Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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No More Tears

Emma's P.O.V.

As Emma sped back to her parents house, she fought back her tears. How could he?! Why was she just not enough for him? Was it her fault? She should never have told him she didn't want more. She should have spoken the truth to him from the beginning. Maybe then he wouldn't be throwing his lips at every floozy in town.

As Emma parked her car, she sat in the driveway for a moment trying to compose herself. The last thing that she wanted was for her mother to see her crying, especially over him.

Emma spent a good half hour in her car, trying to calm down and stop crying. Every time she would stop she would see them again in her mind. It was the incident with Zoey all over again, only this time it felt even worse.

Emma took a deep breath and got out of her car. There were worse things going on in her life she should be crying over instead. Darren wasn't worth it.

She knew all she had to do was make threw these next few days. Go to her father's funeral and then she could leave it all behind, again. Of course she would come back and visit her mother. Or maybe she could just talk her mother into moving away and moving in with her. Then they could both just leave their problems behind.

"Emma, honey, is that you?" Her mother called from the living room.

"Yeah mom, just me." Emma replied as she turned the corner and peeked her head in.

"You're back awfully fast." Her mother questioned. Emma debated with her inner self on whether to tell her mother or not. She chose the latter.

"Yeah, I, uh, didn't see him there. Must have gone to lunch I guess." She lied as she looked away.

"Oh." Her mother waited for her to look back up into her eyes again. " You can talk to me, you know, if you want." Her mother seemed to plead with her with her eyes. Emma wanted nothing more than to crumple into her mother's arms and cry all about what she had seen, but she didn't want to burden her. She had enough to deal with.

"Yeah, no, I know ma. I'm good, I'm fine," Emma tried her best to smile at her mother, who didn't in the least look convinced. "I, uh, need to call my boss, let him know what's going on. I'll be down in a while and uh help with dinner. I love you." Emma quickly kissed her mother's forehead and sped off to her old room before her mother could question her any further. She would surely break down if she did.

As Emma closed the bedroom door behind her, she slowly sank to the floor in front of it. No. Emma would not let even another single tear fall over this man. It was done, she was done.

Emma spent the next two hours combing threw everything in her room that was Darren related, until finally she had it all inside of a single box, pictures and all. Feeling better, but only a little, Emma exited the room with the box.

"What's all that honey?" Her mom asked as she spotted Emma walking towards the front door with it.

"Oh, it's nothing, just useless things I don't need anymore." Emma smiled at her mom. "I'll be right back. Then we can start cooking if you want. I'm famished." Emma walked outside without waiting for her mother's reply.

Emma quickly made her way down to Darren's house with the box. She wanted to simply put it all on his porch and maybe he would get it. Maybe he would understand. Emma hoped he hadn't made it home from work yet.

Quietly as she could, just in case he was home, Emma sighed and placed the box on his step.

As Emma walked back to her parent's house, she allowed a tear to fall. Hugging herself tight she sighed deeply. She really thought Darren loved her. Wanted her. Emma believed him. Emma let herself see their whole future play out once more only to have it stomped on, once more.

As Emma entered the house she shook her head, trying her hardest to put on a happy face for her mother.

"Hey honey, take care of everything?" Her mother asked her with a delicately raised eyebrow.

"Sure did. You ready to cook?" Emma asked as she clapped her hands together. With this Emma's phone rang and she dug it out of her pocket to check the caller ID. It was Darren. Not wanting to answer she tossed it onto the kitchen table.

"Actually, hon, I was thinking why not go down to Tommy's, eat and have your dad's favorite pie for dessert?" Her mother was already grabbing her coat off the back of the chair while staring at Emma's phone screen, which still was saying Darren.

"Sure, that sounds great." There was a note of false cheerfulness, even Emma heard it. Her mother looked between her and her cell phone which Darren continued to call back to back.

"Are you going to answer that honey? It's Darren." Her mother grabbed the phone from the table and handed it to Emma. Emma hit decline as she smiled at her mother and shoved it in her back pocket.

"No. Let's go eat." Emma lead the way and hopped into her car as she waited impatiently, tapping on her steering wheel, for her mother.

As they backed out of the driveway Emma saw Darren in her rear view mirror. He was going threw the box. Phone in hand. Maybe he got it now. She wasn't going to answer. As the drove away, Emma watched him as he put his phone to his ear once more, as he watched them drive away.

A minute later her phone rang. Then rang again. Boy was he not giving up. Why in the world was he still bothering her, he had his little floozy from the store, maybe he should call her.

After two more calls, the calls stopped. Then just when Emma thought she was in the clear, her phone buzzed alive with text message after text message.

The question she now asked herself, as they pulled into Tommy's parking lot, was would she bother to read them?

As they both got out of the car, Emma tossed her phone inside and locked it up. All she knew was, she wanted to enjoy these last few days with her mother. So, whatever he wanted could wait.

Emma and her mother spent a few hours at Tommy's eating and laughing until both were full and rubbing their tummy's. Emma paid as her mother went out to the car.

"So, are you going to tell me what's going on now dear?" Her mother asked as Emma climbed into the drivers seat. Emma sighed and looked into her mother's eyes. She just couldn't hold it in any longer.

"It happened again mom. I just I can't." Emma let out a shaky breath as her composure fell. The tears began to fall as her mother reached over and rubbed her back.

"Honey, what happened?"

Emma recounted everything back to her mother that she had seen at Darren's shop that day. Told her how she had packed everything that reminded her of Darren into that box and left it for him on his porch. And told her threw her tears that she was just ready to go, not to leave her, but to get away from him.

Emma's mother rubbed her back and sighed.

"Honey, maybe you should answer his calls, or texts if you don't want to hear his voice, maybe, just maybe it isn't what it seems." Her mother said softly. Emma looked at her mother and nodded.

The whole ride back to the house, Emma thought on what her mother had said. Maybe she was right. Maybe just maybe.

When they got back, Emma couldn't help herself as she looked over at Darren's. His truck was there. He was home. Feeling like an idiot, Emma tried to sneak inside and kissed her mother good night as her mother made her way to bed.

Emma, feeling restless stayed downstairs. She fought with herself as she played with her phone in her hands. She wanted to open the texts from him. See just what he had to say. Then the other part of her didn't care, she knew what she saw.

Giving in to the side that didn't care, Emma went to her father's liquor cabinet and poured herself a shot of whiskey. She had downed three shots before she decided to read the texts from Darren.

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