Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Drunken Messages

Emma's P.O.V.

Emma knew she wouldn't be able to do it sober. So after she felt good and tipsy, she opened Darren's texts.

Em what's going on?

Emma scoffed at the message. So this was how they were gonna play it?

Em please

No, she thought as she went to the next one.

Em y did u leave this stuff here?

Well, she had no more use for it. It was time to let go and move on. Emma felt absolutely ridiculous for thinking they could get back together.

Em talk to me

Everything inside of her wanted to message back and tell him exactly why she wouldn't talk to him.

Emma, if you don't message me back at least call, or come over.

Why? So he could cloud her mind with his touch and kisses? Kisses he gave out freely, apparently to anyone in town? She felt like a fool. Emma set her phone down while she consumed about three more shots. She was slowly feeling her tipsy drain as the sadness threatened to seep in.

Picking her phone back up, Emma continued.

Please baby talk to me

At the word baby, Emma almost laughed. Yup, she was definitely about drunk. Only two more messages left.

Em I need to see u

You mean you need to use me, Emma thought as she opened the last message.

Emma, I love you, I can't lose u again. Please come talk to me.

Emma took about four more shots this time. Her head was beginning to feel a little whoozy. Settling down in one of her favorite chairs, she decided to answer him.

I can't do this Darren, I was right before, we can't be more.

After hitting send, Emma jumped as her phone chimed almost instantly right after she sent it.

Why? What is different from this morning?

Emma couldn't believe he was feigning innocence. Is that what their life would be like if she were to stay?

Alot. Y don't u ask that little floozy from earlier today? I'm sure she would love to have u back in her arms.

Hitting send before she had the sense to stop herself, Emma sighed and shook her head. No instant message back this time Emma thought as she poured another shot. Oh well, it never really would have worked. Emma didn't want to leave the city, not bad enough to be treated like this. She would find love, maybe. If not, she would have a happy, successful life.

A chime went off from her phone signaling a new message.

Em, baby, I'm out front, come talk to me, that really honestly wasn't at all what ur thinking.

Emma didn't want to see him. Not right now. She would crumble into his arms and accept anything he told her, just to feel him hold her again. Emma set her phone down and sighed as another message came threw.

Em, i know ur awake.

Scoffing she let this one go unanswered as well. Emma sighed as yet another message came in.

Em please. i can't lose u. i need u in my life. come talk to me.

Emma couldn't believe Darren was standing outside her house, like a creep. Just waiting. Emma chuckled, well he was going to be there all night if he was waiting on her.

Darren, go home. I don't want to talk. I know what i saw. i'm just sorry i wasn't enough. i was never enough for u.

Taking another shot, which was probably a mistake, Emma tried her hardest to hold back her tears. Another chime.

Em please i swear to u it wasn't like what u think. obviously u didn't see everything, i didn't want to talk about this over a text. if u saw everything u would have seen me push her away.

Another chime.

I am head over heels in love with YOU Emma. i always been and i always will be. YOU r the only woman i want, need and don't wanna lose u over a stupid misunderstanding.

Another chime.

Imma b up for a while, thinking about YOU, please come and talk to me. I LOVE YOU.

With his last message, Emma realized she was crying. She didn't have the strength to leave the chair let alone walk to his house.

Emma hugged her knees to her chest and sat there just like that and let her tears fall freely. These would be the last she shed for Darren, she swore to herself.

After what felt like hours, but was only mere minutes, Emma picked her phone up and decided to text him one last time.

I'm leaving in 4 days Darren, all i ask is that you don't try and convince me to stay. I can't do this with YOU for the rest of our lives. Just please, leave me alone.

As Emma turned her phone off she curled up into a ball on the chair and closed her eyes.

Every time she would start to drift off, she would jolt awake from the picture of seeing another woman in Darren's arms yet again.

Emma had made up her mind, she was done. She would stay and go to her father's funeral and head back out to the city. A place that was certainly big enough for her to disappear into. A place where she had been doing so well in. A place where Darren was nowhere to be found.

There were plenty of men out in the city that would be glad to have her by their side. Plenty of men that wouldn't throw their lips at just anybody.

Emma cried herself to sleep that night. Her dreams full of both of Darren's betrayals.

When she woke the next morning, she climbed out of the chair and made her way to her old bed. And that was where she intended to stay until her father's funeral.

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