Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Darren's P.O.V.

That morning after Darren had kissed Emma good bye, he walked to his shop. Darren was in the best mood he had been in after what felt like months, years really. It didn't even bother him that he missed the early morning business from staying in bed with Emma.

To his surprise, when he got to his shop, it was open. Walking inside he spotted both of his parents. Smiling he went to his mother who was cashing out a customer.

"Thanks Mom, for opening, you guys didn't have to do that." Darren said as she hugged him.

"Well, we figured you would be busy with Emma," Pulling back from the hug, he caught a twinkle in her eye. "besides your father and I need to keep busy sometimes, life gets boring once you're retired." She joked.

"Well, if you don't mind staying I do have a couple cabinets I need to finish for a client." With a smile Darren went to his woodworking part of the shop and got to work.

After a few good hours and what felt like a gallon of sweat later, Darren stood back and appreciated his work.

"Hey mom, will you call this client for me while I clean up? Just let her know I'm finished and she can come and pick up the cabinets as soon as she is ready." His mother nodded and took the paper from Darren with Emily's contact info on it.

Darren jogged home and was hoping to catch Emma, but as he passed her house, her car was gone. Shrugging he made his way home and hoped into the shower.

Instead of walking back this time Darren hoped into his truck and once again was a tiny bit disappointed that Emma's car was still gone. He was beyond ready to see her again already. Darren felt like he had when they were younger and she had first let him lean in and kiss her.

Instead of almost ten years ago it felt like only a short time ago.

Darren remembered how nervous he was as he leaned in closer to her and watched as she leaned in closing her eyes. He had been wanting to kiss for weeks before he stole the chance to do so. After they had kissed, he remembered the happiness and giddiness that coursed threw his body.

It was how he felt now.

As he pulled up to his shop, Darren spotted an older pick up truck over on the side at the loading dock. Walking briskly over, he spotted Emily chatting it up with his mom.

Both laughed and turned to him and smiled.

Darren couldn't believe he almost lost his chance with Emma for her. Of course anyone with eyes could see how beautiful Emily was, but she honestly was no Emma.

As Darren waved hello and began loading her cabinets, he was glad he had told her pretty much to back off.

"Ok, all done." Darren said cheerfully as his mother took the check from Emily to take inside.

"Thanks again Darren, they are so beautiful." Emily said as she sauntered her way over to him and placed her small hand on his arm.

Darren gave her a small smile as he looked down at her hand. When he raised his head to tell her to have a good day, she was up on her tip toes and planted her full lips on his.

Darren felt like he had no time to process what was happening before her arms snaked around his neck.

Placing his hands on her small waist he gently pushed her back off of him.

"Whoa, uh, Emily, I thought I told you that's not cool." Darren said as he roughly rubbed the back of neck.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't leave without knowing what your lips felt like on mine. I can't stop thinking about you Darren." Emily pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. Darren wondered to himself if she knew just how unattractive she was in this moment.

"Look, Emily, I appreciate your business, but this, us, will never happen. I'm in love, and I lost her once, i damn sure ain't losing her again." Darren turned and walked away and heard her truck leave in distance.

He couldn't believe that had really just happened. What if Emma had been there? What if she would have seen it? There would have been no absolute way she would stay.

Darren tried his best to put Emily and her kiss out of his mind as he went threw the rest of the day.

Finally at closing time, his mother totaled out the register for him as his father walked around checking everything was nice and locked up. Walking out together he smiled at them.

"Thanks, really, it was nice having help in there today," Darren turned to his parents before they got in the vehicle. "You know anytime you guys get a little too bored, feel free to stop in, i can always use the extra hands." Darren smiled. They all waved and went their separate ways.

Darren pulled out his cell phone and dialed Emma's number. He just needed to hear her voice. Needed to see her. It felt like days instead of just a few hours. Maybe he could treat her and her mother to dinner he thought as he got her voicemail. Dialing again he passed her parents place to see her car was indeed in the driveway.

Darren sighed as he got her voicemail two more times and pulled into his driveway. He wasn't about to give up reaching her though, maybe she was in the shower or something. Hopping out Darren didn't notice the box on his porch until he shoved his phone in his back pocket.

Darren bent over and opened it. He slowly sank to the ground as he realized the contents of the box.


Slowly he began to pull each thing out looking at each one.

The box was full of things from his and Emma's relationship, right down to the pictures off her bedroom wall. Taking a deep shaky breath, Darren pulled his cell phone back out.

Emma was still ignoring his calls.

He looked up at the sound of a vehicle and saw it was Emma's car leaving her parents place.

What did this mean?

Darren was beyond confused as he continued to call and continued to be ignored.

Sighing and running a shaky hand threw his hair, Darren picked up the box and went inside.

Setting the box on his table he sat and poured himself a shot before pulling out his cell phone. Trying one more time to call Emma, when he got no answer he took another shot and began texting her.

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