a fucking teacher for christ sake! A TALKING PUSSY NOT MORE!” He yelled and smacked the table. “WHERE IS THE FUCKING BILL?!?” He continued screaming as I still sat down and just waited to get my turn. I am so done.

The waitress runs to our table and asks who pays.“This cunt here pays all.” He smirked and looked at me. Okay now bitch. My turn.

I get up from the table and smooth down my dress before looking him dead in the eyes and saying. “First of all. You came here late and didn’t even apologies. Dick move but I forgave it. Second. I didn’t even get to say hello or nice to meet you when you came with a compliment suitable for a whore. Third. All you did was talk about how great you are and what you like and how everyone worships you.” I take a step towards him and take the bill and lowered my voice. “And for the last part. I am not going to pay a meal I didn’t even order. And I’m just a talking pussy so I possibly couldn’t even be qualified to do that.” I hand him the bill and walk out oh the restaurant.

I got out and decide I can walk home. That fucker. I am a nice person. I really am and sometimes even shy. But do not think that I can’t protect myself! And if something I have learned that I do not deserve to be talked liked that. I stop to crab my cigarettes from my purse. I light my smoke and start walking again until I tripped and twisted my ankle. “FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck fuck that hurt!” I turn to sit on the ground and take a look at my foot.

For the sake of crying out loud. Broken heel and for how much it hurts, a broken ankle. Fuck me. I try to get up just to fall on the ground again. “This is useless. Could this night be any worst?” I mumble to myself.

Just as I start to look around where I dropped my purse I saw Bob picking it up. I guess the night just got worst....



Okaay so that happened. But fuck that guy we all know that big Tyler is soooo much better for her. Or is he?

ANYWAAAYS please tell me if these chapters are too short and you wan’t longer ones! I really can’t say so I kind of do need your help to tell me is there something I could do better?

Hope you enjoy

xoxoxo DearMar

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