Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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The Way Time Flies

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Emma's P.O.V.
Emma couldn't believe she had already been back to the city about two months now. Time sure was flying. Work kept her busy as always, but every night she always made the time to face time her mother.
Settling down in front of her computer Emma took a quick second and dialed her.
Her grin widened when her mother's face appeared on her screen.
"Hey, honey. How was work?" It was always the first thing her mother asked her.
"Good I guess," Emma sighed. She had been feeling unusually tired lately and only getting 6 hours a night was finally taking it's toll on her. "Just tired." Emma heard chatter in the background followed by her mother shushing whoever it was.
"Do you want to go lay down? We can always talk tomorrow honey. I don't want to keep you up." Her mother said, looking concerned.
"No, really, it's fine. Unless that is you have company and want to go." Emma asked as she suddenly wished she could see inside the house. Her mother pushed someone away before they could enter the frame.
"Don't be mad," Emma raised her eyebrow at this. "Darren's over for dinner. I'm treating him for mowing the lawn, since he wouldn't take my money."
"Oh, well, i guess i will let you get to it then. I love you talk to you tomorrow." Emma stayed connected long enough for her mother to say 'i love you back' then closed the lid on her laptop.
Emma stripped and treated herself to a nice hot bath, with a tall glass of red wine. As she soaked, Emma thought of Darren.
She had been missing him so much. She had tried to go on a couple dates, all ended in her pretending to need to pee and skipping out. She felt all messed up inside.
Sipping slowly on her wine, Emma sighed. Darren had called and text her every night. After the first week, she stopped reading the texts. She never once answered the calls.
Maybe she was just being childish, or maybe she was right. Whatever it was, she knew she had to move on, but he wasn't letting her. Letting her head roll back, Emma tried her best to enjoy her bath. Sipping more on her wine.
When the glass was empty and the water was cold, Emma stood up, and it hit her.
Emma quickly wrapped in her towel and bent in front of her toilet, she threw up everything she had in her stomach.
Emma knew there was no way one glass of wine could make her get sick. As she brushed her teeth, she tried to come up with ideas of what could have her so sick.
In mid thought, Emma dropped her tooth brush and stared at her reflection.
She couldn't be.
Emma stood there for a while just staring at herself. Wouldn't she have known? Emma tried to think back to her last period. Which come to think of it, she hadn't had one since she was back.
Emma couldn't help herself, she quickly got dressed and rushed to a 24 hour store down the road from her apartment. All she knew was she wanted to take the stupid test and prove to herself that this just wasn't what was going on with her.
Emma practically ran into the store and exited a second later carrying the small test box. Anxiety flooded threw Emma's body. Walking back into her bathroom she stood there and stared at the box for what felt like hours. Finally when she felt the urge to pee, she ripped open the package and peed on the stick.
As Emma waited the three minutes for the results, she wondered to herself. Who knew one little stick could forever change her life. Emma's thoughts flooded of Darren. All the times they had slept together while she was there. It never once crossed her mind to ask him to wear a condom, she just figured he would. And now here she was, sitting alone, waiting, to see just how much things were about to change for her, and for him. For them both.
Emma was more nervous then she had ever been in her life. Slowly Emma picked up the little stick and turned it over to see the results. Emma's heart dropped, then gave a small flutter that made it's way down to her belly.
Subconsciously, Emma reached down and cradled her still flat stomach. She couldn't believe it. Emma sat there just like that hands on her stomach as she let out a few tears. Emma wasn't entirely sure if they were tears of joy or sadness.
How was she going to do this alone? How was she going to tell her mother. Shit how was she going to tell Darren?
Emma picked up the test again and stared at the results. Positive.
Sighing, Emma lifted herself off the floor. She wanted to talk to her mother. Checking the time, she realized her mother was probably in bed by now. It was almost two in the morning.
Before she could let herself process what she was doing, Emma grabbed her phone. First she snapped a picture of the test, then she sent it to Darren along with a text.
I just took this, thought u would want to know.
Emma immediately wished she could take it back after she sent it. All she hoped was that he was in bed as well, and wouldn't get it until the morning ad by then she would be at work and no where her phone to read his reply.
To her misfortune her phoned chimed loudly in her ears. With shaking hands, Emma opened the text from Darren.
Come back home. I love you.
Not knowing what to say, Emma left the phone on the table and went to bed, as hard as she tried, Emma just couldn't fall asleep. She laid there staring at the ceiling.
Her whole life was different now. It wasn't just her life anymore.

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