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Death is sweet and painful May

"Doll please wake up for me little one. Don't leave me now."

What a crazy fucking dream. I have to give credit to myself. Even if I have the most boring life ever, I can dream wild as fuck. But why Brick was there? Oh who am I kidding I've been seeing dreams about him for almost a month now.

Well time to get to reality. I try to open my eyes but they are too heavy. Dammit mornings are just getting harder ha?

I try again with no luck.

Okay okay May no need to panic just try to move first, okay before acting all cray cray. So I try to move my head. Shit I feel like a fucking train hit me. I try again moving my hand and finally start to feel something. Okay May time to try for those eyes again. This time I can push them open just a little. Blinding light hits me so I shut my eyes again.

“Fuck.....this....” I croak out. Fuck my throat hurts. Why everything hurts?

I open my eyes fully this time only to see some guy sleeping his head on my bed and holding my hand tight. Who the fuck is that? I can smell booze and something amazing but I can't really place how I know the smell

Wait a second here. THE DREAM! Brick was there! IT WAS REAL? I try to get up slowly and try to take my hand away from Bricks. “May” I hear him moan my name. Whoah that sound just send a deep ache to my core. Before I can help myself I finally move my hand to touch his hair. Damn it's so soft. “Hmm...” Brick hums and slowly rices his head until his eyes meet mine. Those beautiful eyes I could stare forever. “May! You’re awake!” He jumps up from his chair and sends it flying behind him. I could just see the relief in his eyes when he pulls his lips to a smile. Those lips that had been so close to me before. I lick my lips and force myself to look him in the eyes, only to see him staring at my own lips.

At that moment I tough that I couldn’t breathe. Feeling him again holding my hand. Sending that warmth all over me. Helloo Earth to May! Are you desperate or what huh? His starting to get closer and I soon notice his face mere inches away from mine. Shit fuck bollocks! I could just see his eyes darken a little. Why? Is it lust? No it can’t be. But he is still leaning in more, now our lips almost touching. I part my lips just a little bit when I can feel his breathing on my face. That scent could make any woman crazy.

“Is she....-” I suddenly heard someones voice from the door and Brick quickly takes a step back and drops my hand. Why do I feel so cold without his touch? See like I said.. Desperate. Never have I ever felt anything like this.

“May did you hear me?” The stranger says. I turn to look at him quickly. “Oh sorry...” I quickly place my hands on my lap and stare at my hands. “I was just coming to see if you are feeling any kind of pain.” The stranger comes close to me and begins to take away the blanket on my stomach. “WHOAH hold up perv! First I feel like a fucking train hit me and second no touching!” I almost scream at him. Then I realize my words and I can feel my face go white. Fuck I should not have said that to complete stranger! The stranger and Brick just start to laugh at me. Rude. I continue to glare at the both.

“I’m sorry. I’m Doc and I’m the one who fixed up that stab wound from yesterday” Doc says looking at me with a smirk on his face. “Brick if you could leave us so I can study her wound again?” He looks at Brick and I can see for just a second that anger in his eyes before his face went plank. “Fine.” He groans before looking at me and lowering himself near my ear. “Nothing I haven’t seen before doll” He whispers to my ear sending thousand little pleasure waves to my core. You are just pathetic May you do know that?

With a wide smirk on his face he leaves the room leaving me alone with Doc. He starts to examine me while my mind races million miles an hour. “Um... Doc...Where am I?” I just had to ask because I have literally no fucking idea. Doc just chuckles. “You’re at our club house infirmary. You’re safe now” He gives me a reassuring smile. Doc is kind of good looking. Looks ruff like Brick does but no one can be more handsome than that Greek God. I really would like that beard travelling all over my body. “I swear I’ll never go on a date again!” I grunted out loud as Doc just started laughing uncontrollably after checking everything was fine.

“Not even with me doll?” I heard again that deep sexy sound coming from the door. Forget the date and fuck ME! I feel that my cheeks are red as a tomato right now and I open my mouth to say something before I see his tongue traveling along his lower lip. "Do that again and I'll jump you right now"

Aaand as soon as those words leave my lips I can feel my whole damn body turn red. YOU CAN’T SAY THAT OUT LOUD YOU IDIOT! WAY TO GO VIRGIN MAY! “I... just...Sorry..” I get up and so I could leave. “I- I have to go no-..” And before I can finish that sentence I see Brick coming towards me.

“Stay.” He whispers in that low and addictive voice of his.

I see the crutches next to the bed and jump off to take them. I start to back up limping with my busted leg just trying to create some space between us but that’s no good when I feel a wall behind me. FUCK! I don’t want to brake eye contact with Brick, but the closer he gets the more pressure I feel going to my core. I break the eye contact and stare at the floor. Why this man makes me so nervous. I feel like I could throw up anytime. He’s now so close that I can feel the heat coming from his body lighting my core on fire. Never have I ever felt this way. He takes a hold on my chin and lifts it so I have no chance than to look at his face.

And what a pretty face that is.

“Breathe doll. I don’t want you to pass out on me now.” He whispers close to my ear slightly touching the sweet spot behind my ear. A silent moan escapes my lips as I feel him kiss my sweet spot. “I.. I..mmmm” Think May think! Say something. DO SOMETHING! I can feel him smirk on my neck as he gives light kisses to my neck and travels up my jawline. Now my whole body is on fire and every touch he makes feels like it could burn me. He lifts his face to look at me again. Those icy blue eyes of his just...damn. I look at his lips as his slowly inching closer to me with his whole body and those delicious lips closer than ever.

Just a little closer please. I can almost taste him. I tighten the grip on my crutches and look strait into those incredible eyes of his.

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