Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Time Lost

Darren's P.O.V.

It was finally time for Emma's fathers funeral.
Emma had been true to her word, Darren hadn't seen or heard from her since the night they were texting.
It had been the longest four days of his life. He missed her more than he could ever remember missing anyone in his life. The time they had lost was just adding up to be way to much in Darren's head.
He hoped more than anything he would be able to see her today. Just talk to her. Hold her.
As he joined his parent's in their vehicle they headed to the funeral home together.
Once they got there, all faces were a blur to Darren. He was only looking for one face. Emma's. Darren knew today was his last chance. After this, she was going to take off yet again and he probably wouldn't see her ever again.
Finally spotting Emma, Darren tried to push his way threw the crowd to her. As he ushered threw the crowd, they locked eyes. Darren hated the sadness he saw in them, and hated even more that he was probably part of reason it was there.
Right before Darren made his way to her, Emma slipped off somewhere.
Sighing as he ran his hand roughly threw his hair, Darren went in search of a seat as the service began.
The service was beautiful. Then came time for the eulogy.
Emma stood at the head of the casket, she looked down at her father, tears flowing freely.
"I had so much time to prepare. We all did. It honestly didn't make it hurt any less," Emma reached up and swiped at her tears. Darren so desperately wanted nothing more than to be up there with her, holding her, consoling her. "My father, was a great, no scratch that, amazing man. He loved deeply, and was deeply loved in return. I wish, just as I am sure everyone else here does as well, that we had more time. Time is a fickle thing. I lost too much time I could have spent with him, and all any of us can do now is live the rest of our lives keeping his love and memory alive." Emma's tears were flowing thick now, it took everything in Darren not to go to her side. Choking on a sob Emma shook her head and left the room.
Darren was about to stand up, when his mother placed her hand on his arm, keeping him in place and gently shook her head no.
His mother was probably right, she needed time alone.
Darren just had a sinking feeling this was going to be the last time he would get to see her before she left.
Emma wasn't at the burial. After his parent's dropped him off at his house.
Her car was gone. Emma left.
In one last attempt, Darren pulled out his phone and dialed her number, when he got no reply, he decided to send her a text.
I'm gonna miss u Em, so much. I wish i could have held u today. I wish I could be your everything, the way that you are mine. Please don't forget about me. I love you with all of me, forever.
Knowing he wasn't likely to get a response, Darren tossed his phone on the table and let his mind wander to the morning he laid her back on that very table. He hated just how quickly his whole life was turned upside down, even when he had done the right thing. He stopped the kiss. If he was a different kind of guy, he would have called Emily. If for nothing else but to release his aggravation and frustration out.
By the end of the night Darren was beyond drunk. He fell asleep head on the table and dreamt of Emma.
He dreamt of how their life should be and should have been. Dreamt of her in a wedding dress. Her pregnant with his baby. Dreamt of watching her with their baby.
When he woke the next day, Darren had no want or need to do anything. Instead of opening the store, he went up to his room and laid in bed. His life wouldn't be the same after losing her this time. He wouldn't be the same. He loved her so much, and now that love was ripped from his life, again.
Darren wasn't sure how long he had been in bed before his mother came storming in.
"Darren Jonesy! Get out of that bed right now." His mother yelled at him. Darren chuckled lightly.
"I'm not a kid anymore mom. And I don't want to." Darren told her as he snuggled deeper into his pillows.
"You're right, you aren't a kid anymore. You have responsibilities. You have a job. You're own business." She said as she ripped his covers off him.
"I don't really care right now mom. I'll open tomorrow. Ain't I entitled to just one day off. Just once?!" Darren was trying his hardest to not raise his voice at his mother.
"No, not when you decide to own your own business and have zero employees." His mother stated as she sat next to him on the bed.
"Mom, please. Just not today." Darren was now struggling to hold back tears. Losing Emma this time hurt worse than anything he had gone threw yet.
"Darren, honey, I love you, but you can't sulk in here, she's gone OK. I'm sorry. But it's time to act like the big boy I raised and move past it." His mother stroked his back and a few tears fell onto his pillow before he roughly wiped them away.
"It's not that easy mom, I love her, so much." Darren replied sadly. This was too much for him, he just wanted to wallow alone.
"I know honey, just give it time. Give her time. You waited before." She told him with a small smile.
"Yeah am I supposed to wait another six year for her?" Darren said a little angrily. He shook his head before returning his face back to his pillows.
"Honey, you do whatever you feel you have to, your father and I will be right here the whole time. But as of right now, your father is in YOUR store, alone. I'm going to give you an hour to be there with us. After that We will lock up and leave, no more help from us," His mother reached out and rubbed his back once more. "Help us help you son. We love you." Without another word his mother left.
Darren mauled over everything his mother had said. After about fifteen minutes he drug himself out of bed, not bothering to shower and slowly climbed into his truck and made his way to his shop.

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