Mia's Courage

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Travel on the journey with Mia, a girl fighting through her heartache, shattered soul, and pain to have the love she knows she truly deserves. "Do you love him?" What do I say yes.. because I'm supposed to and its killing me that he is who he is... I don't love him, not the way the moon goddess wanted me to. I'm making my own path, I just hope our goddess understands. "No." I replied, "I dont love him, but I think someone I met has a lot to do with that."

Romance / Fantasy
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Every ending has a beginning

Running, all I remember is running. Was I running from fear, was I running just to run, why was I running? Why is it always the same dream? I had been asking myself these same questions for weeks and today I had been asking them since 3 am, when my alarm clock jostled me awake. There's more to it but I cant remember, all I remember is running.

I decided it was time to stop worrying about the questions, and grab a shower. Getting up, I grabbed a towel from the bathroom drawer and turned the shower on. I like the water hot, it doesnt bother my skin, I run at a naturally higher temperature, all of the people in our community do. I should explain, my family and our community are wolves, werewolves to be exact. We can phase between our wolf side and our human side at will. My name is Mia and my wolf's name is Phoenix. We live in a community or pack of shapeshifters, humans don't know we exist unless your wolf is mated to a human but more on that later.

I am 18 years old and I am a senior at Misty Meadows High. My parents are Jay and Karen, they are the Alpha pair to our pack and have been for 20 years. My parents mated when they were 18, most wolves find their mate when they are 21, alpha mates are different.

I said I would get back to mates and I bet you're wondering if I found my mate. Well, I did, however I chose to reject my mate. Yes, it hurts. When a wolf rejects their mate, a piece of their soul vanishes. I loved Kyle the minute our eyes met, but I knew the Kyle I and my wolf felt instantaneous love and bond with, wasn't the Kyle that I wanted to be with. Kyle is also a wolf, hes from a neighboring pack, a dangerous pack.

So here I am with a shattered soul, a broken heart, and a growing headache. Starting my morning off with a growing list of problems I decided my shower was over. I put my honey hair into a towel to dry, and went to my closet to find some clothes. Today was the first day of Senior year and I was not looking forward to it. Kyle would be there, I hadn't seen him since the rejection. It's going to be hard but I have my best friends Lisa and Shay to help me through it. I can do this, I can live a life without Kyle.... or so I hope. My parents are also trying to help me through this, they don't fully understand why I rejected Kyle and if I did tell them why I know they would understand... I can't tell them though because I am embarrassed. I shouldn't be but its hard when the wolf or man you wanted,the man you waited for,dreamt of turns out to be a monster.

Staring at myself in the mirror I decided I was ready to embrace the day.. I threw on my black skinny Jean's with tear mark's on the thighs, my white flowy blouse, and my black wedge heels. I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys and ran downstairs. I knew I could do this, like the saying goes every ending has a beginning, let's just hope the saying is true and I can truly find peace or a version of happiness from this pain.

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