Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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A New Day

Darren's P.O.V.

Darren woke with a headache that pierced his skull. Remembering Emma was in his bed he sat up and looked at her. He replayed the night before in his head as he looked at her. He finally got a chance to tell her what happened that night. He didn't know how much of the night Emma would remember, but he felt a little better. He brushed her hair off of her face as she slept.

After she was threw throwing up Darren stumbled and helped her out of the rest of her clothes and walked her to his shower and watched as she let the water fall down her body. It took everything inside of him not to join her. When she seemed threw he helped her up to his bed and pulled one of his shirts over her gorgeous body before she laid down and passed out. He had left her briefly and got in the shower himself.

Needing release, he stroked his still rock hard erection thinking of Emma's beautiful body. After getting out he pulled on some boxers and laid behind Emma in his bed.

This is what he wanted every morning. To wake up to the feel of her next to him. Pulling her body closer, he allowed himself to fall back asleep, not caring about whether or not he opened the store that day.

When he woke next he had no idea what time it was. All he was aware of was the feeling of Emma slowly rubbing her ass on him. Slowly Darren pushed his shirt up on her body until he grasped her breast. He began placing soft kisses on her neck and his cock jumped on her ass as she moaned. He trailed his hand down to her bare ass before pushing his boxers down and placing himself at her core. Her moan at the feel of him was all it took, Darren slowly pushed himself deep inside of her and made love to Emma the best way he could.

After he had finished, they laid there in silence as he held her, still deep inside of her.

"Do you mind if i shower?"Emma finally asked him. He gripped her body tighter. He didn't want her to move. He wanted to slowly make love to her again. Maybe all day. He didn't want to leave his bed.

"Course not." Darren very reluctantly allowed her to get up, enjoying the view as she stretched and walked towards the bathroom.

Darren couldn't stop himself. He left the bed and grabbed two towels and joined her in the bathroom. Emma jumped startled as he entered behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

They took turns washing each other, kissing, fondling as they showered, before Emma exited. Darren needed a little extra time to cool down before he joined her otherwise he would have taken her again over and over all over his house. When he exited the shower, he simply wrapped the towel around himself and went in search of Emma.

When he found her, she was in a pair of his boxers and t shirts, bent over cleaning her throw up off his floor as she talked on her phone. He waited to show himself as he listened to her end of the conversation.

"Yes, I know. I apologize for being out so long," a pause and she finished her task. "I know. Again, I'm sorry." Another pause and she went to his fridge shaking her head, surely at the lack of food in it. His fridge consisted mainly of beer and milk and orange juice. She happened to dig out some eggs, butter and bacon Darren didn't remember buying. "He passed a couple days ago. The funeral is next week." Pausing she went in search of the things to make a pot of coffee. "Yes, I promise. give me until friday next week and i will be on my way back." With her words Darren's heart dropped. She was still going to leave? "Yes, thank you. Bye." After she ended the call she went about her business fixing breakfast. Darren took a second to compose himself before entering the kitchen.

"I never thought i would see the day i would have such a gorgeous woman cooking for me." Darren put a smile on as he really took in Emma in his kitchen. She was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. Her perfectly tanned legs up to her perfect ass in his boxers, her hair messy from toweling it dry hung down her back and her face lit up as he came closer to her and finally wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You lie so well, you knew this day would come, may have taken longer than we thought before, but you knew," Emma giggled as Darren nuzzled her neck and went to fix them both a cup of coffee. "What i never knew would happen is the lack of food in your house. Do you not eat?" She questioned as she flipped the bacon.

"Hey now, i eat. I usually eat out though. They know my order inside and out down at Tommy's." They both laughed. Darren watched Emma as she finished cooking.

"Toast?" She asked and Darren nodded his head as she buttered them each two slices and joined him at the table.

Emma glanced down at the table and a blush rose to her cheeks. Darren smiled at her.

"You know you didn't have to clean that. i would have gotten it." He said to her as she began eating.

"Yeah right, it would have stayed there. It's fine. I'm so sorry i got that fucked up." Her blush turned a deep red.

"We could always say fuck breakfast and try again, minus the throwing up this time. When you look at this table that's what i want you to see." If it was possible her face grew even more red.

"Darren! You would waste this perfect meal i just so nicely made for you?!" She joked with him.

"Hey, it's your fault," When she raised her eyebrows at him, he raised his hands. "I'm just saying, you can't sit there looking drop dead gorgeous and not expect me to react. I want you all over again." Emma giggled and kept eating. He wasn't lying. He felt like he could keep taking her all day, all over his house. In every room.

Darren honestly couldn't believe she would be gone next week. He didn't want her to leave. After they finished, He helped her clear the table and watched her as she did up the dishes. If she was determined to still leave, he would either have to try and change her mind or make the most of the time they had left. At the moment he went for the latter. Darren walked up behind her and began kissing her neck and slid his boxers off of her waist and let them hit the floor. He turned her to face him and kissed her deeply. She undid his towel and he let it hit the floor. Slowly he spun her around and sat her on the wooden table and looked into her eyes as he slowly entered her.

This is the only life he wanted. He wanted everyday like this day. Darren made love to Emma for the second time that morning, loving the way she threw her head back in excasty as he made her cum over and over before finally letting himself go deep inside of her.

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