Love Howl

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Jacob has gone two years after his first shifted looking for his mate. He starts to give up when a new kid arrives at school. Jay's pack moves territories because of rogue problems. He has to go to a new school. But what makes him the most nervous is the secret he cares with him. He has his whole pack to help him keep it but he still is cautious. Will Jay's secret get out? Will Jacob find his mate? Warning: This is a gay romance.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


"Come on Jay! Hurry up and get down here!" mom yells from the bottom of the stairs.

Today was moving day…riiight. I don't want to move, but dad said it was best for the wolf pack. We packed and loaded everything yesterday except for a pair of clothes to wear today.

"Hurry up Jay!" My little sister yelled at me through the door as she galloped by. Lilly is 12 years old and is excited to move, unlike me. She doesn't have many friends here and I hope that she makes friends now that we will be in a new area.

"Jay!" Both my dad and older brother Liam yell up at me in unison.

"I'm coming!" I yell back. I pull on my pants and stumble out of my room, down the hall, and then down the stairs. When I finally make it outside Lilly is trying to get in Liam's huge truck’s front passenger seat. Laughing, I ran over, pick her up, and put her in the back.

"Oldest gets shot gun!" Jumping into the truck and buckling up, Lilly huffs but doesn’t say anything. Chuckling at us Liam starts the truck and follows behind Dad.

About an hour later I start to play with the radio. Eventually finding one of the stations playing my favorite song. Singing along to the radio I stop as Liam slows and then stops the truck. I look over at him questioningly.

"We are at the Blue Rose pack’s border," he answers. I nodded my head in understanding. My siblings and I all pile out of the truck following the lead of our parents. As the alpha family it is part of our duty to be present when asking to cross another pack’s territory. Nervously, I walk to my dad with Liam on my left and Lilly on my right, holding my hand. I squeeze her hand back acknowledging her own nervousness.

Turning my head to face her I whispered, "Don't worry Lilly, no one’s going to touch you while I am here." She gives a small smile and relaxes a bit. Letting go of my hand, she takes Mom’s as we approach, where Dad and Mom are standing.

Standing slightly ahead of us, my dad waits with the rest of the family in view of the other pack’s border. After a minute, suddenly another wolf steps out of the tree line with two others in tow.

"Blake." My dad greets the first wolf with a small incline of his head.

"Zane." Blake replies with the same gesture.

The air sat still with the tension of the meeting. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rise. Then a small smile appeared on Blake's face. Zane breaking into a big smile, they each give one another a hug. My dad turning to my mom, siblings, and me, smiling, he continues the introductions.

"Blake this is my family," speaking in a cheery voice. "This is my mate, and wife Megan, my eldest son Liam, my youngest son Jay, and my daughter Lilly." Dad points to each of us in turn. Blake nodding his head, greets us with a smile and a brief hello.

Soon Kyle, our Beta, and Nico, our Delta, indicate to Zane that we should get moving.

Zane returning to the matter at hand, proceeds to ask for permission to cross the Blue Rose pack's territory. With Blake’s consent, we quickly load back into the vehicles and head on to our new home.

Once we arrived, everyone jumped into action to help the pack get settled. By four that evening we had mostly unpacked.

As the day wrapped up, many of the women start dinner, while the men converse outside the Packhouse about the new border patrols.

Since tomorrow was Monday, most of the children were preparing for their first day at their new school. My brother, a senior this year, and I a junior begin talking to the other high schoolers about what we thought the school was going to be like. Lilly, a sixth grader was with the other middle school children talking about their new school.

When dinner was complete our mom called everyone into the Packhouse. We all ate till we were full, then while the adults washed the dishes or talked in the communal hall, all the children went out and played ball till it was dark. By that time all the younger children had been called to bed.

"I'm going to bed," I call down as I make my way up the stairs to my new room.

"Alright," my dad replied while everyone else nodded back at me. I walked into my room, grabbing a pair of pajama pants and boxers before walking into the bathroom for a shower.

I finally got out when my brother yelled at me for using all the hot water. Dressing, I crawl into bed and set an alarm to wake me up in the morning with enough time to dress for school and make it outside before my brother leaves. Thinking about what classes I would have and what friends I would make, I start to drift to sleep. I let the darkness take me, tired from the day’s adventure.

I woke by the sound of my favorite song playing.

“I love my alarm,” I sigh to myself. Jumping out of bed, I quickly get dressed as I contemplate the excitement of the day ahead.

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