Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Life's Little Surprises

Emma's P.O.V.

In just the few short days since her doctor's appointment, Emma really started to feel pregnant. Certain smells, hell even seeing certain things would make her instantly throw up. The fatigue hit her hard as well.

Her mother began calling her in the morning as well as face timing her every night. They talked about every little detail of her pregnancy. Her mother swore she was going to have a little boy. Emma didn't care what the gender was as long as her baby was healthy.

She had yet to let her boss know she was pregnant. Emma wasn't sure still what she planned on doing. Every day she was less happy just for the simple fact that she felt so alone. Emma wanted to be around her mother for all of this. She even wanted Darren there, she didn't want either one of them to miss anything.

Darren had expressed his excitement about the ultrasound picture, asking her once again if he could come out to the city to see her. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not. Emma wanted him there, but she didn't think Darren plus the big city would mix. He tended to get a little anxious around larger groups of people, and a little irritable.

Emma toyed with her phone in her hand. Insomnia was a terrible thing. She had to be up at eight the next morning to get ready for work, and here it was after midnight, and she was still wide awake.

Emma grabbed the framed ultrasound picture and stared down at it as she caressed her stomach.

"Momma's gonna love on you so much when you finally break out of there." Emma chuckled to herself. She had began talking to her little baby the night after her doctor's appointment. At least she knew she wasn't crazy or talking to herself. Sure maybe her baby didn't respond, yet, but she knew the little jelly bean heard her.

Emma jumped as her phone chimed in her hands.

It was from Darren.

Are u up?

Emma knew she could ignore it, but the anger she felt towards Darren was slowly dissipating with each passing day.

I'm up.

As she hit send, Emma felt a small smile encroach on her face. OK, so maybe more of the anger was gone than she liked to admit.

I can't believe we r going to b parents.

Emma smiled at this. This was her number one thought pretty much everyday since she had found out.

I know! Do u think I will b a good mom?

Emma almost instantly regretted hitting send. Darren probably thought she was ridiculous.

OF COURSE! Do u think I'll be a good Dad?

Emma chuckled, she knew he would make a great father. Darren had always talked of wanting a whole bus load of kids when they were teenagers.

Yeah, u really will make a great father.

Emma glanced again at the ultrasound. Thirty weeks to go before they got to actually find out.

When will we get to know the gender?

Emma already had her next appointment ready but they had let her know that they wouldn't know the gender until week twelve. Her next appointment was more to collect blood work and to do her glucose test.

Not until I'm 12 weeks. Only 10 1/2 weeks right now.

Emma was beyond happy that Darren was so involved for being so far away. It was showing her that despite anything else, he would be there for their little jelly bean.

I can't wait. I want to be there, can I be there?

Emma hated when Darren brought up coming out to see her. She wasn't sure she was ready to see him, even though at the same time, she wanted to see him so badly. Emma knew once she did see him, everything would hit her and she would without a doubt want to be with him. She was after all carrying his child. Was it really fair to keep him from the same joy she was feeling, just because she was scared to see him though?

Sure, I don't see y not. Wait until u hear the heartbeat. I cried.

Emma wasn't embarrassed for Darren to know she cried. They were tears of happiness.

I wish I had been there. I can't wait. I want to come now.

Emma's heart fluttered at his words. Just the thought of getting to see him was enough to make her nervous. It had been almost three months now. They hadn't exactly parted on the best of terms. Flashes of seeing Darren lip locked with that floozy at his store came to her mind. Shaking them out of her head Emma text him back.

I can't wait to see you.

Emma knew she probably shouldn't have sent him that last text, but what was done was done. Emma's heart fluttered harder as she anxiously awaited his reply. She began tracing patterns on her stomach. This had become Emma's newest habit, anytime she had anything on her mind she would find herself absentmindedly tracing patterns.

Would u turn me away if I showed up on ur doorstep?

Emma reread this text three times before making her decision. She knew with everything inside of her she wouldn't be able to turn him away, ever.


Emma blushed as she imagined Darren's smile at her text.

I just might take u up on that.

Emma grinned as she imagined Darren knocking on her door. It would be weird having him in her apartment, it would be weird to have him in the city with her.

But, u hate the city.

Emma chuckled as her phone chimed almost instantly after she hit send.

Not if that's where u r.

Emma now had a full blown grin on her face. She felt giddy.

U say that now.

Another instant reply.

Always. Trust me, I want to be wherever u and our little nugget are.

Emma's smile was beaming now.

I guess we will c. I have to b at work around 9am, I really should try and sleep. I don't sleep much at night anymore.

Emma yawned and waited on Darren's reply.

Get some sleep beautiful. Good night I love you. Tell our little nugget daddy loves him.

Emma giggled, he must have been talking to her mother. They were going to speak a boy onto her.

I will, good night.

Emma couldn't bring herself to type I love you too back to Darren. It wasn't that she didn't feel the love for him, she did. She just wasn't quite ready to let him back in that close to her heart yet. Emma wanted to be one hundred percent sure Darren was in this for the long game before she allowed him back past that wall again.

As Emma yawned and climbed into her bed, she smiled. Things were actually starting to look up for her, for the first time in months. All she knew was, she was ready. Ready to meet this little thriving jelly bean inside of her. Giving one last long yawn Emma let herself drift off into dream land.

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