Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Darren's P.O.V.

In the time that Emma had been gone, Darren slowly got back into his old routine. It was hard at first. Every time he did anything at home he saw Emma. He would think of her the majority of the day.

More and more, Darren found himself spending time with her mother. He would do odd things around the house for her, and she would cook for him. It was a win win situation in his eyes.

Some nights he would even get to catch the sound of Emma's voice as she face timed with her mother. It was like a drug to him.

Darren never gave up trying to reach her. He wanted to go out and see her. Her mother wouldn't give him her address though, she said it was better this way. To let Emma come to him when she was ready.

It had been days, then weeks and now months, since he had last seen her face. He frequently went threw the picture's from their past that Emma put on his porch that day. He had them all scattered about on his table.

Darren felt crazy at times, but he would even talk to Emma threw his day. It sucked to get no answer, but sometimes it made him feel a little bit better.

That night after finishing dinner with her mother, Darren went home and decided he was gonna get drunk drunk. He needed to get his mind off of Emma for just a little while.

The alcohol, needless to say, only made him think of her more. It intensified everything. By his fourth mixed drink, Darren was glad his parents were going to open the store in the morning.

They had stuck around just like his mother said and told him, they would help him out at the store until he hired someone. They opened some mornings and closed others, that way Darren could have just a little bit of time everyday to himself. Which he was grateful for especially right after Emma left.

It was harder than a little bit when she left for him. He didn't have the want to go on dates, let alone flirt with anybody else. He mostly just worked and hung out with Emma's mom, which his mother said was a little unhealthy. His mother wanted him to move on, he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

It was about two in the morning when his phone chimed.

Who in the world could that be? Darren asked himself as he set his now seventh mixed drink down to fetch his phone.

Opening the message screen, he saw her name. It was Emma.

His heart gave a quick flutter as he quickly opened it.

It was a picture.

A picture of a pregnancy test.

A positive pregnancy test.

Now his heart was in overdrive.

He opened the next text.

I just took this, thought u would want to know.

Darren's face had a huge grin on it. He was going to be a dad. Emma was pregnant. With his baby. Darren couldn't remember ever being as happy as he was in this very moment. Quickly he wrote her back.

Come back home. I love you.

Darren waited and waited for her response. When he got none, he set his phone down only to pick it right back up.

He sat and stared at the picture of the positive pregnancy test for what felt like hours. A huge grin on his face.

It was everything he had ever wanted. To be a father. For Emma to have his child.

Darren only wished he had been with her while she took it. He hoped like hell that she was as happy as he was.

Panic rose inside of Darren. What if she didn't want to move back home? What if she didn't want to be with him and raise their child together? And his worst thought yet, what if Emma didn't want to have their child?

Downing two more mixed drinks, Darren sat and stared at the picture and wondered about Emma and what she was thinking and going threw right now.

Darren decided to send her one more text before he went to sleep.

Please don't leave me in the dark about this. I love you and I already love our child. I want to see you, please?

After hitting send Darren leaned his head back in his chair and fell asleep, dreaming of Emma and their unborn child.

Darren woke to a knock on his door. More like pounding really. Or maybe that was his head pounding. Slowly he pulled himself up and out of the chair and answered the door. His mother flew in past him and smiled.

"Just making sure you were up and getting ready for work honey." His mother said as she eyed the alcohol bottles that were now empty. This had become their new routine. His mother would always fetch him and get him up and moving. He thought maybe she forgot sometimes that he was a grown man. Never the less he didn't stop her.

She would glide from room to room tidying up and urging him to shower.

"Mom, sit down, I have some news." Darren couldn't stop the smile as he thought back to the positive pregnancy test Emma shared with him the night before.

"What's wrong honey?" His mother joined him at the table as she frowned at the pictures scattered about.

"Nothing is wrong, something is very right." Darren's smile grew even larger as she looked at him confused as all get out. "Emma's pregnant." Darren fished in his pocket and pulled out his phone. When he had the picture pulled up, he beamed at his mother.

"Oh, honey," Darren wasn't sure what emotion his mother was feeling. He hoped it wasn't anything other than joy to be honest. "I'm so happy for you. How do you feel?" She clasped Darren's hand.

"Ecstatic, I'm going to be a dad mom!" Darren wanted to shout it from the rooftops. He was going to be a Dad and Emma was the mother of his child.

"I'm happy for you then. What are Emma's plans? Will she move here? I know you don't plan on leaving town. I want to live close to my first grandchild." His mother was now smiling just as huge as Darren was.

"We haven't talked about it yet. I want to go out to the city and see her. I want to go to every doctors appointment she has. I hope it's a boy. Or a girl it doesn't matter I guess, I just can't believe I'm going to be a dad!" Darren did his best to try and control his voice level.

"Well, as long as your happy, I'm happy. If you need to take time off to go to the city and be with her, that's fine, you know your father and I will take care of the store for you." His mother patted his hand before standing up. "Now, let's go tell your father, he is going to be beyond happy. You know how much he loves babies." With grins plastered on their faces, they climbed into their separate vehicles and drove to Darren's shop.

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