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The perfect kiss -Tyler

The moment I looked at her eyes I almost forgot how to breathe. I let my hands roam her sides feeling her, remebering her, while I kept my eyes on hers. Right when I was going to lean in and taste those sweet lips of hers, my hand touched something wet. On her stomach. Immediately I step back to see what it was.

I could feel her tensing up while I lift her shirt to see what the fuck is happening. Holy shit the stab wound! Staring at the now dark red bandage on her stomach.“Shit May!” I muttered under my breath. I looked her face, only to see that she is looking down to her now bare stomach.

“Fuck no...” I heard her small whisper before she fell right in my arms. Quickly picking her up on my arms and turning to lay her down back to the bed. I ran to the door to get our Doc back here. “DOC GET YO ASS BACK HERE SHE IS BLEEDING!” I yelled so loud it almost hurt. Fuck this can’t happen again.

I get a towel on my hand and go to press her wound to stop the bleeding. One hand on her stomach and another on her holding her limp hand. God her hand was so small and smooth. I was deep in my own toughs that I didn’t hear Doc coming in the room before I saw his hand trying to get mine out of the way.

“Brick I need to redo her stitches, you need to let go.” I heard Doc saying to me. Immediately I let go of the towel and took a step back, but not letting go of her hand. “Fuck I was an idiot. Is she going to be okay?” I asked and looked at Doc. I don’t even give a flying fuck how my voice was pleading like I would be the weakest man alive. I just need to her to be okay. That’s all I need. And maybe a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Jack.

Reeling me back from my head I heard Doc clearing his throat. I gave him a glare as I saw him just smirking at me. “As I was saying... She is going to be okay. The scar wont be so clean now, but she’ll survive. And for the next time she can’t walk until a few days after I take the stitches away. Until that she will have to use the wheelchair.” Doc said smirking at me.

“Fuck you smirking at?” I said lifting my eyebrow. “I’ll make sure that she gets the info so now back off man...and...thanks..” I mumble the rest of it quietly. “Anything for your old lady” he said with a wink and he left the room before I could say anything.

Fuck I need a drink and smoke. I lift myself up from the chair and walked to the window. Opening it I lit up smoke.

I shouldn’t touch her. She shouldn’t have gotten up.

Well she was trying to get away from you, you dipshit. I turn to look at her whilst running my hand through my hair. Fucking idiot. You just had to go all gave man monster on her, ha?

Looking at her lying there unconscious. She was so small. No wonder that someone like me would just break her. I kept smoking like my life depended on that. Please wake up little one. I know that she must've only passed out because of the blood, but still fuck.

I let my eyes roam around her body when I realized that she is still half naked. Fuck me. Flicking the cigarette out of the window I looked around the room when I noticed a blanket at the corner. I took it in my hand and made my way to her bed. Looking at her smooth legs and the shirt that was lifted up enough for me to see that oh so delicious underboob. Fucking hell she is just perfect.

Quickly placing the blanket on her small figure, so that she wouldn't freak out again when she wakes up. I sat down next to her on the chair and held her small hand. Looking at her calm face. She is just pure beauty. I couldn't hold myself back when my other hand reached her face. Lightly stroking her cheek and down to her parted lips. I leaned in closer to her face and close to her ear. "Little one, wake up for me please." Placing small kiss near her ear.

"You know what? The first time I saw you in my bar I lost my breath. It was like your aura completely shut me down. Like the time stopped. And when I talked to you..I mean fucking hell little one your voice is like angels singing. The more I see you the more I want to know you. I mean really know who you are. What you like and don't like. And now I sound like a pussy...god damn little one what are you doing to me?" I chuckled. I knew she didn't really hear me.

I took a better position on the chair and the moment my eyes started to get heavier, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. What the fuck now. "The fuck you want now?" I growled on the phone. Fucking idiots not letting me sleep. Not that I could ever sleep more than four hours but still. "Chill man. What crawled up your ass and died huh? Ooooh did I just interrupt you being balls deep in some chick?" I hear Pipe lough on the phone. "No you fucker I'm still at the infirmary, what is it?" I mumbled. "Well just checking that are we having the church before next run or do we just cowboy that shit up?" I could here the smugness in Pipes voice. Fuck I forgot. Shit. I look at my watch. Fuck it's 12 am and I haven't slept at all. Well tough shit club comes first.

"I'll be right back little one." Trying to keep my voice low and quiet so that I can take care of club shit before she wakes up. Maybe I should write her a note just in case...Nope..Yep.

Don't move little one. Call this number when you wake up and I'm not here.

I took her phone from her purse and put it next to the note on the chair before I left the room. Why the fuck do I feel bad about leaving her alone? Maybe I just need to get laid. Yeap that's it. Get her home. Get drunk off my ass. Fuck someone. And forget May and these..these..feelings. Ugh.

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