Meeting him in between

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Chapter 2

“Wow, this is just amazing! Look at that view! The apartment is so big!” I gushed while walking in and out of the rooms in our new apartment. “I know, it’s perfect for us. Thankfully, my dad picked this one. He knows how I love the modern interior.” She laughed at me. “Your dad is the best, tell him thank you for me,” I told Macy with a smile.

“You have told him thank you so many times back in California. He knows you appreciate this.” “Yeah, I know, but thanks to him we can afford this apartment,” I answer her. “That’s true, oh I’m so happy. We are going to start a life in New York how crazy is that!” Macy gushed. “Yeah, it’s almost unreal.” I smiled at her while placing my bags on the ground.

Thanks to Macy, her dad who has a big company in California, we got this apartment. He does in real estate, and he bought this apartment for us, but we still need to pay for the rent, but it’s not too much. He wants us to learn to have responsibilities, but he also told Macy he would keep the money until we want to move out. He’ll give us the money when we want to buy a house of our own. When Macy told him about her job interview, he was at first not so happy about it. He always hoped she would join him in his company, but she wanted a career of her own. A fresh start in a new company.

Macy loved interiors and buildings, that’s what she has inherited from her dad. Her mom was always at home caring for her children. Macy has one younger brother, he is thirteen years old. Eric is very smart, and he already wants to take over his dad’s company when he graduates.

I was putting away my clothes in my closet when Macy cleared her throat. “Hi girl, do you mind if I’m going to grab a coffee with Michael? If you don’t want me to go, I can call him back.” She spoke patiently to me. “No, no, it’s fine just go. You must learn more about your work environment.” I said to her with a small smile.

“Thanks, Laurie, I won’t be away for long, I promise.” She told me with a big smile. “It’s okay, Mace, just go. I will order pizza when you arrive is that fine for you?” I questioned her. “Great, see ya.” And then she left. The silent room gave me energy and new insides. “Who had thought I would live in New York dad.” I talked to him while holding my necklace in my hand.

They melted his ashes in a heart formed silver necklace, so I have him with me every step of the way. I sold the bookstore to a regular customer of ours. Rita was a single mother in her forties, and she was so enthusiastic about buying my store. I couldn’t be happier that she bought it. She loved books, maybe more than I do. She was the perfect match. I’m certain my dad would be happy with my choice of not selling it to someone random. I sold the bookstore in a week, so Macy and I started planning our move to New York. Her dad found this apartment and two months later we are here.

Mace works Monday and I have an interview at a large publishing house a few blocks away from my apartment. Wells Publishing House is one of the many large companies in New York. It will be difficult to get accepted for the job, but I’ve got a pretty good resume and a nice degree, so maybe I have a chance.

I have to be patient and strong, just as dad always told me. Everything comes on your path when the time is right. He assured me always with those words when I wasn’t courageous enough. I’m going to live from now on and enjoy life as I am supposed to be.

After two hours I had showered myself and all my bags were empty. I was sitting on the big white sofa watching some television when the door burst open. “Hi girl, I’m home.”

“Hi, how was the talk with Michael?” I asked her with a big smile. “Great, he will be my guide and help me when I need it. He’s awesome actually.” She said with flushed cheeks. “Oh my Mace, you do like him!” I squealed in laughter. “Shush, you are being absurd. He’s handsome and his character is nice, but that’s all. You know I don’t want commitment.” She admitted.

“I know, but maybe not right now. But feelings can grow you now?” I questioned her playfully. “Not going to happen, girl.” She told me with a smirk. “I will call for pizza because I’m starving, what do you want?”

“A margarita please with lots of cheese,” I smiled at her. “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, but Michael has arranged tickets for us to go to a masked ball, isn’t that great?!”

“Really, when is that?” “Tomorrow in the Wilson hotel,” she said to me. “Wow, okay, I don’t think I have something in my closet to wear for those occasions and I don’t have a mask,” I said with an uneasy tone. “That’s fine, I need to shop anyway, we will go tomorrow okay?” She questioned me with a wide grin. “Okay, it’s a deal.” I smiled at her.

“Good, I will call for the pizza’s now and then I will text Michael that we will be going with him.” “Mmm, this pizza is delicious,” I murmured. “Yeah, it’s the best I’ve ever tasted before,” Macy told me with a big smile. “So Michael,” I encouraged her to loosen up more information about him. “How come he can arrange tickets for a fancy party?” I asked her curiously. “His dad is a rich man, he told me. He has a large company and because they were opening a new office, they wanted to do a big event. For the customers, as their employees. There will be a lot of rich people out there. Most of them have lots of companies. So isn’t that crazy he invited us to go to such an event?”

“I don’t know if you tell it that way we don’t fit in, don’t you think? We aren’t rich, and we don’t have any connections with his dad’s company.” I silently chewed further after my response. “No, no, no Laurie, you will not do this now. You are a strong and sexy woman. We deserve to be there. We were invited, so we belong there just like those other people. Do you hear me?” Mace questioned me with a frown.

“You know I have low self-esteem. I don’t have the money to buy me an expensive dress. All those people will be dressed as royalties, for God’s sake. The women with their long tin legs, have you seen mine, I’m a Latina, I will not fit in there for sure. “So what? Who gives a damn about what they believe and think. You are sexy as hell. Everyone wants those curves of yours. Those men will fall at your feet. We always worked hard for our money. We can be proud of ourselves. Tomorrow we are going to have fun, I promise. And if you want to go home, then we will return, but at least you have to try. You own it to yourself. Try new things, Laurie, it will benefit your entire career, you’ll see. Maybe you’ll meet someone in the publishing world, who knows,” she informed me with a smirk on her face.

“Okay, okay, you win. We will go.” I smiled at her. I hope I’ll find myself a dress that could fit in there.

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