Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Emma Smithart swore she would never go back. With her father's health taking a turn for the worst, she had no choice but to return. Little did she know, Darren Jonesy, was still very much apart of the small town she avoided for the past six years. Darren Jonesy was never the same after Emma left town all those years ago. They may have been young but Darren knew then nobody could ever take her place in his heart. Darren spent six long hard years throwing himself into building a successful, thriving business in their small little town. The day he saw her, the sun lit up his world again. If only she would give him a half a minute to explain what really happened all those years ago.

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Chapter One *Coming Home*

Emma's heart raced. It had been racing the past 3 hours. She passed a sign on the interstate, only 90 more miles. For a split second, Emma contemplated turning around, but as thoughts of her father flooded her mind, she kept on towards her small hometown. No matter what had happened six years ago, the time to run was over. Emma knew she had to be there for her father.

Emma's father hadn't been doing well for a couple of years now. He had a normal, healthy life. It started with minor headaches, that turned into migraines. The migraines lasted about a year and a half before Emma and her mother convinced him to visit the doctor. When the medicine worked for a few months they were sure all their worries were over. Then the migraines came back, with a vengeance.

His doctor ordered an MRI to be done. The call Emma received after they had the results crushed her to her soul. Her father had two tumors on his brain, one was operable while the other was only possibly treatable.

Shaking, Emma read the next sign, 50 more miles. She had no idea what was going to happen when people realized she was home. Home at least long enough to see her father regain his health. The distance she had put between herself and this small off the map town was not by accident.

It was a beautiful small country living type town. The type of town you get stuck in. Now that Emma had a taste for the city, she wasn't sure how long she would be able to tolerate her little hometown. Only 25 miles left to go.

The closer she got, the tighter her grip on the steering wheel got. Emma knew she could deal with everyone in town, all their gossip and what not. Emma knew she could, in her own way, handle seeing her father and caring for him. What she knew she could not handle was seeing him. Darren. The mere thought of him made her heart race. Only 10 miles.

Darren Jonesy. Emma's first and only love. She still remembered the summer his family moved to town. Emma had just turned 11, she was busy playing with friends as the uhaul pulled in two doors down. Darren's family settled in and fit in perfectly in their small little town. His mother was the new town vet, and his father owned a little Ma an Pa store around the corner from our block.

Emma and Darren had become fast friends. When they hit 16, is when they slowly turned friendship into a relationship. Emma thought back on the simple times. The times when they would talk and laugh over everything while they devoured all the ice cream they wanted at her parents ice cream parlor. The times he kissed her goodnight on a hot summer night, lightning bugs lighting up the sky. All the whispered I love you's.

As Emma passed the Welcome to town sign her shaking was visible. After their last encounter, Emma could only hope and pray Darren Jonesy had left this god for saken town. Driving threw town Emma noted not much had changed in the six years she had been gone. Only major change was the new Walmart. She knew everyone in town must have loved that. No more driving an hour for a grocery store. Sure they had the small locally owned businesses, but nothing as convenient as a Walmart.

She also toke notice in an old remodeled building. Not knowing why she pulled into the parking lot. She sat there car off staring at the building. Growing up it was abandoned and falling to pieces. As teens they would hang out there and drink and smoke a little pot every now and then. Now it was a hardware store that also sold what the sign said was handmade wooden furniture.

Curiosity got the best of her and she went inside. She lost track of her thoughts as she aimlessly walked the aisles, letting her fingers trail down some of the finely done furniture. Rounding a corner sharper than she should have, Emma felt her body collide with another. As she went down, instincts took over and she grabbed ahold of the person making them fall with her. As they tumbled she felt a strong arm curl around her waist and as she was flipped away from the ground, she banged her head on a shelf, pain shooting to her toes as she landed in a heap on top of this man. Head aching, Emma slowly pushed herself into a straddle position, trying to gather her bearings she slowly opened her eyes. Rubbing the quickly growing bump, her heart skipped a beat as the face looking up at her smiled.


"It's been a while huh Em?" His voice was deeper.

She was speechless. All Emma could do was sit there, mouth gaping, staring down at none other than Darren Jonesy. He was more muscular than when she left, then again he was 25 now. All the words left her brain as he laid there underneath her.

"Not that I mind, being under you," Darren smiled that smile at her, the one that always seemed to make her melt. "But, we will definitely be the talk of the town if you don't get up." As the words slowly hit her, Emma felt a slight bulge growing in between her legs. Gathering her wits, Emma jumped up and almost had reached her car when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"Em, please. Don't run away from me again. It's been six long years." Emma let Darren slowly turn her around to face him. He was as handsome as she remembered, the years were kind to him. Remembering the feeling of his slightly hard cock growing under her, made shocks shoot threw her body.

"You know why I left Darren. You know why I can't do this." Blocking the memories Emma turned away from him and got in her car. As she drove to her parents house she fought the memories. Why did he still have to be here, after all this time. And why after everything, did her body still respond to him the way it never did to any other man.

As Emma tried to shake the encounter off, she slowly pulled into her parents driveway. The house was still the same. It could probably use a little TLC, but was still the beautiful house she grew up in.

Emma walked inside and sat her bags down in her old room. Her mother had warned her they wouldn't be home for a few days. They had traveled a few towns over for one of her father's treatments. Just as she knew her mother would, there was already prepared meals ready to cook all nicely labeled and organized in the fridge. She pulled out the lasagna and popped it in the oven.

While it cooked, Emma sat at the table, replaying her run in with Darren over and over again in her head. She hated how her body so readily accepted him back, but her heart didn't quite agree.

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