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Give me your worst May/Tyler


It’s been weeks now. I tried to stay away from her.

I mean I did for a long time, and by a long time I mean 12 hours or so.

Okay okay don’t laugh at me I know I’m whipped! No no not whipped just...just..horny? Yea just horny! That’s why I have someone on her tail 24/7. Just so I could fuck her someday. She doesn't have to get involved in my shit.

But I have to say that May is not like others. I’ve seen she is most of the times alone and reading some books. What I fine sexy is fuck is the fact that she mostly drinks whiskey, not wine. Woman for me. I just don't know what to do with her. She is the kind of woman that deserves the world and moon.

No I don’t stalk her while she is butt naked...dancing...with a bottle of whiskey. NO! No for real I didn’t. I wish I would tho. But nope it was one of our prospects. It’s okay tho cause I shot him on the kneecap so we good. I must admit I aimed between his eyes but Pipe and Rex got in the way. Dickheads. And that little brat almost didn't tell me. But the moment he got to the club house and I saw his face I knew something happened.

But enough about me rambling and gossiping like a fucking woman here. Back to the present time now. 'Cause here I am watching her. Again. I can see she is wearing a red long dress that brings up every curve on her body. Never have I seen a woman so stunning that I almost choke to my cigarette. Her hair is flowing and frames her in the way I have never seen with anyone.

I mean I like girls with long hair but it’s always just was there. Nothing special and most of the times I can’t even remember what color it was. I didn’t care.

But May. Well I must admit that I have noticed when even her nails are different BUT just because she is a teacher and and uses her hands a lot and..and.... Oh fuck it YES I like every fucking thing about her and I can’t stop staring! But I am not alone with that one. I see how those creep as fuck men look at her. And that makes me want to shoot them all.

I know she must be going out to see some proper guy with money and a decent job. Maybe he even wears glasses? I know she would never want me and I don’t want her.

I mean I want her. I want to protect her. I want to hold her. I want to smell her scent.


No no that’s creepy. No smelling that’s not what I meant. I meant that she could smell nice not that I would go and take a sniff.

Okay why I must turn into a fucking school boy in my head when I’m around her? I can't have her. From tomorrow on I'll tell the guys to stop trailing her. I have to stay away.

I watch as she comes out of her apartment. That woman will be the death of me. I see her getting in to a car. Uber? the date? I start my bike and slowly turn to follow the car. I promise I’m still not a creep. After few minutes I can see the car stopping. May gets out and the car leaves. Ookaay so not the date. Wait a second? He made her take a fucking Uber here?! Alone?! What an idiot.

For a woman like that you'll go and get her with flowers.

I wait around and smoke cigarette after another. After a fucking long time I can see her running out of the restaurant. Where is her date? I see her stopping to get something from her purse. A cigarette? A smoker? Well I be damned.

Without another second I leave my bike and start to follow her by foot. I can see her tripping and falling to the ground. Time for a hero right now. I start to walk to her from the other side of the street when I see some guy walking towards her and picking up her bag. I stop for a second to see what happens. Maybe that is her dream date. Ha I knew he would have glasses. He lifts her up and I can see there is a weird look on her face? Anger? Fear? I see him hugging her tight but she doesn’t hug back. What is going on? I see his hand trailing down to grab her ass. Fuck that makes my blood boil. Then I see him kissing her and starting to lead her in the alley. I got a bad vibe and I see when they turn I saw something glitter on her side. A FUCKING KNIFE!?

Immediately I start to run towards the alley that they went. The closer I get the more I hear muffled screams. My heart starts racing like crazy every step I take. That guy is going to be dead! I turn to the alley to see him, with a knife to her stomach. I try to move as fast and as silently as I can so that he doesn’t hear me. One step out of time even thought all I would want to do is shoot him to the back of that head for touching her.

Nobody touches something that's mine. Even though she doesn't know it yet.

Now I’m directly behind him. *snap* fuck...He heard me.

These next steps happened in fucking seconds.




That’s what I felt when I dropped on the ground. That fucking guy stabbed me. I held down to my stomach. Why is it wet? But he is here. Brick. He is pretty. So so pretty.

I see him fighting with that bastard. Suddenly I could feel myself flying.Wow this is great. I smell something so intoxicating and wonderful. The pain is now gone. I don't see anything because my eyes won't open.

“Hold on doll. Open your eyes. Come on just for me okay doll? I need you more than you know” I hear a angelic sound from somewhere close. How beautiful.

"Beautiful.." I hear a quiet whisper. Wait that was me. My voice was so weird. Maybe heaven does that to you.

“Doll come on keep talking. Even thought you are the most beautiful angel in the world you are not leaving me to go to heaven. Not now doll. Stay with me.”

Wait a second. Why a angel would say that? Where am I?

I try my best to move, but there is something holding me down. LET ME MOVE GOD DAMN! I want to wake up! Angel help me move dammit!

“Brick, you need to put her down now. She needs help” I heard some other voice.

Brick? Wait a sec...He can help me!! “B...Brick..:” What does this mean? Put me down? LIKE A FUCKING DOG!?!? I’M GONNA DIE LIKE A FUCKING DOG?!?!? Please"don't...kill..."

Before I could say or think anything else, I felt darkness take me.

This is it. I’m dead.


Okaaay so that happened...

So now I’m going to do something I didn’t ever think doing.

Do you have an idea of a character you would like to see? Or some kind of event?

This is so not a ready story.. I mean I kind of know how this ends but the middle is all hazy.

SO if you have ideas please tell me! Anything goes basically so have fun and I will pick something from there, okay?

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