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No escape, for now - May

Hello my dear readers. I am so so so so freaking sorry that the last chapter was soooo boring but I hope this could be some what more exiting. Maybe.

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xoxo DearMary

Fuck not again. Before I could open my eyes I felt the pain on my stomach and leg. I must still be here, where ever “here” is that is. Well isn’t this just freaking peachy. I’m wounded and in a unknown place possibly with the Greek God named Brick.

What an awful name that is. Brick. It’s like ‘hello Brick, want to be apart of my house that I’m building?’

Okaay May time to face the music. Again. Fucking hell.

I slowly start to open my eyes. Noticing that I’m still in the same room I open my eyes fully, waiting to see those deep breathtaking eyes again. Nothing. I turn to look around the room. Open window, few tables and cabins full of medical shit. The familiar scent of cigarettes and something I can’t quite tell what hits my nose. I see my purse on the counter and next to it is some jacket and some kind of pants. Clothes. Then I see my red dress in the trash can. WAIT A SECOND. Quickly looking down I see a blanket on me. Looking under it I see that I have some huge shirt on me put no pants. Well looks like my day just got better huh?

I slowly try to get up, before the pain hits forcing me to stop. Ugh this is just neat. Cool. Peachy. Wonderful. At least I can feel that I still have my panties on. Okay May you need to do something. You don’t know these people even they did help you BUT that is not the point right now.

I see a chair next to me with my phone and some kind of note on it. Slowly reaching my hand to take both of them. I drop my phone on my lap to read the note. First thing I notice is how beautiful the handwriting is. Wow comparing to mine I would look like a fucking 5 year old. You would think I’m a freaking doctor when you would look at something that I wrote. Okay okay getting to the point, get your ass out of your head may. No I mean head out of your ass.

I read the note. ”Don’t move little one. Call this number when you wake up and I’m not here.” I turned the note around to see the number. Grabbing my phone I dialed the number. Here goes nothing.

Almost immediately there was an answer. “Hello?” OH FUCK IT’S HIM! Fuck fuck fucking running nuggets! “Umm..hi?” Shit my voice came out sounding like a mouse. Get yourself together May!

I heard a groan from the other side of the phone. Was he mad? Wait why would he be mad? He told me to call? Right? Right?!

I heard Brick clearing his throat. “May just wait a second I’ll be there.” And before I could even say anything he hung up. What the eggshells was that? Dropping my phone on my lap again I was utterly confused. But damn boy that voice did something to me. And I’m not only talking about the things it does to my ‘downtown’ area.

Before I could think about any further the door opened. There he is, the man of the hour. Brick. Leaning at the doorway with his hands folded in front of his chest like he owns the world.

“Sorry I wasn’t here when you woke up.” Brick said and when I looked at his face for a second I saw something behind his eyes. But before I could tell what it was it was gone. What could it be? Oh shit I need to say something! Feeling my cheeks heat up I cleared my throat so he wouldn’t hear the affect that he has on me.

“Oh..ummm..I-It’s okay.” Oh heck no with the stuttering. I am not that kind of girl! I lowered my head and looked at my hands on my lap, feeling the blush just spreading through my body. Come on May why can’t you hold yourself together in front of this man? What brought my attention back to present time was that damn chuckle of his. Gosh that is just hot. “How are you feeling little one?” I heard him asking, but his voice was somewhat louder. Little one? Why he calls me that? And again before I could stop my mouth, I lifted my head only to see him sitting next to me. “Why do you call me that? Is it because I’m weak or what? Because I can tell you now that I’m not as weak as I might look like!” I glare at him.

Only see him laughing at me. You know those full on belly laughs that you can’t stop? That is exactly what he was doing. What is it with this man? Bipolar or something? Oh leave it to virgin May to pick up the best men in the world. Good job me.

Rolling my eyes for my own thoughts I suddenly felt his hand on my chin so that I was really I mean really close to his face. Holy guacamole. Again I was so close that I could smell him. Cigarettes, alcohol but also something minty? I don’t know but damn he smells good.

“Don’t roll you eyes to me little one. I warn you” He whispered with a low almost demanding voice. At this moment what I should have said would have been something like ‘It wasn’t for you’ or something like that. But noo being the smart ass I am, I clearly had to say something else.“Or you’ll what?” Aaand of course being the bigger idiot in here I just HAD to roll my eyes again. Why do I still wonder the reason I’m here. Clearly I just attract trouble.

I looked back into his eyes trying best to look challenging. But he was so so so close and my eyes just had another plan for me. Lowering my eyes to look at those full ‘attack and ravish’ lips of his, I had to bite my lower lip just to keep down a moan when I heard him groaning again. Just effing go for it May!

Just when I leaned in so close that our lips were grazing and I looked in to his hooded eyes. Just as I was going get the kiss I have been dreaming of.

The door opened.

That's it I'm going to turn into a nun. Thank you very much.

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