Meeting him in between

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Chapter 3

“Goddammit, Lorena Sanchez, why does it take you so long. We don’t have all day,” Macy shouted at me from the living room. When she’s mad at me, she always calls me by my full name and that always pisses me off. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. I was just doing my hair quickly.” I said to her, annoyed.

“You don’t have to do that Laurie after we bought our dresses we are heading to do our hair. I know a place close to the mall.” She said to me with an enthusiastic voice.

“I’m ready,” I said to her while taking my purse and heading to the front door where Macy already was standing impatiently.

I’m watching my reflection in the store's mirror. The dress is so elegant and classy. The dress is tight. With his black color, it made it sexier. My curves are visible in the dress, but it didn’t make me uncomfortable. The dress has a sweetheart necklace that gave a glimpse of my cleavage but not too much. The dress was knee-length. My dark brown hair was curled in loose beach waves, and I had red lipstick on because Macy ordered me to wear it. But as always she was right, it looked good on me. I almost felt sexy.

“Wow, you look so hot Laurie!” Macy squealed from the door. “Dammit Mace, you scared me,” I whined. “I’m sorry I’m so enthusiastic,” she smiled. “You look stunning Macy, Michael will be so pleased with how you look,” I winked at her. “Oh, shut up,” she laughed at me.

Macy was wearing a white strapless long dress. She looks gorgeous and sophisticated. That Michael guy will only have eyes for her for sure. Macy had an aura to attract every man in the area. She’s always so charming and self-conscious. I always wanted to have her confidence.

“Are you ready? The cab will arrive in ten minutes.” “Yeah, I think I’m ready.” I smiled nervously at her. “Don’t worry, babe, you look stunning. It will be fun you’ll see.” Macy promised me. “Let me get my coat and purse and then I’m ready,” I informed her. She nods and walked out of my room back to the living room to collect her things. “You can do this, you look good,” I whispered to myself, trying to convince myself to be confident.

They parked our cab in front of the large Winston hotel. Guests in evening gowns and suits were entering the building. Macy paid the driver, and we walked out of the car. I tried to walk as elegant as I could in my high heels. My heart pounds like crazy. “You look so nervous, Laurie, calm down,”

“I am calm,” I murmured, irritated. “Yeah, right,” she giggled at my response. We walked into the building where two bodyguards checked the name’s of the guests. “I hope Michael has mentioned our names on the list,” I said to Macy patiently. “Yeah, he has, well he said so.” She giggled nervously. “We will know now, I guess,”

“Your names please,” the bodyguard asked us impatiently. “Macy Hawthorn and Lorena Sanchez,” Macy answered him politely. “You may pass.” He said when he saw our names on the list. “Thank you,” Macy winked at him. I rolled my eyes. When we were entering the corridor that led to the crowded room, I punched her teasingly. “What? She almost whispers yelled. “You were flirting with the bodyguard for God’s sake,” I murmured in her ear. “So what, have you seen his brawny arms, he must be very muscular underneath that suit of his.” She giggled.

“You are a handful sometimes, you know that?” I questioned her with a smirk. “Oh stop whining, we will see how you behave yourself in the presence of a handsome man.”

“Not like you for sure,” I giggled back to her. We entered the large ballroom. Our heels clicking against the marble floor. “Oh, there is Michael, come on, follow me.” She instructed me.

“Hi, Michael, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” I smiled politely while we shake hands. “Nice to meet you too, it’s Laurie, right?” He questioned me softly. “Yes,” I said firmly. “Macy, you look great and of course you too Laurie,” I nod at his response and I saw Macy looking at him shyly with flushed cheeks.

“What do the ladies want to drink?” Michael asked us gently. “For me a glass of wine and for you Laurie?” “The same for me, thank you, Michael.”

Michael nods and turned on his heels to walk to the bar. He was a handsome man for sure, but he wasn’t my type. He’s large and athletic build. With his dark blond hair, he would be a perfect match for Macie’s strawberry blond hair. He felt uncomfortable as well while looking into Macie’s eyes. “He looks good, Macy,” I giggled to her. “Yeah, I know, he looks so good that I want to rip that suit off of his body right now.”

“Okay, honey, slow down.” I laughed. “I’m sorry, but I’m so horny these days. It has been a month since I’ve had sex and you know I need it regularly,” She whined. I laughed at her response.

“This is crazy. Look at those men and women with their super fancy clothes and jewelry,” I said to Macy while looking into the crowded room. “Yeah, but we fit in, with our sexy dresses,” she smiled brightly. “Yeah, I have to admit I think so too. I feel confident in this dress. We made the right decision to buy these.” I said to her with confidence. “We look great for sure,” Macy said with a teasing tone. Michael arrived back with our drinks, and we talked a little about Macie’s workday tomorrow.

Soft music was playing in the background. People were talking and starting to dance on the enormous dance floor in the middle of the room. I was having fun for the first time in a while. Everybody was looking so mysterious with their masks on. You couldn’t see much of the faces of everyone. I was happy that Macy recognized Michael in an instant. Well, she had observed him very well when she had her interview a few weeks ago and yesterday when they went to grab a coffee. They were talking and laughing with each other and touched each other innocently.

It thrilled me to see Macy like this. I think Michael is genuine with his intentions towards her. The way he looks at her and wants to know everything about her says enough.

I look back into the crowd where people were dancing and laughing when someone caught my eye. The man was gazing at me as well. I think he was watching me for a while now because when I turned my head back towards my friend I could feel his piercing eyes still on me.

I became uneasy about it. Why was that man looking at me like that? This wasn’t looking, but staring for sure.

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