Lust? Or Love?

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She's been head over heels for this one guy since she was 15 now that's she's 21 will she finally give in to her desires to be with him? She's always been the type of girl to just lay low and stay to herself. Will she give him the opportunity to show her he really wants her? ~~ He let her out of his grips one time to save the sake of his friendship. He's always been out going but something about her he's never been able to just leave her alone Will he go against his best friends wishes to be with her or will he let her go again? _______________________________ "I've liked you since we was kids, I can't get over you, I've left the country to be away from you all I ask is for one chance to prove myself to you." He says with sincerity in his voice and loved filled green eyes. "Let's take it slow and see where that goes. How do you know if this is lust or if this is love?" I ask him tipping my head sideways. "Baby there's only one way to find out." He takes a gulp of his white muscadine wine with a small wink. "Touché" I say picking up a piece of shrimp and gobbling it down. "I can't wait to get you home tonight Cassidy." He grins at me making my cheeks hit up knowing this dress will be torn and on the floor. "I can't wait Nathaniel!" I say licking my lips, letting him know I want this just as much. ____________________________

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Chapter 1

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Walking around the yard, being out in the open, always made me feel better. I just need to be away for a few minutes to gather my thoughts properly.

“ Cassidy, hurry up! You said ten minutes.” Carter, my annoying twin, said from the bottom of the tree I was currently in.

“ Yes, ten minutes of alone time, not for anyone to follow me. ” I said back in a bit of a sassy tone.

“ You don’t have to be such a smart ass. I’m just letting you know we have to be there in one hour or our ass is grass. ” He replied walking away.

“ I know, I know. I just don’t know if I can do this. ” I said softly to myself, struggling not to cry.

My dad is getting remarried in 2 weeks. Today they are having this big family dinner, almost like a rehearsal to make sure everything goes smoothly on their big day. Honestly, I’m happy for him, but It just hurts seeing him with another woman who isn’t my mother.

I’ve known Tess for such a short time, she’s great, but I don’t truly know her. I know she makes my daddy happy without a doubt. She goes above and beyond to try to make us as comfortable as possible as well.

It’s just, 8 months doesn’t seem like a long enough time to want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Especially since she hasn’t even met Lily or Ashton.

I guess that will change today though since they both just made it in.

" Cassidyyyyyy, come on! Dad will be pissed if we are late, plus I’m ready to get my drink on. ” Ashton yells from the back porch, walking towards the garage.

Uh oh. He is already getting pissy and he hasn’t even been here a full 3 hours. I giggle to myself knowing I’ve already spent more time than I should have out here. I hike my dress up and jump down. Thankfully, it doesn’t tear.

I smooth down my glittery silver gown that hugs my body like a second skin.

“ Coming dude, chill out! ” I step inside my side of our quiet home to grab my clutch and a pair of flats for later, just in case.

“ By the way, Where is Lily? I haven’t seen her yet? ”I ask my older brother, knowing he and Carter are just ready to see what’s on the menu for the night.

I jump in the back seat of Ashton’s red and black trim, 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Why I couldn’t take my own vehicle was beyond me. I guess I’ll end up having to be their drunk asses DD tonight.

“ Lily will be there shortly. She got a room at the red rose hotel because she brought a date this time. ” Ashton smirks, after taking off flying to get to the civic center where the dinner will be held.

“ Okay. Do y’all know who he is? ” I ask while taking some chap-stick out of my clutch to apply it to my dry lips.

“ Nah, we don’t, but I’m pretty sure it’s a girl and not a dude. ” Carter starts laughing.

Since high school, Carter just goes on and on about how Lily will end up with a girl. It’s not my cup of tea but as long as she is happy, that’s all I care about.

“ No shit man. I bet it’s a girl too. Little sis just better not outshine me with the ladies tonight. ” Ashton replies back.

" Sooo onto another topic, instead of our sister’s love interest. Ashton, how was the trip back home? Meet any cute girls from Stokes?” I ask since I know my brother is the notorious playboy that can’t ever settle down.

“ Oh, so we can talk about my love interest but not Lily’s? But naw, them girls up there aren’t women I’d ever settle down with. Just a hump and dump kinda thing! ” Ashton replies, doing a fist bump with Carter while laughing.

“ Well, you ain’t getting any younger. I mean, you’ll be 26 in two months.” I tell him while trying to steer clear of hitting one of his buttons, knowing he doesn’t care to talk about his ”first love”. She did him pretty damn dirty sleeping with our cousin.

Funny thing is, neither one knew about each other until we had a family gathering one day. When she got there, all the good deets came out that day! Talk about family drama. That day, Ashton was trying to kill Cole. Worst of all, Abby ran after Cole, since then, I haven’t heard from either one of em.

I hope they don’t come today, but seeing as how all the family is invited, I reckon they will be there.

“ Well yeah, I may not be getting any younger, but the ladies still want this. ” Ashton point’s towards his body.

“ Ugh, please stop talking now. ” I say, leaning my head on the window.


Okay so if you are a new reader i’m going to go ahead and point out this book has some flaws (It is a rough drift).. The grammar and punctuation isn’t that great. Each chapter that i've edited will say so at the top. Please continue to read it and thank you soooo much for giving it a try! <3

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